30 June 2014

  • Older people and internet sex
    Online dating has made sex more accessible for men and women over 60. But as well as offering the possibility of greater sexual fulfilment, the internet is also throwing up new challenges and dangers.

  • Science: casual sex is good for you
    A new study has found that having casual sex was associated with higher self-esteem and life satisfaction and lower depression and anxiety. [more]

  • China's hands-free sperm extractors
    A Chinese hospital in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, has introduced a new machine that makes sperm donation even easier- an automatic sperm extractor.

  • My boyfriend isn't as sexual as I am
    Advice is given to a woman who says that her boyfriend is not as sexual as her, and has never gotten off during sex, so for 5 years she only orgasmed by oral sex.

  • Should your partner be your best friend?
    My partner is not my best friend. We have nothing in common. The only thing we share is a deep love of Murakami's literary works, and yet I'm not interested in discussing them with him

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  25 June 2014

  • We need to talk about boobs
    A new study has found that women are being put off exercising or doing sport because of their breasts

  • Facebook lifts ban on breastfeeding photos
    Thanks to a social media campaign, Facebook has changed its policy to allow mothers to post their breastfeeding photos to the site -- nipples and all.

  • Incredible nude art
    An artist has taken camouflage to the next level with her incredible nude body illustrations that see her models blend into beautiful murals.

  • 5 Ways you screw up foreplay
    Here are five common mistakes you might make during foreplay, and the fast fixes that will lead to hotter sex.

  • Sex at 60
    The idea that older women are all dried up and over sex is a myth

  24 June 2014

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  22 June 2014

  • Asexuality: Don't be too hasty with labels
    Relatively little research has been conducted into asexuality and there are no reliable statistics of the numbers of people who identify as such.

  • Your complete guide to Summer's steamiest TV shows
    The New York Post tells us which sexy TV programmes are out this Summer

  • Raft sex
    A man was arrested in Hamilton, Ohio on Wednesday for allegedly having sex with an inflatable pool raft by the side of the road

  • Nuns sue strip club
    A group of nuns is taking it to an entirely new level as they have decided to sue a strip club simply for being a strip club

  21 June 2014

  • How a lesbian kiss saved the Sims
    The virtual life game, The Sims, may have never come into existence at all had not it been for an accidental lesbian Sim-kiss at a game expo.

  • Kelly Brook's men have nude showdown
    Kelly Brook must have been feeling pretty smug this week, as not one, but two of her lovers have got Attitude readers hot under the collar with their naked photoshoots.

  • Women looking at their vaginas for the first time
    Women take turns going into a makeshift Vagina Booth to take their first looks. Their reactions, captured on camera, are both illuminating and inspiring.

  • Video: dog meets owner's vibrator
    Natalie Ferraro's crafty pup found her vibrator on her nightstand and decided it would make the perfect chew toy.

  • Animal Passions
    It is one of the most extraordinary documentaries I have ever seen. I watched it with mouth agape as half a dozen Americans spoke of their love for animals and their intimate relationships with them

  20 June 2014

  • Jason Biggs hooker controversy
    American Pie actor Jason Biggs, comments on his wife's revelation in her book, that she hired a hooker for his birthday.

  • Just a Cam Model's blog
    Working from home, online, as a webcam model has given me a glimpse into the sexual psyche of close to 100,000 men. And it's given me the chance to look into my own [more]

  • What's your signature sex move?
    To truly earn your great-in-bed badge, there's one thing you must perfect: a signature sex move.

  • Coming on camera
    Hundreds of people around the world have seen Kamee come. The project is Beautiful Agony, an Australia-based erotic website that posts daily videos of people masturbating until they orgasm [more]

  • It's not the birds and the bees... it's sex
    Sex is not a one-and-done conversation. It is an ongoing conversation. And it starts early

  19 June 2014

  18 June 2014

  • Which teams can have World Cup sex?
    Some coaches have imposed rules on their players not only covering their training regimen and on-field tactics, but also on their after-hours activities

  • Criminalizing sex work will just harm more women
    As an escort, I believe criminalizing our industry will only stigmatize and marginalize us further, resulting in more abused and dead sex workers.

  • These bears are having lots of oral sex
    The researchers note that fellatio has been documented in other mammals, including primates, spotted hyenas, goats, sheep, cheetahs and the short-nosed fruit bat.

  • Alabama finally legalizes oral and anal sex
    On Friday, an Alabama appeals court struck down a law banning consensual oral and anal sex between unmarried persons. All over the state, people celebrated by continuing to mind their own goddamn sex-business in the privacy of their own homes

  • Miss Colorado contestant is now making more porn
    A runner-up in the Miss Colorado Teen USA beauty pageant had apparently been stripped of her title for appearing in an online porn video. Now she appears to be making porn a career.

  17 June 2014

  • The scientific truth behind 10 myths about sex
    To shine some light on the most popular and prevalent sex myths, we've scoured the world's medical literature, looking for scientific studies to prove whether common thinking is true or false.

  • We now need a sexual revolution
    Women of the Arab Spring: We now need a sexual revolution, not just a political one

  • Older people and sex in the internet age
    Online dating has made sex more accessible for men and women over 60. But as well as offering the possibility of greater sexual fulfilment, the internet is also throwing up new challenges and dangers. [more]

  • Human-on-dolphin sex not that weird
    Margaret Howe Lovatt was attacked for admitting that she stimulated a dolphin. But what she did isn't that unusual

  • Lab-grown vaginas
    Scientists in North Carolina and Mexico have developed technology to create vaginal tissue in a lab setting, helping women born without vaginas

  16 June 2014

  15 June 2014

  • World naked bike ride celebrated
    Around 1,000 people have gathered for the World Naked Bike Ride in Mexico City in an effort to raise awareness of cycling

  • I feel stupid trying new sex positions
    How do I spice things up for him and try new things without feeling so uncomfortable?

  • Slut-shamed and age-shamed
    After I got divorced last year, I wrote an OkCupid profile in which I let it be known that I'm down for casual sex. One man, however, took offense at my profile.

  • Strap it and snap it
    Good Vibrations started #strapweek in 2013 to raise awareness about the joys of strap-on sex. Snap a strap-on selfie photo, and win prizes

  14 June 2014

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  12 June 2014

  • Penis in pipe man: I slipped
    A man has who has claimed he slipped and fell has finally been freed after getting his penis stuck in a pipe for two days.

  • Women are wild and unpredictable
    An author who has researched female sexuality has said anyone who thinks women are inherently less promiscuous and sexually assertive than men is kidding themselves.

  • The World's first 'guybrator' masturbation toy
    It's the invention of brand new company Hot Octopuss, founded by friends Julia Margo and Adam Lewis, as a response to a growing demand for male sex toys

  • I went out on 157 first dates
    Of those 157 men, only a handful made it to the second date, and from that I only ended up seriously dating two of them. So, why so many dates?

  • Women reveal when penis size does matter
    A group of women participated in a study and they revealed that size does matter in one-night stands. However, they said its girth, not the length of the penis that matters.

  11 June 2014

  • Print your own sex toy
    Free The Nipple, a movement which fights for women to be allowed to go topless in A hacker in Berlin has built a website that lets people design their own sex toys, and print them out in 3D. [more]

  • Germany's brothel boom, but is prostitution safer?
    Since the Prostitution Act was introduced in 2002, Germany's sex industry has boomed. The Act was designed to improve conditions for prostitutes and to make it possible for them to get health insurance and social security while ensuring a safe workplace.

  • Diving beetle's sticky underwater sex secret
    Scientists in Taiwan have revealed how a diving beetle hangs on to its mate underwater using bristles on the male's legs to attach to the females with tiny suckers. [more]

  • Media slams a bill for banning foreplay on college
    Ignore the hysterical reaction from critics: This California bill does not require written consent for sex

  • I caught my son having oral sex
    Advice is given to a woman who came home unannounced to find her son having oral sex with his friend (male)

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  2 June 2014

  • The closer the couple, the better the sex? Not so
    Intimacy can be a passion killer, says Ether Perel, the bestselling author and relationship counsellor. And don't even think about confessing that affair...

  • Is "penis hat" future of condoms?
    The Galactic Cap consists of two parts: a base that is placed on the tip of the penis, and a cap that is applied on the top of the base immediately before sexual activity

  • Casual sex isn't just for college kids
    The creators of the Casual Sex Project collected hookup stories from around the world. Here's what they learned [more]

  • How an a full body orgasm be achieved?
    To achieve a full body orgasm, you have to rediscover your body and that of your partner so that you can learn the things to do to move orgasm from the genitals to all the other parts of your body

  • Porn at 18
    A Florida native offers insight into what tempts young women into the adult industry