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23 June 2004.
Erotic-4-Real: The Erotic Games for Lovers

Sexy!   Hot!   Erotic!

To paraphrase a well-known British advert... this games does "exactly what is says on the box".

Erotic 4 Real is a board game for two, that should please both the boys and the girls. It combines a mixture of romantic eroticism and hot passionate sex.

Questions in three categories: Lust, Morality and Emotion, ensure that your brain is fully aroused.

Example Questions

Lust: Do you think your partner finds "a light spanking" exciting and a turn-on?

Morality: Has your partner ever flirted with anyone else just to make you jealous?

Emotion: Does your partner see your relationship as "equal"?

And finally, the 120 "Erotic Cards" ensure that you have an evening of passion...

Example Erotic Cards

Him to her: Ask her to close her eyes. Then kiss both her eyelids gently and softly. Take off one item of her clothing of your choice.

Her to him: Take some wine (or a sip of your drink) and pour it into his mouth in a passionate kiss.

Our verdict: We can't think of a more exciting way to spend the evening. And for the cost a good meal, you'll have something you can play over and over again.

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