World Sex News News Release

2 September 2003. London, UK
The Slightest Touch ®: Maximize your sexual pleasure!

The Slightest Touch ® is a revolutionary new product for women that:

Takes you effortlessly through foreplay by bridging the "arousal gap"

Uses a soft electronic frequency to "talk" to your body's sexual nerve pathways

Makes you so incredibly horny, that the slightest touch can set-off the most powerful bodyshaking orgasms you can imagine!

The Slightest Touch ®:

Went through six prototype versions during its 14 month development

At that time, volunteers started reporting something they called a "deep vaginal orgasm"

Volunteers also reported help in reaching single and multiple orgasms with regularity

Does not in itself provide an orgasm, but holds a woman on the edge of a pre-orgasmic plateau, until a minor amount of stimulation to climax is provided by herself or her partner.

For more information, contact:

Stimulation Systems, Inc.
14902 Preston Rd. #404
PMB 517
Dallas, TX 75254
Tel: +1 972-387-0472 sales
Fax: +1 972-387-0409 fax