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  • Couple get stuck together having sex
    A couple who decided have sex in the sea, found that the man was unable to extricate himself from the woman due to suction.

  • Woman writes a sex guide aged 82
    The former wife of Habitat co-founder Sir Terence Conran has written an eye-wateringly explicit guide to female sexual pleasure in an effort to demonstrate that women's needs continue into old age.

  • Savage love: Polyproblema
    My partner wants to bring another woman into our relationship

  • Porn Again Christian
    An evangelical wife was a lesbian porn star who slept with 100 women

  • No sex education please, we're British
    Conservative MP Philip Davies tells the British Parliament that sex education should not be taught in schools, because it's made the problem of teenage pregnancies worse

  21 Oct 2014

  • Why young women go for designer vaginas
    Young women who have undergone labiaplasty surgery explain why they were so desperate to have a 'designer vagina'

  • Why I visit prostitutes
    Just as sex workers are shamed by society, so are the clients who see them. It's time to tell my side of the story

  • The tree full of penises
    The Tree of Fertility fresco in Massa Marittima, Tuscany, was created the 13th century and its central item is a cock tree [more]

  • Can an app offer sexual consent?
    There's been confusion over the idea of affirmative consent, which requires that both parties offer explicit verbal confirmation that they want to have sex prior to the act itself.

  • My dad, the pornographer
    I had a quiet suburban adolescence until Dad was busted on federal obscenity charges for distributing "Deep Throat"

  20 Oct 2014

  • Oldest genitals found
    A new analysis of 380-million-year-old fossils tucked away in boxes in museums is rewriting the textbooks on the origins of sex and genitalia.

  • I am a vagina and I am confused
    All around me, functional vaginas boast about how great it feels to climax with a penis, but I can't do it.

  • 7 horrifying lessons learned directing a porno
    We sat down with "Reno Nevada," a man who found himself thrown unwittingly into the role of porn director several years ago.

  • Goats in lust: They're just like us!
    I recently begin a new career in goat husbandry, and after weeks watching them breed, I think I can say that people are not too different

  • I think Internet porn is dangerous
    Here's how much of a girl I am: It must have taken me 10 years of being online before it even registered with me that you can look at lots of porn here.

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  • Naked rambler jailed again
    The man known as the "naked rambler" has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after walking out of prison wearing only his boots and socks.

  • Strange animal genitals
    A video of some of the oddest gentals in the animal kingdom

  • Free porn fiesta
    Ms Naughty links to several free porn sites that are feminist and female-friendly

  • Darwinian misconception about female sexuality
    For decades, most evolutionary biologists based their understanding of female mating choice on a paper that turned out to be incorrect

  • The safe way to find better porn
    A new, safe search engine that delivers results exclusively for adult entertainment sites including video hosting, traditional membership sites, porn star blogs, sex toy stores, and even access to the normally hidden adult listings on Tumblr.

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  • Would you wear condom pants
    New 'scrotal shield' covers the entire genital area, and is developed for safer sex

  • What makes sex amazing
    The new book Slippery When Wet: One Woman's Journey Through the Mystery of Sex is a mix of cutting edge insight from the science of sex and candid life stories

  • The dildo stays in the picture
    The latest silly Tumblr to go viral is Subtle Dildo, which features scenes of people casually sitting around their homes engaging in ordinary activities, with a dildo lurking somewhere in the background

  • The strange world of safe-for-work porn
    A peek inside the online communities devoted to the art of making X-rated images hilariously PG

  • The life of a professional dominatrix
    What makes a woman enter the BDSM world? A former accountant, who quit her job to become 'Mistress Hallie Brookes' - a professional dominatrix - can shed some light.

  6 Oct 2014

  • The decline of British porn
    A visit to the Xbiz adult industry conference reveals a business on its deathbed, agonising over regulations

  • How a movie sex scene looks on the set
    As you could imagine, all those sex scenes that look so hot on the big screen are actually quite awkward while filming

  • I had my first ever fully satisfying orgasm
    I have never really enjoyed masturbating that much before, always felt kind of tense and get-this-over-with when I did it. Then last night the Eroscillator arrived.

  • How to master first-time sex
    When you go to bed with a woman for the first time you can experience first night nerves, and do and say things that you'd have never imagined.

  • It's time to talk about armpit fetishes
    First, I'll clarify that there is a difference between having a fetish, and just being turned on by something. A fetish in the true sense of the word implies an obsession.

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  • Real Women, Real Bodies
    A new photo series is examining the beauty of the female body - no matter what shape or size.

  • 10 animal sex facts
    Mating habits in the animal kingdom range from strangely romantic to gag-inducing to absolutely terrifying. And yes, sometimes there's poop involved.

  • Sexuality as you age
    One student admitted that he thought people got married, had sex a few times and that was it.

  • My feminist dilemma at the peep show
    I've been vocal about how porn and strip clubs objectify women. But as a sex addict, I'm powerfully drawn to them

  • Sex outdoors is boring
    My new partner likes to make love outdoors. But at 53, the comfort of my own bed appeals. How do I admit this without seeming boring?

  1 Oct 2014