You Can Rent Your Very Own Sex Dolls in Montreal

For those interested in experiencing sex dolls without owning one of their own, one company in Montreal is introducing sex doll rentals. That’s right, now you don’t have to buy a sex doll if you don’t want to have a little romance now and then. You can simply rent him/her for an afternoon or evening and see what all the hubbub is about.

Montreal’s own Emilie K. and Charles C., a 20-something-year-old pair passionate about sexual exploration, launched Ultimate Dolls with the hopes of turning the sex doll industry upside down. By offering these sex toys for rental, the couple is hoping to completely change the perception and ownership of sex dolls today.

The idea for Ultimate Dolls appeared after Charles spoke with a friend who had just lived in Asia for a few years. The friend communicated how normal dolls are in their culture, and how weird it is that Western nations won’t consider these kinds of sexual companions. Relaying all of the sexual and connective benefits that can come from using sex dolls, Charles wanted to change the sex doll culture in his home country of Canada.

Immediately researching if something similar existed in Quebec, Charles found there was nothing more than a partial rental business in Vancouver. That was it.

Charles teamed up with Emilie as they realized opening this kind of venture was not going to be easy. They went through 20 different kinds of sex dolls to arrive at a quality they felt comfortable sharing. They examined the production processes and spent months finding a supplier they felt could meet all of their needs. Once they finally finished their search, they launched Ultimate Dolls at full force.

Today, Ultimate Dolls delivers models to a private home or hotel room. The dolls are available 24-7 to clients. In order to maintain privacy, they do not have any physical business locations. Instead, everything is delivered in secrecy. Especially following the Toronto sex doll brothel scandal, Ultimate Dolls prefers to keep everything as a secluded and shut-off network.

Sex Doll Cleaning Expertise
Naturally, the duo is frequently asked about their sex doll cleaning expertise, and how they guarantee that the dolls are totally sanitized and ready for usage again. After many months, the sanitization processes are so solid today, that they can guarantee up to a 99.9% sterilization method. They also work with the suppliers to ensure the cleaning works properly with the sex doll material.

As for the sex robots, Emilie and Charles do not carry any robotic sex dolls at this time. They are open to any changes in the future, but for now, find that their sex dolls satisfy a wide variety of sexual preferences and consumers looking for companionship, intimacy, or sexual encounters.

When asked what their parents think of this kind of business, Emilie said her parents still don’t know that she owns the company; but when they find out, she plans to film their reaction.

The next time you’re in Montreal, consider trying out your very own sex doll rental! It’s a worthy future business model that will provide sexual options beyond the classic escort arrangement.