29 May 2014

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  26 May 2014

  • How straight are you?
    When I sit with my straight friends, be they single straight men or a straight couple, the conversation of "How straight are you?" invariably comes up

  • My Granny The Escort
    This British TV documentary is a frank and revealing insight into the sex for sale business featuring the older lady. [more]

  • The great Harvard sex scandal of 1964
    In a letter to The Crimson in 1963, Dean of the College John U. Monro stated that study time was being misused for wild parties or for sexual intercourse.

  • Ejaculation etiquette
    Women are really lucky when it comes to having an orgasm and not having to deal with a mess afterwards

  • Premature ejaculation defined
    Sexual medicine experts have defined premature ejaculation for the first time: sex that lasts less than three minutes

  25 May 2014

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  23 May 2014

  • I was a virgin at 51
    Why did this utterly normal middle-class woman have to spend decades desperate for intimacy?

  • Top 10 Labia Scenes
    Mr Skin lists the top 10 labia movie scenes from Milla Jovovich to Sharon Stone

  • Making sex normal
    Kinsey Institute researcher Debby Herbenick explains how we can help normalise sex. [Video]

  • Risky sex: It's fun if it's with people
    The best part about having sex in risky places is the sheer excitement and spontaneity associated with it.

  • The Anal Ninja
    Porn star Jayden Lee on squirting etiquette, anal fisting, shaving her ex-boyfriend's asshole, and why she is "The Anal Ninja"

  22 May 2014

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  • The International Masturbation Month mastermind
    In honor of Masturbation Month, Salon talks to Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist Carol Queen, one of the pioneer of self-pleasuring who coined this quirky holiday [more]

  • What men do in bed that women hate
    We threw the question out to Facebook. The answers we got back were sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes worrying

  • Japanese porn star retires
    55-year-old veteran porn star Taka Kato has made more than 10,000 adult video releases with 8,000 actresses, and became known as "Goldfinger"

  • CLITERACY: The power of female sexual pleasure
    CLITERACY is a mixed media series that explores a paradox, the global obsession with sexualizing female bodies in a world that is illiterate when it comes to female sexuality.

  • Can Women Ever Really Say Yes?
    Sex educators encourage people to get consent before engaging in sex. The implication is that men and women are free to consent to sex...but is it that simple?

  18 May 2014

  • Why I posed naked and natural
    I posed nude to raise questions about the depiction of women and challenge the association between the female body and sex

  • What really turns women on
    Researchers found that for light touch, the neck was most sensitive, for pressure the clitoris and nipple were most sensitive, and for vibration the clitoris was the most sensitive part of the body

  • Stunning nudes explore stereotypes
    Photographer Lauren Renner explores the many ways we are defined by labels, from the mouths of others as well as ourselves, in a stunning series entitled "In Others' Words."

  • Can porn help couples build sexual trust?
    Pornography can be part of the tapestry of a couple's healthy sexual life. Through the use of pornography we can safely explore our sexual interests, our turn-ons and our turn-of

  17 May 2014

  16 May 2014

  • Turkey's Love Valley featuring erotic erosion
    Unusual shaped pillars are attracting tourists to Turkey's Cappadocia region where phallic shaped features are in an area dubbed the Love Valley

  • Silkworm sex factor
    Gender determination of the silkworm Bombyx mor has been found to be a small RNA molecule, the first time that anything other than a protein has been implicated in a sex-detemination process

  • Top 10 masturbation tips!
    Sexpert and founder of RachaelIs has put together top ten tips for masturbation to celebrate National Masturbation Month!

  • Swingers: What is a unicorn?
    Swingerdictionary.com determines "unicorn" as a slang for a single, generally bisexual female that participates in the swing lifestyle.

  • The BBC article about feminist porn
    Ms Naughty explains how she spent some time with BBC journalist Daniel Nasaw, who was covering the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards

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  11 May 2014

  • Why men should be "edging" during sex
    Edging, otherwise known as "orgasm control," is deliberately pushing off your immediate orgasm in favor of a more female partner-friendly slow-building final release.

  • NYC Strip clubs flooded with college girl applicants
    Ever since controversial undergrad/Duke porn star Belle Knox announced she'd be headlining her first strip show in NYC on Friday, college students have been racing to the poles

  • Porn for progress
    Banks like JPMorgan Chase have decided that dealing with people in the sex industry is a "reputational risk."

  • Why does God hate sex?
    Sex is funny in that you can live without it, but not without paying a mental/physical price

  10 May 2014

  • Shrine built from 17 naked models
    Body paint artist Trina Merry turns 17 nude models into a human temple

  • Munich gets naked
    Munich may be the place to go in Europe for those who want to get naked in the city to bask in the sun, but why does the local government allow it?

  • Naked yoga: the bare truth
    I am about to embark on a Naked Yoga class with people who have paid good money to bare it all in a room full of strangers.

  • When is it time to sleep with someone?
    There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. This three step process of questions to ask yourself will empower you to make your own personal rules on when to have sex with a new partner.

  9 May 2014

  • The world's feminist pornographers
    Some 250 porn performers, filmmakers, fans and academic researchers convened in Toronto last month for an international gathering of feminist pornographers.

  • Nudity is liberating
    British Naturism is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Sue Thompson, a member of an East Yorkshire nudist club, tells Joanna Hunter about the freedom it gives her.

  • Here's where most people are sexually satisfied
    The countries that reported some of the highest satisfaction were Mexico at 63% fully satisfied, India at 61%, Poland at 54%, and Greece at 51%.

  • Bi and bi
    I've heard your calls for bisexuals to come out to their friends and family, but here's my conundrum: I'm not sure I technically classify as bisexual [more]

  • 6 things that make a great sex toy
    The sex toy revolution is upon us, but not all sex toy companies make the grade.

  8 May 2014

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  5 May 2014

  • Penis cockerel man guilty
    A Paris court has found a South African artist guilty of sexual exhibitionism after a performance in Paris in which he danced with a cockerel tied to his penis.

  • Make her Your Porn Star
    Creating a private sex tape can be sexy and thrilling for you both. Just proceed with extreme caution, and good lighting.

  • I love working in the sex toy industry
    I've learned that I'll never learn everything there is to know about sex, but my job has turned me into an advocate for the sex toy industry.

  • My new man wants an open relationship
    Advice is given to a women whose new partner says he has other partners, and she could accept it, or walk

  4 May 2014

  • Donation to the Iceland penis museum
    The Icelandic "Penis Museum" has offered the man with the world's largest penis, Jonah Falcon, everlasting fame, by putting his 13.5-inch sex organ on display after his death.

  • 5 questions for the naked veteran
    Vietnam War veteran Max Sanchez struggles with controlling issues stemming from post-traumatic stress. He lives in a nudist resort in Florida.

  • Feminism and porn
    Ms Naughty features the performers from Bright Desire talking about feminism and their work in porn

  • Prostitution and the right to choose
    If physical appearance always plays a part in success, then is commodification of the body inevitable?

  3 May 2014

  2 May 2014

  • City boss reveals difficulties in coming out
    Coming out is often thought of as a single moment, but for Jan Gooding, newly installed this week as the chair of Stonewall, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender charity, it is more an ongoing process

  • Sex, 21st century style
    A sexual dysfunction nurse reveals the top 10 gadgets that will super-charge your love life

  • Marsupial has sex marathon until it dies
    A tiny hyperactive marsupial called antechinus mates almost non-stop for three weeks, with single romps lasting as long as 14 straight hours, until it dies from exhaustion

  • My parents made millions from the sex industry
    His dad is the legendary porn star Ben Dover, his mother was a glamour model and the editor of Penthouse magazine. Tyger Drew-Honey interviews them in a new documentary

  • How sex ed in South Carolina changed a city
    30 years ago, Denmark, SC, had one of the state's highest teen pregnancy rates. Due to comprehensive sex education, it now has the lowest pregnancy rates in South Carolina

  1 May 2014

  • 14 Shocking sex facts
    Did you know sperm has anti-wrinkle properties? Or that the inventor of cornflakes thought our favourite breakfast would fight our urge to masturbate?

  • Why science needs more sex
    When biologist Patricia Brennan received a $390,000 National Science Foundation grant for her work on duck genitalia, it sparked nation-wide outrage, dubbed "Duckpenisgate"

  • Student, auctions off her virginity
    The student claims that while she's doing this for the money primarily, she is also attracted by the adventure, eroticism, scandal and the chance to challenge norms about virginity.

  • How good should sex with a new partner be?
    I've met a new guy. How great should the sex be the first time if I want this guy to stick around?

  • Nude boudoir shoots popularity increases
    Boudoir portraits throwback to the early days of erotic photography and now, a new generation of women are stripping down in their own bedrooms for their own beautifully intimate portraits.