31 Oct 2013

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  • Virginity auction man nearly quit
    A 24-year-old man who has spent the last three years attempting to lose his virginity admits the experience has been hard and that at times he thought about pulling out.

  • Why kissing is so much fun
    Researchers from Oxford University claim kissing is the key to finding your ideal partner and the main tool we use in order to select potential mates [more]

  • Shock! Mums like sex too
    After candidly dealing with sex issues on the BBC radio programme Woman's Hour for 20 years, Jennu Murray felt she was unshockable. Then she logged on to the confessions on Mumsnet website

  • Germany's 'Porno King' gives up empire
    Fabian Thylmann was, until last week, owner of the company that ran sites such as Youporn, Pornhub and MyDirtyHobby, but the reasons for his exit are unclear.

  • Any Japanese housewife can be an AV star
    Police have arrested five Japanese women for uploading uncensored images of themselves to a dating website

  28 Oct 2013

  • The lust beneath Japan's sex drought
    The media's renewed obsession with reports that the Japanese have given up on sex, is an canard that emerges every couple of year. But is it true?

  • 15% Women won't let husbands see them naked
    In one study, 15% of married couples said they didn't have reguarly sex any more, while another said that 1 in 6 women won't let their husbands see them without clothes on.

  • Guy to lose virginity for art project
    In a bid to understand where the obsession with virginity, London art school student Clayton Pettet, has decided to lose his flower in front of a crowd next year as part of performance piece titled Art School Took My Virginity. [more]

  • What color is an orgasm?
    People with synesthesia can feel colors, see music, and smell words. So what's it like to have sex when you've got synesthesia? Thanks to some inquisitive researchers, we have the answer.

  • Top 9 contraception misconceptions
    These days, there are many safe, effective birth control methods. But none of these makes the cut.

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  • Fish sex keeps city awake
    Amorous Midshipman fish could be responsible for a mysterious humming noise keeping people awake at night in Southampton, England

  • The male nude in pictures
    London's Wallace Collection is hosting an exhibition of 18th-century drawings from the Paris Academy featuring that mainstay of European art: the male nude. [Images]

  • Zurich sex boxes hailed a success
    Switzerland's first drive-in "sex boxes", which opened in Zurich to tackle illegal prostitution, are being hailed as a success by officials

  • An interview with Jessica O'Reilly
    FemaleFirst interviews Jessica O'Reilly, the author of The Little Book of Kink

  • Find out about your pleasure quotient
    Why is it that over 50% of us only allow very small amounts of pleasure into our lives and our bodies?

  23 Oct 2013

  • Sarah Silverman topless in TV pilot
    American comedian Sarah Silverman has released a clip from a pilot for a comedy, in which a couple ride an elevator naked

  • What sex-positivity rally means
    Sex-positivity is not advocating for any particular quantity or form of sexual expression. Rather, it is about ownership, agency, self-awareness, and respect

  • UK police response to public nudity
    I wrote to all the Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners in February 2013 requesting their policy on policing nudity in a public place. The responses make interesting reading

  • Woman sues NYPD for topless arrest
    In a complaint filed in state court earlier this month, Krigsman v. City of New York, Jessica Krigsman seeks money damages for her unconstitutional arrest for not wearing a shirt in a public park in Brooklyn

  • I can think myself to orgasm
    Barbara Carrellas claims to be able to think herself to orgasm -- and teaches me her tricks

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  • 15 Rules for one night stands
    he threat of social awkwardness ruins one night stands for some but I've devised a few rules in which we all have fun, no one gets hurt and everyone gets laid

  • Plane oral sex couple fined $250
    A couple caught having oral sex on a flight to Las Vegas, have avoided 90-days in jail, and ordered to pay only a $250 fine

  • Japan's $7-million sex museum
    Enter the Ureshino Sightseeing House of Hidden Treasures. Located in the city of Ureshino in Saga Prefecture, this is a most unusual sex museum

  • The Nude Man in Art
    While it has been quite natural for the female nude to be regularly exhibited, the male nude has not been accorded the same treatment

  18 Oct 2013

  • 20 kinky things you can do
    You may have to leave your comfort zone to try some of these very naughty deeds but the reward will be a renewed interest in your partner and pleasure that's off the charts!

  • Military wives go nude
    A group of British military wives has stipped off for a nude calendar in honour of their husbands [more]

  • Joyful gay sex
    A new book, Joyful Gay Sex: The Ultimate Pleasure Guide, does for gay sex what Alex Comfort's 1970s book, The Joy of Sex, did for the rest of us

  • A brief history of group sex
    Thanks to Paleolithic cave art, we know that humans have been participating in group sex for thousands of years. So why is there so little research devoted to it?

  • The sex facts we learnt too late
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Just think of all the stuff you would have done differently if you only knew then, what you know now.

  17 Oct 2013

  • TV channel hosts 'breast squeeze' benefit
    We've seen some crazy television shows come out of Japan, but this has to qualify as the craziest. Satellite adult channel Paradise TV, hosted a breast squeeze charity event.

  • Fists are for sex, not fighting
    October 21 is Fisting Day, a celebration of a still-taboo sex act involving the insertion of a hand into a vagina or anus

  • Tampa's porn awards in pictures
    Tampa's adult entertainment awards, NightMoves, turned 21 this year, and was the first year a strip club hosted the event.

  • How I became a swinger
    We've been swingers, or "in the lifestyle," as it's called, for six years. Yes, we are in a committed relationship and openly enjoying sex with people outside of our relationship.

  • What we get wrong about sex
    For a country that places so much importance on sex, we seem to go out of our way to make ourselves miserable as possible over the subject

  16 Oct 2013

  15 Oct 2013

  • 50% newlyweds don't have sex first night
    Since so many of us either aren't virgins, and have probably lived with each other before the big day, only 48% of people actually manage to have sex on the wedding night

  • Naked rowers infuriated feminists
    Seventeen female students from Warwick University Rowing Society posed-up completely naked for a charity camera, after feminists criticised their topless calendar last year

  • Topless woman sues NY police
    A woman says the New York City Police Department trampled her civil rights by arresting her for sunbathing topless on a park bench.

  • The dogging capital of the UK
    According to new data released under the Freedom of Information act, Elmbridge in Surrey is the dogging capital of the UK

  • Everyone I've had sex with
    A 21-year-old woman from Vancouver in Canada, summarises her list of lovers

  14 Oct 2013

  • How insect sex predicts weather
    Researchers in Canada have found that the sex lives of beetles can predict impending storms [more]

  • Will everyone have naked selfies online?
    Students in Dallas have rallied to save the job of 21-year-old Spanish teacher Cristy Nicole Deweese, who was recently outed as a person whose boobs were once photographed.

  • Au naturel is the business in South Africa
    From naked computer technicians to a concert where the audience and musicians are all in the buff, South Africans are embracing nudity two decades after the fall of apartheid.

  • Nude paintings removed from County building
    Three paintings at the San Bernardino County administration building have been taken down after complaints about nudity.

  • Sex with blindfolds
    A blindfold can increase sexual tension and magnify arousal; because when one your senses is lost all of the other senses become heightened to compensate

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  • Too much sex kills some marsupials
    A new study suggests that some species of marsupials mate with such vigour and intensity that it quite literally kills them.

  • Facebook naked statue censorship
    The American Civil Liberties Union, has had their blog page concerning the issue, removed by the company that can't tolerate breasts, Facebook

  • 70-y.o. busted for arranging sexual encounters
    Police in Tokyo have arrested a 70-year-old man for prostitution offences on charges of helping to arrange sex among some 1000 men and 350 women in return for a 'commission'.

  • Nudity in the Upspace
    Brown University has hosted to a week-long celebration of nudity, from naked yoga to nude cabaret, nude open mic night, to nude body painting [more]

  • Hungary students in topless protest
    A new dress code imposed by a university head in southern Hungary has prompted students to strip down to their underwear in protest.

  8 Oct 2013

  • Sexual deviancy is normal
    Even in extreme cases, there's some tension about whether sadism indicates mental illness. Not for the squeamish.

  • The number of people the average Brit has slept
    Revealed in a survey to mark the release of sex addiction rom-com, out of 2,000 Britons polled, ten was found to be the magic number of average sexual partners

  • Do groups of women menstruate together?
    One of the most interesting myths about women's reproductive functioning is the romanticized notion of menstrual synchrony, but there's very little, if any, scientific evidence that it actually occurs.

  • The 5 rudest UK TV shows
    We take a look back at the sexiest shows on the box

  • How to give multiple orgasms
    The clitoris, has twice as many nerve endings as the penis and has the enviable ability to produce multiple orgasms, so long as you know what to do with it.

  7 Oct 2013

  • Sex after marriage
    There's a myth that sex for married people is about as attractive as a contagious disease, and I want to set the record straight.

  • Why Sex Box is must-watch TV
    It's made headlines around the world, scandalised the USA, and attracted 1000's of comments. And it hasn't even been on telly yet. [more]

  • What I learned sbout myself
    I didn't think much about running into my ex, until later that evening, when I was planning my lecture for my eleventh grade girls' sexuality seminar for the following morning

  • A short history of the blow job
    This little video comes from The Desire Project, a site about the things that turn women on, both in the bedroom and out [more]

  • Fear Of Flying, showed women like sex too
    In 1973, Erica Jong was tired of reading about silent, seething housewifes, so she introduced a new kind of female protagonist: a frank young woman who loved sex and wasn't ashamed to admit it.

  6 Oct 2013

  5 Oct 2013

  • Queen's estate reverses beach nudist ban
    A ban on nudists getting undressed on one of Britain's most famous beaches has been lifted by the Queen's estate.

  • Teens can kiss and have sex
    The South African Constitutional Court has ruled that the Sexual Offences Act infringed the rights to dignity and privacy of children aged 12 to 16 but was also not in their best interests.

  • Let's read about sex
    Writing about sex can be uniquely powerful and perilous. A group of novelists, memoirists and poets tell us about working blue: what novels first inspired them, what nouns they strive to avoid and who they think writes sex best.

  • Actresses: We felt like prostitutes
    Blue is the Warmest Colour actresses, Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos. on their lesbian sex scenes

  4 Oct 2013

  • The toothbrush vibrator gadget
    Adult retailer Lovehoney have unveiled the Tingletip, a discreet £10 ($16) gizmo that fits directly on to your electric toothbrush.

  • Is lesbian sex, real sex?
    At some point in her life, pretty much every lesbian will be asked the question, "what do you do, exactly?"

  • What we mean by being sexually satisfied
    What, exactly, is sexual satisfaction? x thrusts? y more orgasms? z times more humpage? How do we know when we've reached the apex of satisfaction?

  • Glowing sperm in head to head fight
    Inside the fruit fly reproductive tract, a battle is taking place, a battle of sperm, seen here in this remarkable image

  • Why we need more cunnilingus on TV
    Television is the closest thing we have to mass communicated cultural values. If we can shift it toward a depiction of sexuality that places equal value on female pleasure and female desire, that's a win.

  3 Oct 2013

  • Californian bans revenger porn
    California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that could punish distributors of "revenge porn" with up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine [more]

  • The world's largest orgasm?
    Condom manufacturer Trojan is trying to create the world's largest simultaneous orgasm by inviting particpants to come together [more]

  • Is sex too real for UK reality TV?
    True to its original reputation for spicing up Britain's airwaves, Channel 4 is about to embark on a new series that tackles that most nettlesome of subjects: sex.

  • How porn turn sex into a fetish
    Have you ever thought about how porn has changed the way we get down to it? If Aliens wanted to check our mating practices, watching porn would probably raise more questions than it would answer

  • Scarlett Johansson: porn can be sexually liberating
    The actress who appears as the girlfriend of a porn addict in new film Don Jon, said that she also understands how it can be degrading.

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