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24 September 2004.

The Fourth Body, Reviewed

A book and DVD by Roy Stuart

You should buy a copy of Roy Stuart's The Fourth Body, now; you won't be disappointed.

It's tremendous value for money: not only do you get a beautifully produced 280-page book, but best of all, it includes the DVD of the book, a film which brings the book to life. On top of that, the DVD includes a preview of Stuart's forthcoming film, The Lost Door.

Winner of "Erotic Photographer of the Year" at the 7th Erotic Awards in 2000, Roy Stuart has made a name for himself as someone who can produce incredibly sexy images that are full of character.

Roy Stuart's model are special too: they don't look like models, but like the nicest girl at the party. But now you don't have to imagine what they might be like in their underwear, or what's underneath, or even what they might do in bed, because Stuart captures those intimate momemnts for you.

You can spend 30 on a DVD and a further 20 on a good quality art book. The Fourth Body book and DVD are just 19.99, even less if you shop around (Stop Press: 13.99 from Amazon USA $39.99)

The DVD is excellent. It seems that while photos were being taken of each scene, a movie camera was there too. But it's not a documentary, but a montage of scenes that flow from one to another.

So what do you get on the DVD? Male and female masturbation, erections, fingering, dildo play, girl-on-girl, lingerie, and penetration.

Our verdict: At this price, you'd be hard put to find better value for money and a more erotic book and DVD.

The Fourth Body by Roy Stuart
Hardcover 280 pages | DVD 54 mins + 13 mins
English/French/German: ISBN 3-8228-2557-3
Italian/Spanish/Portuguese: ISBN 3-8228-3174-3
RRP: $39.99 | 19.99 | €29.99 | ¥5900.00

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