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  Daily Weekly Monthly   8 - 14 Nov 2000

8 - 14 Nov 2000

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•  Hot Dating
Personal ads, contacts. Confidential service.

•  Lovenet
Our sponsor, and adult entertainment guide

•  The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records
The saucy guide to the biggest, rudest...

•  The Bill Clinton Sex Crossword
Seriously funny!

•  Sexual Freedom Coalition
Reforming Britain's silly old sex laws, and home of the UK Sex Awards

•  24- 26 Nov 2000:
, London Adult Lifestyle show

•  30 Nov- 3 Dec 2000:
Club X Sexpo
, Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

•  8 Jan 2001:
AVN Awards show
, Adult Video News, Las Vegas

•  28 July 2001:
The Sex Maniac's Ball 2001

The erotic fund-raising event of the year.

•  24 - 28 June 2001
World Congress of Sexology

"Back to the Future", Paris, France

•  Coccozella's famous Events Calendar
More worldwide events for the naked & nude
Must be 18+ years

•  Prescription Viagra
The impotence pill mail order in confidence

•  Prescription Propecia
The treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

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The hard stuff you want

•  XXX Cams, Pics
Voyeur, teen, videos, pics and free previews

•  Speciality!
TV, Maids, Fetish, Gay

•  Jane's Net Sex Guide
Reviewed erotic sites

•  UK Adult Directory
The name says it all

•  Melon Farmers
UK censorship news

•  Sex on UK TV

•  My Messy Bedroom
Advice on sex, dating and relationships

•  Archive for Sexology
The cross-cultural sex survey

•  Channel 4 TV Guides
• Generation Sex
• Private Parts

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