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22 February 2004. London, UK
Beautiful Agony: Orgasm without nudity

Beautiful Agony: Lewdity without Nudity

Filmmakers have shown us the inside of a beating heart, infiltrated future alien cultures and condensed a billion years of evolution into 30 seconds. Yet until now they've been unable to capture or even convincingly simulate one of the most common, elemental and profound human experiences: the orgasm. Anyone who's seen a porn film can verify that.

The people who created the world's first D.I.Y. erotic web site,, have subverted the paradigm once again. contains absolutely no nudity whatsoever - yet it may well be THE most erotic web site you have ever seen.

Subtitled "Facettes de la Petite Mort", Beautiful Agony hosts downloadable video clips made by unabashed participants, both female and male, who dare to reveal their most intimate and vulnerable moment to the world via the internet.

Like it's pretty big sister 'ishotmyself', Beautiful Agony features real people being real people, or if you like, anti-performance art. How the orgasm is achieved is not revealed but the vignettes are plainly real, and excruciatingly sexy.