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23 February 2002. Warsaw, Poland
New Gangbang World Record Set

On Sunday Feb. 10th, 2002 the new world sexual record - the world's biggest gangbang were set. Polish porn star Klaudia Figura had sex with 646 men during one day session..

The broken record belonged to American pornstar Houston, who had sex with 620 men during a one day session in 199. The new record was broken during the First Annual World Gangbang Championship, part III International Adult Only Festival and Fair EROTICON 2002 in Warsaw, capital city of Poland.

Three competitors tried to break the record - Claire Brown from the United Kingdom, Mayara from Brazil and Klaudia Figura from Poland.

The Championship started at 10 AM (CET). According to regulations each sexual contact has to take between 30 and 60 seconds. For the first hour, Claire Brown was the leader and set the pace. Unfortunately she was not able to keep the pace long enough to win. Claire retired a few minutes before 2 PM with score 466.

After Claire's retirement, Klaudia Figura became the leader and was leading till the end of competition. The Houston's record was broken at 5:06 PM, when the jury recognized the 621st man, who had sex with Klaudia. But that was not the end of competition.

The First Annual World Gangbang Championship finished at 5:58 PM. The final score was 646 for the winner Klaudia Figura, the new World Sex Champagnes and record holder. Mayara, the runner-up, had sex with 633 partners.

The event was transmitted on big video screen in main hall of EROTICON 2002 Festival and watched by about 2000 people in the audience.

Jim Malibu, the co-producer of the event, who in 1998 was the producer of the Houston record, said during a press conference after, that organizing the record in Poland was much easier then in USA. The event was covered by Marc Medoff, American photographer and reporter, working for numbers of magazines all around the world. "It is amazing. Each sex contact was carefully watched rated and counted by judge!".

All event was filmed by 6 cams. The movie will be available in the and of February.


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