31 Aug 2014

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  • How to get your flirt on
    Some people are natural flirts, while others can hardly compose a sentence in the presence of the opposite sex

  • Keira Knightley goes topless
    The 29-year-old actress, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, goes topless for the September issue of Interview magazine [more]

  • German sex workers do it for Big Macs
    It was recently revealed that German has become the cut-price prostitution capital of the world.

  • In defense of pubic hair
    Women's mags are filled with discussions about whether to go bare - or dare not to. But maybe this shouldn't be such an itchy area of contention

  • Californian nude beaches 2014
    There are over 130 nude beaches in Northern California, including places where you can camp nude, go nude at a waterfall, play bare-bottom volleyball, and soak in hot springs

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  • Are you pleasing yourself?
    Pleasing ourselves makes us feel good, but the quality of the experience depends on the meaning we assign to it.

  • Parents get candid about sex after kids
    Whisper, is an app that allows people to anonymously share confessions the current state of their relationship post kids, and yes, many of them are about sex

  • Sex after 50
    Joan Price's forthcoming book The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50 is publishing in 2015, and was featured on Men's Health on how to navigate a midlife crisis.

  • Candida Royalle Kickstarting new film
    The famed feminist porn pioneer will tell her own intimate story, and seek her absent mother, in Documentary: While You Were Gone

  16 Aug 2014

  • Have a headache? Have some sex
    Next time you have a headache, or a backache, foot ache, any sort of muscle ache, don't go straight for the ibuprofen. Consider, instead, going straight to the bedroom

  • I've just had my first orgasm
    I lost my virginity six years ago, but up until six months ago, I had never had an orgasm.

  • What would decriminalising prostitution mean?
    An article in the Economist reignited the debate around legalising prostitution in the UK. Here, Dr Brooke Magnanti explores what decriminalisation would look like and says that we're long overdue a rethink of workers' rights

  • 7 Quick and easy ways to experiment with kink
    When you're venturing into the world of BDSM and kink for the first time, it can feel overwhelming and frightening. There are several things to keep in mind before you even start spanking each other.

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  • Does masturbating make you less creative?
    A growing trend for people to abstain from self stimulation is being fuelled by a hipster obsession with 'productivity'. But where's the evidence?

  • When we should teach kids about sex
    According to a new study from Georgetown University, sex education should be tailored to target children as young as 10 which would significantly decrease unintended pregnancies, abortions, maternal deaths and sexually transmitted diseases

  • The History & Arts of the Dominatrix
    The author, undertook a formal internship in one of Australia's best known dungeon establishments. She learnt under fifteen mistresses and was obliged to attend a minimum of 18 hours a week in training.

  • Why we should decriminalize prostitution
    There is a very common form of rhetoric that's used against us ... that sex work isn't work. That it's a dodge. That it's a scam. That it's a form of exploitation

  • The most bizarre webcam sexual requests
    In an effort to normalize the cam experience, the site has put together a list of the weirdest requests models have gotten

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  • Child virginity pledge nearly destroyed my life
    The church taught me that sex was for married people. They didn't tell me that I'd be on my honeymoon, crying again, because sex felt dirty and wrong and sinful even though I was married and it was supposed to be okay now.

  • I was an accidental porn star
    For 21-year-old physics student, everything happened the fairytale way: while spending a year in Spain, he was whisked off his feet by director Erika Lust, who cast him in two of her films

  • How I come out in my standup act
    I'd never really talked about being gay in my comedy show, until I was bombarded with abuse for kissing my date in Soho

  • My man thinks he's a god in bed
    My new partner, keeps reminding me he's had more lovers than me, as if he's trying to impress me, and I should be grateful for his prowess.

  • 12 Realistic threesome sex positions
    Cosmopolitan magazine shows how you and a friend, and a friend, can get creative [images]

  5 Aug 2014

  • Why porn and condoms don't mix
    Who could oppose safe sex? But the effort to require condom use in adult films is misdirected; the porn business isn't the hub of AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Guy asks 200 strangers if they'd have sex with him
    This American chap tried a, erm, interesting social experiment during his two-week trip to Europe: he asked 200 women, completely directly, if they would have sex with him. [video]

  • Police forces ill prepared to deal with nudity
    Research shows very few UK police forces taking steps to implement new guidance on handling cases of public nudity issued by the Crown Prosecution Service and backed by the Home Secretary.

  • Why you should go to a swinger club
    If you are in a long term relationship that has become boring over time, you have probably thought about being a swinger or wondered what a swinger club is

  • Squirting: why it may never happen to you
    There's something you should know, something that most sex sites won't tell you: Despite your best efforts, you may never squirt.

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