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  • Argiuing couple strip naked in street
    A Chinese couple arguing in the middle of the street, stripped naked to the surprise of on-lookers

  • Arousing intimacy in marriage
    Robert Duffer explains how a few changes to how you approach intimacy can help create the healthy sex life essential to a great marriage

  • The weirdest places to have sex
    When it comes to sex, we're big supporters of breaking out of the bedroom. But some couples can take things just a bit too far

  • The feminist pornographer
    I remember calling myself a feminist pornographer back in 1998, and people would look at me strangely, as if some words just don't, or shouldn't go together.

  • The To Do List, teen sex comedy
    The To Do List, is an improbably entertaining, R-rated raunchfest, that shows how far the teenage sex comedy has come [more]

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  • UK PM knows little about porn filters
    UK Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted that he does not have a single clue about how an internet porn filter works

  • Sex toys you already have in the house
    Seeking an added thrill in your love life but too shy to head to a sex shop? If you're reading this in the comforts of your home, look no further!

  • Why streaking is fun
    Sports-mad Australia are now debating whether what Wati Holmwood did was funny or worthy of lynching

  • ESPN's 2013 Body Issue
    ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue" is quickly replacing Sports Illustrated's "Swimsuit Edition" as the most anticipated magazine event of the year [more]

  • The forgotten gay sexual explosion
    Today, very few of those popular gay cruising sites still exist. In our current desire to acquire civil rights equal to the straight community, we have chosen to assimilate and to clean up our act

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  • A history of prostitution
    This year, along with weed, Canada technically legalize prostitution, but how long has the sex trade really been in operation for?

  • The woman who trains dogs to have sex with humans
    Meet Anna, a Ukrainian prostitute who is originally from Odessa but currently lives and thrives in the sex-for-money business in Holland

  • Tumblr users revolt over anti-porn policies
    More than 19,000 Tumblr users have signed a petition asking the blogging network to reinstate searches for blogs containing porn and other adult content.

  • Testicles have taste buds
    Scientists say that, despite being a long way from the mouth, taste receptors on the testicles and anus can also detect the savory taste of umami - the amino acid in soy sauce.

  • 8 Reasons I love condoms
    I decided to compile a list of why I absolutely LOVE condom

  20 July 2013

  • Scotland debate prostitution
    Prostitutes have their say in criminalisation v legalisation debate as Edinburgh police step up raids on saunas

  • Was tennis star right to strip off?
    Tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska's naked photo shoot in this month's ESPN Magazine has led to her being dropped by the Polish Catholic youth movement and facing a storm of criticism

  • Tumblr chief explains new porn policy
    Tumblr's chief David Karp addressed today the issue surrounding the blogging platform's porn policy

  • Retro sex advice of the week
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) by David R. Reuben, M.D., is the most popular book on human sexuality of all time, but advice from the first edition hasn't always make it to the thirtieth

  • The Royal Portrait: Scot Sothern
    Scot Sothern is a Los Angeles-based photographer and a big prostitute fan. He has been interacting with and photographing hookers since the 1960s, and his images have been widely exhibited in galleries in the US, Canada, and Europe

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  • Women and sex: the myth-buster
    Zoe Williams talks to Daniel Bergner, the American author of What Do Women Want?, an explosive new book about female desire

  • Surprising facts about porn stars
    Assuming you're not a huge porn connoisseur, there might be a few surprising facts that you don't already know about the likes of Ron Jeremy, Tasha Reign, the oldest working pornstar, Dave Cummings and new starlet Staci Silverstone.

  • My girlfriend keeps saying no to sex
    A 25 year-old man has been with his girlfriend for six years, but feels rejected after she keeps saying no to sex.

  • Homophobia: A guide for straight people
    The following are 10 easy strategies geared toward heterosexual men and women, who are key to helping dismantle discriminatory forms of communication that invisibilize LGBT people

  • Why do we have sex at night?
    Humans can have sex anytime we damn well please, so why do we mostly do it in the dark? Here's what science has to say about our preference for nighttime hookups.

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  3 July 2013

  • 16% of wives admit to cheating
    The National Opinion Research Center's General Social Survey, has found that there has been a 40% increase in the number of wives cheating on their husbands, but the men are more likely to cheat [more]

  • Public screen sex film mistake
    A film banned as pornography in China was accidentally shown on a large LED screen in a public square in Jilin province, Chinese media report.

  • When bare breasts double as weapons
    Bare-breasted feminist militants Femen, are treated as a serious threat by police, harassed and threatened by the ultra right, and Facebook canceled their page claiming they are pornographic

  • Happy Ending massage is legal in China
    A Chinese official confirms that masturbation or breast massage acts that do not involve actual intercourse, are not considered to be prostitution, or illegal

  • 6 Rules for outdoor sex
    Now that the weather's turning warmer, many people are overcome by two urges: to get outside and to get it on

  2 July 2013

  • How much web porn is there
    Many things in porn are exaggerated, including the statistics regularly quoted to show how much pornography is on the web

  • What former porn stars do now
    After their careers, ex-porn star become real estate agents, nurses, Christian activists, stay-at-home moms, and private investigators.

  • Why do Brits like public nudity?
    A mass skinny dip in broad daylight, and as many as 1,000 naked cyclists riding through London, makes you smile, and then prompts you to ask "Why"?

  • My nakedness marks me
    If someone told me a year ago that I would be sitting in a Manhattan apartment directly across from the legendary Betty Dodson - naked - I would have believed them

  • 9 sex obsessed film directors
    There are a number of directors who like to use the sex act or sexual overtones to propel the film on, from Ken Russell to Russ Meyer

  1 July 2013

  • Can your barber give you a 'head orgasm'?
    A new phenomenon has been identified and callled Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or head orgasms

  • A history of kink
    Katelyn discusses the history of kink, as well as some ways that you can implement some kinky practices into your own life.

  • Sex toys and uprising in Egypt
    The shop manager claims that they are the only shop that sells vibrators in Cairo.

  • 751 College kids scared of sluts
    I bet the average woman would want to be friends with Blanche Devereaux. She's witty, sophisticated, loyal, and also happens to be a self-identified slut.

  • Top 10 bare brides
    Mr Skin countdowns the top 10 movies which features nude brides, from Mia Farrow to Kendra Wilkinson