30 Nov 2014

  • I have 8 lovers on the go
    Sex coach Lauren Brim tells me about her new book, The New Rules of Sex, a revolutionary 21st-century approach to sexuality, relationships and love. [more]

  • Gay gene discovery has good and bad implications
    The finding that male homosexuality has a strong genetic component should be a boon for gay rights -- but it could backfire

  • Mommy, is this a laser gun?
    When your kids discover your sex toys. A woman who posted an Instagram of her children playing with her vibrator responds to the online furor she provoked

  • Ethical porn in the news
    Bright Desire is happy about a lengthy article in the Guardian, that generally gives a positive overview of ethical, feminist porn and includes interviews with numerous porn colleagues

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  • 15 problems only butch lesbians understand
    When you look butch so people assume everything about you is butch. Just because I'm wearing a bowtie doesn't mean I own a circular saw

  • My first vibrator
    Twelve years ago, after I got divorced, a close friend gave me a vibrator and told me to go home and use it. I was almost 40 years old. And I had never seen one up close before.

  • Hihokan: Japan's vanishing sex museums
    Japan's sex museums are neither easy to access nor actively promoted by most locals. There is one last remaining "treasure palace" in the country

  • How I left the purity movement
    The church taught us it was a man's duty to lead us down a righteous path. But again and again, I strayed

  • I joined an online dating site at 58
    I'd done so many scary things in my life, but this might be the scariest: I signed up with Match.com

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  • 7 rules for buying a quality sex toy
    Start by saying no to the novelties, and avoid those made of jelly rubber

  • What you need to know about underage sex
    The Family Education Trust caused a media storm when it told a committee that sex between 13-year-olds is normal. Why? A third of the population have had sex before the age of 16

  • Women with male friends have more sex
    A new study has found that women with a lot of men in their life, like friends or co-workers, have more sex with their boyfriends

  • Right, I take nudes photos for your attention
    I can't speak for anyone else, but here's what you do to me when you say that I take nude, sexualized photos for attention

  • Animal Passions
    One of the most extraordinary documentaries I have ever seen. I watched it with mouth agape as half a dozen Americans spoke of their love for animals and their intimate relationships with them

  16 Nov 2014

  15 Nov 2014

  • Research shatters belief that female sexual peak happens at 35
    According to a recent survey conducted by Atlanta-based sex toy manufacturer LoveHoney, women reach their sexual peak at age 26, while men peak later at 32.

  • My Fiancé is a porn star
    Kayden Kross was one of the biggest names in the porn industry. But she left it all behind last year when her fellow porn star Manuel Ferrara, who is now her fiance, asked her to stop performing with other men.

  • Viagra for women: Medical miracle or snake oil?
    For some, the fact that there isn't a drug as effective and successful as Viagra for treating female sexual disfunction is proof positive that we live in a sexist world. For others, it's a sign that drug companies are misusing studies about female sexuality to make money.

  • My night with James Deen, libertarian porn star
    James Deen offers me an unsolicited answer to a question I never asked: "You're pretty and nice, he says, "but I wouldn't have sex with you."

  • Pillows didn't stpo me masturbating
    I just inherently knew that something that felt so good must somehow be disgraceful.

  14 Nov 2014

  13 Nov 2014

  • The Bad Sex prize shortlist announced
    Nominations have been announced for the 22nd Bad Sex in Fiction Award, including this year's Man Booker Prize winner [more]

  • Kardashian goes full frontal
    After created a media frenzy by flahing her derrier, Kim Kardashian has appeared nude and front on in papermag. [more]

  • The "Gay Voice"
    David Thorpe sounds gay, so he decided to make a documentary about it. He talked to voice coaches and linguists about how and why some people "sound gay".

  • When casual sex is good for you
    New research suggests that not all casual sex is bad. For those legitimately interested, it can boost life satisfaction and self-esteem and lessen anxiety.

  • The Periodic table of kink
    All shades of kink, organised by type and search popularity

  12 Nov 2014

  • This is a female masturbation bar
    Love Joule, in Tokyo's Shibuya district, is a love and sex bar dedicated to women, where clients and their boyfriends can come and browse sex toys

  • I lent my vagina to science
    Seated in a comfy leather chair in a living room-esque lab in Indiana University's Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, I try to follow the computer prompts

  • 5 reasons sex is better at 50 than 25
    One of the many advantages of getting older is that we know what we like and don't like. We're not only older but a lot wiser.

  • Sex museums: A global guide
    The Reverend Ted McIlvenna, with 28 warehouses storing more than three million pieces of erotica, may own the world's largest collection

  • The healing and rejuvenation magic in sexual arousal
    Science is mostly funded by the pharmaceutical industry which is very interested in "finding cures" through medication. Hence most research in sexuality is funded around pain, not the benefits of pleasure.

  11 Nov 2014

  10 Nov 2014

  • Victorians didn't invent the vibrator
    The idea that orgasms were administered to women by doctors is pure fantasy

  • What women look for in porn
    As a student of human weirdness, I've long been kind of fascinated by what people search for on porn sites.

  • Why snakes get two penises
    In snakes and reptiles, the genitals grow to mimic leg buds, producing twin organs. In humans, the genitals grow to mimic a tail bud, so the penis ends up as a single structure. [more]

  • Testes: the most distinct human tissue
    The testes have been identified as the most distinct type of human tissue by the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden

  • Yes, it's drone porn
    Two New York filmmakers have made Drone Boning, which to our knowledge is the first-ever skin flick to be shot entirely by aerial drones.

  9 Nov 2014

  8 Nov 2014

  • Virgin birth discovered in snake
    A twenty-foot two-hundred pound female reticulated python, the world's largest snake, has giving birth to six offspring with no help from a male.

  • Top 9 places for sex injuries!
    Each year a third of adults sustain injuries during sex. Here are the places at most risk of injuring you if you don't treat them with respect!

  • Mum rates the sexual performance of her 140 lovers
    The 53-year-old Sex-obsessed motehr has kept a kinky diary of her 140 lovers and rates their performance on emotional state, sex and kissing, looks, solvency and duration.

  • Porn: Why women want what men have
    Prof Gail Dines travels the world giving anti-pornography speeches and has attracted an almost cult-like following during her 20 years lecturing on the topic

  • The rise and rise of sexology
    Christopher Turner puts on his plastic gloves to examine treasures from the Institute of Sexology, and finds that the pioneers of the study of sex were not just campaigners but political activists and collectors, too [more]

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