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  • My first experience with Internet porn
    We collected seven peoples' stories from all walks of life about their first experience with porn on the internet. Some are funny, some will horrify, and some are oddly nostalgic.

  • Porn star by profession and choice
    In an industry that is perceived to be exploitative, former porn star Sunny Leone has categorically stated that she joined the adult entertainment business of her own accord.

  • The best animal "sex" photos from Getty Images
    When you do a search for "sex" on Getty Images, you get a lot of interesting results

  • Don't put that in there!
    As paediatricians, part of our job is to teach adolescents about sex. As researchers, our job is to help figure out the science about what works, and what doesn't, to keep people healthy.

  • Sex and science and rock & roll?
    Zoe Cormier as she welcomes revellers to Heavenly Nipples, an upmarket sex emporium in the naughty corner of last month's Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

  20 July 2014

  • Anatomical underthings
    Here's a trend to take your exhibitionism on Instagram to a new level before Labor Day: Anatomical clothing.

  • I made my husband try a sex robot
    Can the crowdfunded Autoblow2 deliver on its promise to revolutionize male sex toys? I asked my husband to find out

  • 6 Ways to get what you want in bed
    Stand up for yourself: there are ways you can feel comfortable in making sexual requests in the bedroom.

  • All about virginity
    Virginity is a complicated subject with many myths and misconceptions. This FAQ addresses many common questions about virginity.

  19 July 2014

  • Confessions of a porn junkie
    That's what he called himself, and that's why one of the other things he did during this century's first decade was make a movie about his addiction to porn

  • 28 Mind-blowing lesbian sex positions
    Cosmopolitan.com now has sex positions for the lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, queers, all the lady-loving ladies in the crowd! You'll never sex the same way again

  • The truth about boomer sex
    A new study based on the National Health and Sexuality Survey, in which 1,939 heterosexual elderly people participated, show that 62.3% of men and 37.4% of women are sexually active.

  • Teaching kids about sex has lifetime benefits
    We need to reach 10- to 14-year-olds, often through their parents or schools, to teach them about their bodies and support development of a healthy body image and a strong sense of self worth

  • An apple a day to boost your sex life
    Researchers have discovered that eating an apple a day may improve sexual arousal in women. Which gives credence to the old adage: an apple a day keeps the doctor away

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  • International Swingers Day soon
    August 9th 2014 is International Swingers Day, when like-minded swingers gather in different clubs all over the world to celebrate the lifestyle [more]

  • Instructed: A New Erotic Film
    I had asked if Pandora wanted to do a solo scene with a fantasy voiceover. As it was going to be her first hardcore explicit sex scene, Pandora suggested a better idea, one that would involve her real-life dominant lover

  • Do you masturbate too much?
    Whether you masturbate twice a week or twice a day, match or exceed that mark, and you start wondering whether you're doing it too much.

  • 10 Things you don't know about penises
    If you think the penis isn't mysterious, there's a lot you don't know

  • Can animals consent to sex with humans
    Spink doesn't consider himself just another animal fucker. He describes himself as a heterospecies writer and thinker, and a species-equality activist

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  • Masters of Sex season 2
    Masters of Sex is a fine example of why some of us are still happy to spend a little more on our cable bill. It treats viewers like grown-ups who are curious about sex of all forms

  • Scientists probe 'sex addict' brains
    The first study to investigate brain activity in "sex addicts" has uncovered remarkable similarities with people addicted to drugs

  • Dating Naked
    VH1 has released he first full trailer for its dating show experiment Dating Naked, where singles go on tropical dates in the buff

  • Sex at 60
    As 60 approaches I look in the mirror and I see a head of long, graying hair and a body delicately scarred by life. The boobs are no longer perky and I bear the stretch marks of two pregnancies

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  • Do we really need sex museums?
    A popular erotic exhibition from New York's Sex Museum is due to transfer to London. Dr Brooke Magnanti argues why such spaces, as 'fun' as they may be, are wholly unnecessary in the first place

  • 17 sex facts that will make you gasp
    Men have on average 11 erections a day, and there's a one-third chance that your nam is still having sex, and, only 30% of women reach orgasm through penetrative sex [more]

  • When porn was fun
    Before the internet men had to run the gauntlet of sneaking a jazz mag upstairs and then hiding it from Mum's prying eyes.Those were the days...

  • You may find it harder to orgasm now
    Man asks women for advice on what to do if he 'magically became a girl tomorrow' - and the response is overwhelming

  • What do men think about when they masturbate?
    A straight single guy, gay committed guy, and straight married guy, give their views

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  • My Uncomfortably Crowded Vagina
    I happen to think what happens with my vagina and adjacent parts, what I put into it, take out of it, how I treat and tend to its needs, and so on, is my business

  • The Little Red Schoolbook
    The Pope denounced it as sacrilegious, and morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse successfully campaigned to have it prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act. This month, it will be reprinted

  • Why there's nothing wrong with getting into bed on the first date
    It's quite amazing that in this day and age we still have a double standard when it comes to having sex on a first date. If a male does it, he is called a stud; if a woman does it, she is called a slut.

  • Japan's porn makers recruit at prestigious university
    According to Japanese online news site EN NEWS 163, the country's four largest adult filmmakers jointly held a job fair at Tokyo's prestigious Waseda University.

  • How is this painting pornographic
    A portrait was removed from a major gallery after it was deemed 'pornographic'. Why does women's pubic hair cause such outrage

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  • Introducing the personal trainer for your vagina
    This round, vibrating, silicone device may look like a sex toy but the KGoal is actually a fitness tracker for down there

  • The average porn star
    I've spent the last six months analyzing the world's largest database of adult films and performers, to discover what the average performer looks like, what they do on film, and how their role has evolved over the last forty years

  • The accidental threesome
    All I did was say aloud what everyone was thinking: "We're going to have a threesome." It wasn't a question or a demand; it was a statement of fact.

  • Facebook's new breastfeeding policy a sham
    It's become clear to TERA that Facebook's "new" breastfeeding-friendly policy on photos is pretty much a sham. Women are finding their breastfeeding photos removed as usual on Facebook

  • Multiple sex partners may be good for you
    A new study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, a journal, has revealed a secret that it can be good for you to have casual sex.

  4 July 2014

  • Songs that are really about sex
    From "It Ain't the Meat" to "Let Me Play with Your Poodle," the sneakiest sex songs in the history of music.

  • Man has his 10-inch penis enlarged
    Billy-Tom O'Connor's manhood was flashed up on Britain's ITV This Morning showing the results of a penoplasty which increased the girth of his penis

  • Could you give up porn for 90 days?
    Esquire investigates the latest trend encouraging young men to quit their favourite pasttime

  • I really don't want to look at my vagina
    The doctor asked: "Would you like to look at your cervix?" I smiled and said firmly: "Thanks, but no thanks."

  • Violet Blue: Ethical porn examples
    As far as we can tell, though, the vast majority of porn consumers reject the type of content that is most problematic, and now that porn has become ubiquitous, many have argued that the industry is moving in a more positive direction

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  2 July 2014

  • 7 Tips for having a great one-night-stand
    For those who really desire it, casual sex comes (forgive the pun) with many benefits, like higher self-esteem and life satisfaction.

  • How to have cybersex
    There are thousands of people on the internet swinging their bits about for their sexual enjoyment. Here's how to get into it without injury or death!

  • 6 weird facts about sex and love
    From the fact that women can make their voice "sexier," but men can't, to, that you are less likely to get grossed out when aroused

  • World Cup relaxed attitude to sex pays off
    All countries which banned their players from having sex at the 2014 World Cup have been eliminated, while those with a more relaxed view on the matter are enjoying better results on the pitch, research has shown.

  • 21 Reasons to have more sex!
    Sometimes for us ladies it is good to be reminded that sex is good for our health, wellbeing, looks, and our hearts

  1 July 2014

  • Hundreds queue to see Titan's Penis
    The phallus-shaped flower is the tallest in the world, reaching heights of up to three metres (10 feet). It appears once every 10 years and lasts for only 72 hours.

  • People who sleep nude in bed are most content
    A poll of over a 1000 Britains has found that most who slept nude were happy in their relationships

  • I've slept with 10,000 men
    A former elite escort says she was paid was paid between $500 to $1000 an hour.

  • Sex with blindfolds
    A blindfold can increase sexual tension and magnify arousal; because when one your senses is lost all of the other senses become heightened to compensate

  • How to make it in porn
    We talk to Markus Waxenegger, Austria's biggest porn export who has starred in more than 1,500 movies and won multiple awards