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  • When an orgasm is just not worth it
    If you're having sex with someone and you don't get off, how often after the sex does the person immediately attempt to remedy that? Usually? Sometimes? Never?

  • Porn stars on the year in porn
    This year was less about wild orgies and piles of cocaine, and more about the hard-working, business-minded adult star.

  • How sex scientists define asexuality
    Asexuality exists on a spectrum that ranges from asexual to sexual, including people who are graysexual (only rarely experiencing sexual attraction) or demisexual (only experiencing sexual attraction after an emotional connection).

  • Japan's "Emperor of Porn" subject of new documentary
    66-year-old actor and director, Toru Muranishi, has been arrested multiple times, run up massive debts and made roughly 3,000 AV films. Oh, and he's had sex with about 7,000 actresse

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  • Sex marks the spot
    Previously unseen images have laid bare the lives of sex workers in the city in a University of Birmingham research project.

  • Watch Porn at work, without getting fired
    How to circumvent all those pesty web-surfing restrictions on your office computer

  • Statue has a massive penis bulge
    A statue honouring the soccer playing, Cristiano Ronaldo, has either a really weird oversight or a great joke: the statue has a massive penis bulge. [photo]

  • Variety is the spice of humble moth's sex life
    A small brown moth, the gold swift moth (Phymatopus hecta), has one of the most complex sex lives in the insect world: its mating patterns and sexual positions are worthy of an insect Karma Sutra.

  • Representation in porn, or a lack thereof
    I want to see porn with women, but who aren't skinny, young, white, conventional-looking, or going "ooohnnnn ooohhhhhnnn ohhhhhnnn" like seals throughout the movie

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  • Is your favourite porn wow illegal?
    New regulations mean female ejaculation, caning, and being weed on are now all illegal in online porn in the UK. So what does that mean for your favourite porn films?

  • America likes butts more than breasts
    The vast majority of states are full of ass men and women, while the Northwest and the tip of Northeast are more into breasts.

  • Sex education in the afternoon delights
    Prophylactics set the scene for the holiday-themed Sex at Lunch session, which a trio mounts approximately every two weeks for students in Grades 11 and 12 and sometimes Grade 10

  • The joy of sex
    A survey of Americans has found that most have sex just a few times each year

  20 Dec 2014

  • The hottest sex scenes of 2014
    It's been a great year for super-hot weirdo sex in TV and movies, from threesomes to clones, and everything in-between

  • Why do men become gynaecologists?
    As the 20th annual conference on Challenges in Gynaecology begins, what's the appeal for male doctors?

  • Will regulated legal prostitution be safer prostitution?
    Sex work, namely prostitution, is an active field in every country. Legal brothels can help make prostitution safer for everyone. Government licensure of sex work is a step in the right direction.

  • Inside nudist culture in Washington
    Staff photographer Jordan Stead spent 2014's summer and fall months documenting the often-misunderstood culture behind nudism at Issaquah's Fraternity Snoqualmie family nudist park

  • Sleeping naked slashes risk of diabetes
    A new study suggests that if you sleep in the nude could help slash your risk of diabetes, ward off infections, trim your waistline and make you feel more refreshed in the morning

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  • The feminist pole dancer
    I am a feminist (a feisty one) and a pole dancer (a sassy one). I don't consider these aspects of self to be in conflict.

  • A portrait of an intersex prostitute
    I volunteered for an organization called Aspa?sie, which campaigns for the rights of prostitutes. That's how I met Claudette, who was both a member, and a prostitute herself.

  • How to have your kink and keep him too!
    There's a perception that women are the ones who react with horror if their partner confesses a desire to do dark, dirty deeds. In reality, it's often men who are most threatened.

  • Porn ban goes too far
    Britain's Deputy Prime Minister says politicians should have no role in deciding how people 'get their kicks' and should not 'stick their nose' into the bedroom

  • 12 things we learned about sex this year
    Over the year, we have gasped, squeaked and thumped our palm on our foreheads at some of the methods people have used, various sexual preferences and the sticky situations they have found themselves in

  17 Dec 2014

  • Sex secrets of the past
    I once had a girlfriend tell me she enjoyed oral sex, but wouldn't do it for me because she thought of me as a potential husband

  • Inside the face-sitting fetish
    U.K. activists are fighting a ban on face-sitting porn, which is all the excuse I need to write a primer on the act

  • Why sex before marriage is the moral thing to do
    Having sex before marriage is the best choice for nearly everyone. Nearly everyone has sex before marriage; 95% of Americans don't wait until their wedding night.

  • Real couples play "Sexy Charades"
    Sexy Charades is a game in which real couples are asked to act out a sex position based on its name, and its name only [video]

  • Comfyballs denied trademark
    A Norwegian underwear manufacturer was denied a US trademark for their line of men's underwear under the brand "Comfyballs", being deemed vulgar

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  • Filth and porcupines
    Wellcome opens Institute of Sexology with expressions of outrage, Freud's desk companion and issues surrounding sexuality which resonate through the centuries

  • Which countries have the best solo sexual stamina
    Pornhub has released a handy infographic ranking sexual stamina by country. The UK, Australia, New Zealand, and North America, lasted around 10 minutes, Iraq under six.

  • Salesmen's sex orgies find home in museum
    They were treated to an open-air orgy in Budapest's Gellert Thermal Baths, where four-poster beds were set up and prostitutes identified with coloured armbands

  • 5 better (Swedish) terms for female masturbation
    The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education asked people to come up with a better term for female masturbation. The five finalists, to be announced in June 2015, are: Klittra, Pulla, Runka, Scrolla, and, Selfa.

  • Boob twerking girl gets into holiday spirit
    A delightful take on an old holiday chestnut that could only be improved with one thing. Boob twerking. Lots and lots of boob twerking. [video]

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  • Before you persuade her to watch porn
    The vast majority of porn is made by men, for men, so don't try and persuade her with spurious arguments about women 'choosing' to work in the industry

  • Women who want to make sure we can all orgasm
    A new sex toy company founded by two Brooklyn-based twenty-somethings, say "We are trying to make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time."

  • My first time: It's not working
    My first time came a few weeks after my first kiss. The first semester of college found me more open and friendly than I'd ever been, and probably friendlier than I've been since

  • Why do people use butt plugs?
    The 'how' is self explanatory: it goes up your bottom, if you were still unsure. But lots of people are left wondering 'why'?!

  • Men freaked out trying sex toys
    There's a whole range of sex toys for guys out there and generally, they look absolutely terrifying.

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  • Yes, I'm disabled. Yes, I have sex
    Lizzie Emeh is the only British learning disabled solo artist to have released an album. She's also determined to speak out around disability and sex

  • 3 ways to guarantee all-night sex
    If you're having problems with longevity in the sack, forget pills or "natural" remedies, as they'll never help

  • The best nude movie scenes From 2014
    MTV has compiled a supercut of the 11 best nude scenes from the 2014's films, not all of them are sexual.

  • We are all subs and bottoms
    The contrast between our making love after doing it so far 6-7000 times over 15 years and a new boyfriend's making love with us the first, second or even third times, is utterly startling.

  • People who get turned on by bicycles
    The genre of bike porn can be taken as literally or as figuratively as you like. Sex with bikes, sex on bikes, sex utilizing bike-related paraphernalia... With "pedalphelia

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  • 5 weird sexual fetishes
    Sex is sometimes a very strange thing. There's different strokes for different folks, and then there's the weird fetishes that we've spent our afternoon reading about

  • Pakistan sex taboos challenged
    Sex is a taboo word in Pakistan. It is readily associated with sin, guilt and shame. But a television channel is breaking new ground by airing a weekly call-in show discussing sexual health.

  • Our Top 10 sex blogging superheroes
    Narrowing down the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes is no easy task, so we made it easy by sharing one of their most recent blog posts,

  • What it's really like to be a sex worker
    Cosmopolitan.com spoke to three anonymous women, all current or former sex workers, about their very different experiences.

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  • Naked and marooned for 60 days
    Ed Stafford's challenge: to survive for sixty days equipped with nothing -- no food, water, or even clothing -- except the video cameras he would use to document his time

  • Pornography, kids and sex education
    More kids at ever younger ages are accessing pornography online, according to a range of international studies, but there's not much consensus about what, if anything, should be done by parents or teachers to address the issue

  • The limits of GGG
    More kids at ever younger ages are accessing pornography online, according to a range GGG stands for "good, giving, and game", good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything. However, there are limits

  • Failsafe porn to watch with a new boyfriend
    It's rarely acknowledged that loads of women watch porn, too, and often suffer the same nerves about sharing it as guys do.