31 Mar 2014

  • Does porn hurt children?
    Research suggesting that teenagers and pornography are a hazardous mix is far from definitive.

  • Interracial relationships in the BDSM lifestyle
    A few weeks ago, I read a conversation on Twitter discussing interracial relationships, namely those between White men and Black women

  • A brief history of sex blogging
    Sex blogging as we know it seems to have gotten off the ground around 2002

  • What men know about your vagina
    It's a long-running 'joke' that most men don't know where the clitoris is. The gag becomes less funny when you start to realise how little blokes really do know about the vagina.

  • Paraphilia case studies.
    Police had been called to a man's apartment when she appeared at his door and told him she wanted to have sex with him after she tied him to the bed

  30 Mar 2014

  • I am a John
    I am a middle-class married woman who just happens to pay people to have sex in front of her. Sure, there's a camera between us but in essence I'm a client of sex workers

  • How affairs make my marriage stronger
    My marriage is opaque. But there are similarities: We know the other has secrets, but we don't care to find out more

  • 9 Things about putting on a condom
    Wearing a condom is an effective way to prevent pregnancy and STIs, but only if you wear it right.

  • People with disabilites have sex
    As a queer person with a disability, I find that some of the most common questions that I get are, "Can you have sex?", "Do you have sex?", and "How do you have sex?"

  29 Mar 2014

  28 Mar 2014

  • Confessions of a porn junkie
    He spent the better part of this century's first decade tracking and watching dirty movies. He'd wake in the morning thinking of porn, plan his day around acquiring and pleasuring himself to it

  • Introducing Japan's 'yaramiso' man
    A Japanese study indicates that the number of unmarried men between the age of 30 and 24 in Japan has risen by 10% between 1995 and 2010, and a quarter are virgins

  • Libidos and vibrators
    In just 24 hours, nearly 300 women of all ages responded to our call, telling us about the freedom that a low sex drive provides. Others vehemently disagreed

  • What the Government's Sex Work study got wrong
    I've spent the last 20 years working as a sensual masseuse, dominatrix and/or stripper. And if that experience has taught me anything, it's that this study got pretty much everything about being a sex worker wrong.

  • The guide to taking the best puss shots
    How to become an expert vagina photographer.

  27 Mar 2014

  26 Mar 2014

  • Libidos, vibrators and men
    Gloria Steinem's 80th birthday declaration: a dwindling libido makes a woman's mind 'free for all kinds of great things'.

  • Technology ruining sex
    Lovers in London could be among hundreds of others across the South-West who let technology get in the way of their sex lives.

  • 25 Signs you're horny
    Cosmo magazine lists 25 indicators which suggest you are in the mood

  • What adult films get wrong
    Unfortunately, not all porn is created equal, and while you can learn a lot, there is also a lot of stuff that should never attempt in your own bedroom

  • Feminist porn: an introduction
    Feminist porn is a genre of adult film and a growing movement which traces its roots back to the 1980s

  25 Mar 2014

  • Sex is complicated for men too
    I've been buying into the common falsehood that because the male orgasm is biologically simpler, male sexuality is as well. And I've been wrong.

  • How to give multiple orgasms
    The clitoris, it's the indisputable powerhouse of the female orgasm. It has twice as many nerve endings as the penis and has the enviable ability to produce multiple orgasms

  • The sex in public hall of fame
    A couple's romp behind a dumpster hits social media. They aren't the first to see public sex turn into viral fame

  • Feminist Porn Award nominations announced
    This year's nominees list once again showcases erotic entertainment that is smart, sexy, and appreciates viewers looking for hot feminist films

  • Sex blogger of the month
    When we started our Sex Blogger Directory, our aim was to find and promote some of the best sex blogs on the Web. In an effort to do just that, we'll be highlighting a new sex blogger every month.

  24 Mar 2014

  23 Mar 2014

  • Porn Studies journal publishes its first issue
    Porn Studies, published by Routledge, is a quarterly academic journal described as "the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to critically explore those cultural products and services designated as pornographic". [more]

  • The 10 women we all secretly fancy
    Living in the public eye but operating almost unnoticed, there exists a secret society of women who, unknown to our girlfriends, subtly get us all hot under the collar. [Part 2]

  • Where's the TV peen?
    There are plenty of breasts, female backsides, or girls emulating blow jobs or back shots, but as a heterosexual women I am tired of thinking: Where's the peen?

  • That pesky C-word
    Erica Jong's book Fear of Flying recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and as we took a stroll down memory lane, we were reminded how perfectly comfortable Jong was using the word cunt in her books

  22 Mar 2014

  21 Mar 2014

  20 Mar 2014

  19 Mar 2014

  • Why people share their sex lives online
    From PornTube to Pinsex to Pornostagram, sex websites are following the lead of social networks, allowing users to like, share, repost and comment on each other's pornography

  • 10 rules for naked dining
    Nudists not only have to know which fork to eat with first, but the rules of eating nude

  • Public nudity bill proposed at Pitzer
    Imagine a Pitzer College media studies class in which the students are discussing body image. Here's the twist: All of the students are naked.

  • Sex in the water
    Water sex is pretty dangerous if you don't take necessary precautions. These sex in the water positions will help you make most of your pleasurable time.

  • Do women like porn?
    Not as many women watch porn as men overall, but this is not proof that women like sex less than men, and all women prefer written erotica to visual material.

  18 Mar 2014

  • Downton Abbey gets porn parody
    Harmony Films have released a trailer of their film, Down on Abby, due for release 1 April, featuring Butler Smallcock and personal footman Master Bate

  • Masterpieces of your sex life
    I had a conversation with a friend of mine about what she thought may have been the most pivotal erroneous belief she had about sex -- past tense

  • The sex talk
    There's some necessary awkwardness that should always precede the actual deed: The Talk. If you can't talk about it, you shouldn't be doing it.

  • Is there such a thing as "Ethical Porn"?
    A set of standards is useful in labelling something as "feminist" or "ethical" when there's no clear definition of what that entails [more]

  • Respect women who go into the porn industry
    When it comes to the choices a woman makes during her life, I believe there is only one thing you can do: respect them. Respect them because you don't know what her circumstances might be.

  17 Mar 2014

  • Sex as work?
    Melinda Chateauvert's Sex Workers Unite is a necessary and comprehensive look at the many ways sex workers have been organizing for decades in North America

  • A history of perverse sex
    What is perverse sex and what isn't? The Pleasure's All Mine explores 2000 years of the gamut of sexual activity that has been seen as strange, abnormal or deviant [more]

  • Nude fashion models in NSFW photo spreads
    Gregory Derkenne is a Belgium-based international fashion photographer whose stunning editorial spreads are showcasing some of the world's most gorgeous individuals in thought-provoking advertising campaigns

  • 15 Habits to boost your libido
    Research shows that nearly a third of women and 15% of men lack the desire to have sex regularly. But there are things you can do to put the sizzle back into your sex life.

  • The 5 best sex blogs that no longer exist
    I read dozens of sex blogs almost daily, searching for tips on everything from how to shave my pubic hair to how navigate my newfound fetish. Here are five that I feel nostalgic for

  16 Mar 2014

  • Will nobody listen to the sex workers?
    The prostitution debate will get nowhere as long as women who sell sex are seen as victims to be 'rescued', and their views ignored

  • Classic smut or classic lit?
    First printed in 1610, China's most notorious erotic novel Jin Ping Mei (The Plum in the Golden Vase) has been labeled pornographic and officially banned over the years.

  • Free Porn Fiesta #20: Couples Fun
    Ms Naughty has put together another female-friendly and feminist free porn post

  • How to enjoy an orgy
    The secret to group sex that no one tells you: You can -- and should -- say no. I learned this lesson firsthand

  15 Mar 2014

  14 Mar 2014

  • Women experience two types of climax
    French gynaecologists using sonographs discovered that clitoral stimulation does not involve the internal root of the clitoris, but, vaginal stimulation does [more]

  • How to be the perfect fuck buddy
    A good fuck buddy can be one of the greatest things a girl can have. The road to attaining such a person can be fraught with difficulty, however. Here's a guide to finding and maintaining the perfect partner.

  • Stop pretending you enjoy bad sex
    A newly published study on people's perceptions of sexual satisfaction in committed, heterosexual relationships reveals that men and women are both surprisingly good at estimating their partners' contentment (or lack thereof) with their sex life.

  • Couple that make amateur porn
    Violet and Rye started their anonymous porn blog, Uncommon Appetites, with a simple introduction: "We're a normal everyday married couple that really love fucking each other." [more]

  • Playing The Whore
    A former web cam girl, Melissa Gira Grant has just published her latest book, Playing The Whore: The Work Of Sex Work, which is unlike any book about sex work or feminism that I've ever read.

  13 Mar 2014

  12 Mar 2014

  11 Mar 2014

  10 Mar 2014

  • The Swedish Model of Sex Work
    The Times sex columnist explains how sex workers would be affected by the Swedish Model of Sex Work

  • Nudist resort marks 50 years
    Stein and his wife, 81-year old Lisa, are part of a cadre of longtime members at Cypress Cove, a nudist resort near Kissimmee celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

  • Watching your husband have sex with another woman
    Millions of women around the world are turned on by the idea of watching their husband have sex with another women, or even by the idea of joining in and having a threesome

  • Why separate bathrooms are still a thing
    The point of the article is to say that you should just act as normal because a gay athlete is not going to do anything creepy or weird with regards to your nudity, anymore than a straight athlete would.

  • In pursuit of the full body orgasm
    Everyone has an image of what goes on at a tantric sex workshop, orgies, skeevy dudes, and heavy panting, but, in reality, climax comes in the form of emotional discovery

  9 Mar 2014

  • New orgasm machine for women
    Scientists have invented an orgasm machine for women uses tiny electrodes attached to the spine which can trigger an orgasm via a remote control.

  • Your porn is not Canadian enough
    Three Toronto-based erotica channels have earned a reprimand from the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission for failing to broadcast sufficient levels of Canadian-made pornography

  • That awkward conversation about my stripping
    I was proud of my job in sex work. But I learned to hate the moment when someone asked what I did for a living

  • The busy girl's guide to orgasms
    Relationship expert Dr Becky Spelman reveals how to make sure you're coming, as well as going.

  • British Naturism: 50 years
    The Central Council for British Naturism, was formed on 1 July 1964, by the unification of the British Sun Bathing Association, founded in 1943, and the Federation of British Sun Clubs, founded in 1953

  8 Mar 2014

  7 Mar 2014

  6 Mar 2014

  • Prostitution workshop angers feminists
    An enterprising association of sex workers in Barcelona has angered some of Spain's most prominent feminists by offering an "intro to prostitution" course

  • Women who read until orgasm
    She reads aloud while simultaneously masturbating with a Hitachi Magic Wand. Hysterical Literature creator Clayton Cubitt on the high price of filthy business. [more]

  • Criminalising the purchase of sex
    Dozens of Danish researchers have protested against the EU parliament's decision last week to recommend that EU member states criminalise the purchase of sex.

  • A G-rated porn campaign
    PornHub is dangling the reward of a job to the innovative thinker who can come up with an ad campaign tasteful enough to be featured on television, magazines and more

  • When porn comes up against Puritans
    The 18-year-old Duke college freshman is revealing her name and face, and concluding with a reference to Nathaniel Hawthorne's American puritanical novel, The Scarlet Letter

  5 Mar 2014

  • Independent porn fest celebrates work of women
    The self-proclaimed 'kinky film festival', which is touring the US, offers an alternative to the often sexist world of mainstream sexual content by focusing on female directors and desire [more]

  • JFK, Monroe threesome sex tape not auctioned
    The auction of an alleged sex-tape starring Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, will not go ahead.

  • What your coloured handkerchief say
    The Handkerchief Code in its modern form is said to have originated in New York in the early 70s, where gay and bi-sexual men found it a novel way to show potential partners exactly what they were into

  • Meet Belle Knox, the Duke porn star
    Knox's story has shed light, once more, on a double-standard, that the person we jerk off to is not supposed to be the same person we take exams with

  • Making personalized porn
    ABC Nightline, which covered Modern Sex in America, interviewed a married couple about their work as fine art and commercial sex photographers.

  4 Mar 2014

  3 Mar 2014

  • Threesomes: the unwritten rules
    A new app, 3nder, aims to help couples find a third sexual partner. But what's the best way to ensure your partner is really open to a threesome and not just teasing you?

  • I'm 60, and irresistible to men of 20
    Read a 60-year-old's woman's account of how she took 15 lovers, most of them under 30, and two in one day

  • Can kinky sex be good for you
    Sadomasochism, or sexual enjoyment from giving or receiving pain, may be a meditative experience and in some cases may lead to an altered state of consciousness, new research suggest

  • Why sex week matters
    The Tennessee General Assembly hopes to pass a resolution that "condemns the organizers of Sex Week at the University of Tennessee and expresses its displeasure with the University for permitting it"

  • LittleRedBunny, the Queen of Cam Girls
    Who is LittleRedBunny? That's what the adult industry is asking

  2 Mar 2014

  1 Mar 2014

  • Why I do porn
    I got into porn to fund my tuition at Duke. And my experience was exciting and empowering, until I was found out and harassed.

  • I've slept with 300 people
    A 'hypersexual' woman who claims to have slept with 300 people is so addicted to carnal pleasure that she spends up to five hours a day having sex or pleasuring herself.

  • New Yorkers want nudes
    According to research done by UGallery, a leading online gallery site, nude artwork is the most sought-after. Last year, it made up 10 percent of all searches

  • Booksellers protest 'nude' children's book
    Tous à poil (Everybody Gets Naked) aims to teach young children about body image by showing them that everyone looks different underneath their clothes. [more]

  • Sex study reveals information
    Apparently men can fight away their nasal congestion at the time of ejaculation, and, sexual pleasure can be increased through pubic hair

  • Longest pubic hair was knee-length
    Human sexuality researcher Havelock Ellis records a woman whose pubic hair reached below her knee