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  • New York sex shop is also a bistro
    Chelsea's newly opened Splash Sex Shop doesn't simply plan to sell supplies for getting your rocks off, it also includes an American bistro and cafe. [more]

  • Tongue in cheek
    Brian's question: "Could you lick my asshole?" is one rarely posed aloud by the heterosexual American male.

  • My first porn was terrifying
    October of 1995 was life changing for me. I had just turned ten and I was invited to my neighbor Lindsay's 13th birthday slumber party

  • How to masturbate
    Elon University in North Carolina is offering a course that teaches students to masturbate

  23 Nov 2013

  • Nymphomaniac: first trailer
    Watch the first official trailer for Nymphomaniac, the already-controversial new film from Danish director Lars von Trier

  • Swingers in California
    If you want to find out more about entertaining events and activities for California swingers, then find out about nude beaches, clubs, and parties

  • The age of consent
    John Ashton, is being credited with arguing that the age of consent should be lowered to 15, framing the debate in terms of a line. But is that unhelpful?

  • My abstinence only sex education
    I was 17 before I found an adult who told me the simple truth about sex. Until then, I heard some crazy things

  • My first sexy photoshoot
    What do a nun, school girl and a nurse have in common? Nothing, but add some cleavage, high-heels, and a pair of bedroom eyes, and you have a sexy photoshoot

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  • Britain is a sexualised society now
    Sir David Bell, the former head of Ofsted, says teachers need better, more practical advice on running sex and relationship lessons for teenagers amid Britain's sexualised society

  • My drama teacher, the porn star
    The director of my grade school plays worked with the likes of John Holmes. We reunite to talk about his new memoir

  • Get your libido back with gel
    What if I told you that by simply rubbing a gel onto your thighs or arms could get your libido back in two weeks. This is testosterone gel.

  • Lady Gaga discusses great sex
    Lady Gaga has made it clear she has no intentions of being shy about revelations of her sex life as if she may be interested in spearheading a new sexual revolution.

  • How women really feel about porn
    British sex toy and lingerie retailer Ann Summers decided to conduct their own poll to find out more about the ways women are using -- or not using -- pornography

  19 Nov 2013

  • Sex with restraints
    As sexual beings we are naturally curious about experimenting with new sensations and types of stimulation. Perhaps that's why sexual restraints are so popular in kiwi bedrooms

  • Is nudity normal during a massage?
    The term "massage parlour" has traditionally been used for an establishment which offers sexual gratification in varying forms in addition to a massage, but things are changing

  • The guy who created a rabbi shaped dildo?
    Jewish comedian Shed Simove has produced a parody of the popular Rampant Rabbit vibrator, the Rampant Rabbi

  • Cliteracy
    New York artist Sophia Wallace promotes what she calls "cliteracy," addresseing misconceptions about the only human body part which functions purely for pleasure

  • Top 10 naked stars born in November
    Mr Skin lists the top 10 actresses born in November who have gone nude

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  17 Nov 2013

  • Should the age of consent be lowered to 15?
    Prime minister David Cameron has rejected a call to lower the age of consent from the current age of 16, following a call from the Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton [more]

  • Naked Florida realtor woos nudist clients
    A Florida realtor who specializes in selling property to nudists is seen on the job in a new two-part fly-on-the wall titled Buying Naked.

  • 50 Shades to get Explicit version?
    The film's producer Dana Brunetti told Collider that two versions could be a viable option for fans who want to keep the story as close to the book as possible.

  • Sex and the soft drinks rating scale
    Have you ever overheard your sexual performance being compared to a soft drink? If so, you may have been a victim of the Soft Drinks Rating Scale.

  16 Nov 2013

  15 Nov 2013

  • The girl with no vagina
    A teenager can't have sex or babies due to MRKH, an rare syndrome, that left her without reproductive organs

  • 15 places to have sex before you die
    They say it's all about location, location, location -- and that includes your sex life!

  • Sex in the Classroom
    Sex is out in the open, on display. It fills pages upon pages of news on aggregate news sites. And now, it's in the classroom, up for discussion

  • Free book on sexual identity
    A new book, Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Commonwealth: Struggles for Decriminalisation and Change, is available for free download

  • Jenna Jameson goes back to porn
    After five years, Jenna Jameson, who was one of the world's most famous porn stars until she quit the industry to build a new life, has returned [more]

  14 Nov 2013

  13 Nov 2013

  • All hail Lily Allen and her 'baggy vagina'
    After four years away from the limelight, Lily Allen is back with a feminist bang. Her new song is the perfect antidote to the interminable coverage of Miley Cyrus, twerking and Robin Thicke

  • I'm proud that I sexed up the high street
    Jacqueline Gold explains how she took on the male-dominated world of the high street sex industry, and turned it into a chain of 145 stores with a £150 million annual revenues

  • Lesbians react to 'Blue' sex scene
    A group of gay women have shared their views on the ten minute lesbian sex scene in Blue Is The Warmest Color

  • Nakedness in a public places
    Stephen Gough, AKA the Naked Rambler, wishes to walk up and down the UK naked. Others do not approve of this, so his progress has been somewhat stop-start

  • The Longform Guide to Sex Work
    From an interview with a john, to the family prostitute, to the $2,000 an-hour woman

  12 Nov 2013

  • Neuroscience explains why sex feels good
    New brain studies explain how pleasure really works -- and the amazing science behind amazing pleasure

  • Woman less likely to come from casual sex
    Though women are nearly as likely as men to engage in casual sex, they are less likely to orgasm

  • Would you take part in a sex study?
    It was Masters and Johnson who pioneer sex studies. Would you ever participate in a sex study where you were expected to masturbate and/or have sex while you're being watched?

  • How do I prepare for sex?
    I am a 20 year old virgin, and I am just now exploring my sexuality, but there are a few things I'm confused/worried about

  • Crazy sexual trivia
    Have you ever heard a crazy fact about sex and thought that it couldn't possibly be true? This week I've gathered together my favourite 15 facts for your entertainment.

  11 Nov 2013

  10 Nov 2013

  • Will porn actors have to wear safety glasses?
    A Draft from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) may require porn actors to use condoms on shoots--not too surprising for an industry laden with STIs. They claims goggles will avoid semen from entering the eyes

  • The cost of sexual shame
    A new blog, Do Tell, encourages women to share the kind of honest, uncensored personal stories that are too often ignored in our sex-saturated culture. [Do Tell blog]

  • The women ruling Masters of Sex
    Why does a show about sexual repression and ignorance in the 1950s feel so modern?

  • Don't take your kid to see 'Blue' movie
    As a sex researcher, a university professor and a mom who has seen Blue Is the Warmest Color, I would not recommend anything so vivid portrayed by a same-sex or opposite sex couple to any young person

  • MPAA: Sex is dangerous, sexism is fine
    If only the Motion Picture Assocation of America (MPAA) looked as closely at gender bias as it does at consensual sex, it might do some good

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  • Why do women love talking about sex online?
    In the aftermath of Mumsnet's 'penis beaker gate', Rebecca Holman explores why women love sharing the intimate details of their sex lives online and why anyone cares

  • Woman films sex scenes with porn star
    A stand-up comedian and writer from Washington DC, who had no experience in the X-rated industry, filmed two scenes with James Deen in a New York last month.

  • Feel the force: Star Wars vibrators
    Balazs Sarmai, a photography, video and web artist based in Hungary, just designed a series of Star Wars sex toys based on actual LELO pleasure objects

  • Mission position: 165-million years old
    The oldest known fossil of two insects mating, is 165 million years old, and shows them in a face to face missionary position

  • British Naturism: Campaign round up
    Stephen Gough (The Naked Rambler), Anti-social Behaviour Bill, Prudery, BBC Censorship, Body-image relationships, Body-image sexism. This blog covers the past week.

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  • Dot-to-dot version of the Kama Sutra
    The Kama Sutra sex guide, based on ancient Indian Hindu philosophies, comes out in a new dot-to-dot version

  • Women's sex secrets revealed
    A survey comparing women's real sex lives to their sexual fantasies has revealed that not only are women reluctant to disclose daring details outside of the bedroom, 67% said they won't even talk to their partner about sex.

  • New Nymphomaniac clip (NSFW)
    Producer Louise Vesth explains that the actors had body doubles, digitally superimposed, so above the waist it will be the star, and the below the waist it will be the doubles. [video]

  • Are you sure monogamy is for you?
    Monogamy isn't just something we do because it's socially correct. It's something we do if you and I remove the need for us to have sex with other people

  • The 10 strangest facts about penises
    Surprising trivia about the male organ, from strange implants to (yes) size data

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  2 Nov 2013

  • Adult Magazine: Porn for all
    Most magazines with erotic content, like Playboy, are aimed at a male audience -- so one woman decided to launch a different kind of publication for all

  • The new frontier: sex in spaaaaaace!
    Sex on another planet is just barely possible, which is probably why we're all so interested in the idea.

  • Why I love my magic wand
    Here are some reviews from Good Vibrations that encapsulate my love for the Original Magic Wand.

  • 19% Americans don't consider themselves heterosexual
    It turns out people often don't answer honestly even when they're anonymous. A new study attempts to deliver solid findings about sexual preferences in spite of this.

  • Naked biker reveals identity
    A naked cyclist who tours the rural roads of Sevenoaks, UK, wearing only his socks and trainers has been unveiled as a 64-year-old private tutor.

  1 Nov 2013