30 June 2013

  29 June 2013

  28 June 2013

  • Boob row: Fit women on TV
    Young female presenters and performers are getting criticised for what they wear on TV. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't

  • Vampire sea lampreys heat up for sex
    Scientists have discovered that male sea lampreys heat up special fat deposits during sexual encounters [more]

  • Bicycle masturbator unsaddled
    A man trying to catch the person responsible for puncturing his bike's tyres was shocked to discover the culprit pleasuring himself against the bicycle's seat.

  • Man pleads guilty to sex with couch
    A man who was caught last year having sex with a couch discarded on a Wisconsin street pleaded guilty this afternoon to a public lewdness charge.

  • A sex manual from 1680
    In 1668 Samuel Pepys, describes finding a copy of L'escholle des filles, but found it the most bawdy, lewd book that he ever saw [more]

  27 June 2013

  26 June 2013

  25 June 2013

  • Nudist beach closed
    The closure of Holkham nudist beach is a relief to the Royal family at nearby Sandringham - but not for the naturists left out in the cold

  • Losing my penis improved my sex life
    John Wayne Bobbitt says he has had 70 lovers and become a porn star since his ex-wife sliced his penis off 20 years ago

  • Dr. Ruth on aging and sex
    Sex therapist Dr Ruth Westheimer, rarely turns down an opportunity to speak about sex, recently celebrating her 85th birthday by giving a talk, on The Art of Arousal

  • Is polyamory an orientation?
    One writer assuring readers that polyamory is fine for the children and should be legally recognized, and CNN stated that it was monogamy that is unnatural.

  • Jack Morin dies
    On June 14, sexology lost one of its quiet giants: Jack Morin PhD, author of Anal Pleasure and Health

  24 June 2013

  23 June 2013

  22 June 2013

  21 June 2013

  20 June 2013

  19 June 2013

  • Dad: my daughter ruined porn for me
    A lot of dads might be angry if their daughter went into porn -- and so is the father of top adult actress Stoya. But not for the reason you think

  • Sex Like A Man
    Ever since my breakup, I have been having sex like a man, and you might want to know what I mean by that

  • Online pornography: see no evil
    Can the UK Government and internet providers really hope to tackle online porn? And are parents doing enough?

  • It's all about the penis!
    The results of an Australian study on male body image this week showed men are more concerned about how they measure up against their friends than they are what their partner thinks of their penis size

  • The benefits of swallowing
    Research suggests that semen has anti-depressant properties, and women who have regular contact with it, had lower rates of depression and suicide

  18 June 2013

  • Australia leads the way for intersex people
    The lives of people who identify as intersex, are medicalised and their voices rarely heard. The sex discrimination amendment bill will be a huge win for all of us

  • Lesbian sex in film is often unrealistic
    The cinematic portrayals of sex between women have often been seen as voyeuristic and exploitative, the result of a long tradition in French literature of the 19th century.

  • The Top 5 sex apps for smartphones
    Sensual software is about as ubiquitous as cell phones, with erotic apps now at the forefront of the "sex meets tech" movement.

  • Hitachi blush at their Magic Wand vibrator
    The Hitachi Magic Wand came close to being pulled from the market as the company got uncomfortable having their name associated with screaming O's. Now it's been renamed, and it better than ever

  • Grace Bellavue's sex tour diary
    One of the better parts of my job, apart from getting paid shitloads of money to have threesomes, is touring.

  17 June 2013

  • Porn wars dividing academia
    When the Guardian announced launch of the world's first peer-reviewed academic journal on porn, there were more than a few guffaws.

  • Porn stars could teach sex education
    The headmaster of a British £28,000-a-year private school has indicated he is considering inviting a porn star to teach sex education to his pupils.

  • A masturbating app for women
    App designer Tina Gong has created such an app, aimed at dissipating the cultural stigma associated with masturbation, and with female masturbation in particular. [more]

  • Do we have "sexual peaks?"
    Here's how harness the power of your "sexual peak" and take things up a notch in the bedroom

  • Should women reclaim the word 'slut'?
    Much of the power of slut-shaming lies in the word itself, and yes, names can hurt us.

  16 June 2013

  • Sex journal attacked for promoting porn
    The editors of a new peer-reviewed journal into pornography studies, both senior academics at British universities, are "promoting pornography", and "ignoring" its potential harms

  • Can you spot my boobs?
    Hundreds of British women, including a Reverend, and a local councillor, have had photos of their boobs taken to raise money for a breast cancer charity [more]

  • Nude travelers look forward to summer
    If swimming, sunning, biking, running and attending concerts in the nude is your idea of vacation fun, you've got lots of (naked) company

  • Is it Ok to have sex with older women?
    I'm a young 18 year old male who needs to know if my sexual prefrence is a problem. I seem to ne very attracted to older women

  • An erection yhat lasts for 8 months
    A 44-year-old New Jersey man who is suing the doctor who gave him a bad penile implant, and an erection that lasted for eight month

  15 June 2013

  14 June 2013

  • We need to break the pubic hair taboo
    There are few things more personal than your pubic hair, and whether you shave, trim, wax, epilate or go au naturel.

  • Man calls 999 over ugly prostitute
    British police said that a caller contacted them to complain that a sex worker he had met in a hotel car park, was not as good looking as she claimed

  • Sex in the Office
    It's not likely to win you the Employee of the Month Award but nevertheless sex in the workplace is a fantasy for many.

  • In defense of masturbation
    New York Magazine alleges the existence of a new trend: Fapstinence. Men are voluntarily forgoing sexual self-abuse, for a variety of legitimate reasons!

  • BDSM 101: Facesitting
    Today's article is going to focus on an activity called facesitting. We are going to learn what it is, how to do it, why people like it, and some safety concerning it.

  13 June 2013

  12 June 2013

  • What I would tell a person new to kink
    If you are a new member of the kink community, I offer the following helpful advice.

  • No more sleaze?
    A year ago, the notorious sex club Mack Folsom Prison, closed its doors. It embraced and celebrated sleaze

  • The sex doctor is in
    Since he was 11-years-old Dr Giriraj Ramnanan, known to his fans and critics alike as Dr Raj, has had a more than an age-related interest in sex

  • Where to have safe public sex in New York
    Public sex is great for everybody... it's the thrill, and the fear that you might get caught... it makes it extremely hot and exciting

  • Laws used to prosecute teens sex questioned
    Florida state Sen. Thad Altman would like to adjust the laws being used to prosecute teens for consensual sexual relationships, because they were intended to prosecute adult offenders

  11 June 2013

  • Oi! Breasts! Come 'ere!
    Readers of the British Telegraph newspaper, reveal their experience of sexism in the past week

  • Legalize the sex trade
    Three women are challenging the Supreme Court of Canada, to legalize sex work, as the science shows that criminalizion is a failure

  • How to kiss and tell
    It's good to talk, especially when it comes to sex. We just need to remember two simple rules to kiss and tell respectfully.

  • 20 things no one ever told you about sex
    You've taken sex ed, have hands-on experience and have seen every episode of Sex and the City - twice. So, you think you know a lot about sex?

  • Making love, or f*cking?
    Sometimes you feel like lovemaking, and sometimes you feel like fucking

  10 June 2013

  9 June 2013

  • Are school exams too sexy?
    If Ovid's Amores is a filthfest too debauched for today's pupils, what about the rest of the lascivious literature canon?

  • A little female Viagra between the covers
    It wasn't easy writing something explicit and tasteful, but a sprinkling of nipples did the trick

  • Prostitution laws hurt women
    In 2010, a Canadian judge concluded that certain laws forbidding activities related to prostitutes, prevents them from taking simple safety precautions that would reduce their risk of violence at the hands of clients.

  • Bill Condon on Kinsey
    Controversy? What controversy? The Oscar-winning writer-director talks to Film4.com about shedding light a culture divided between hedonism and Puritanism

  • Can pornography be art?
    Only when we stop confusing artistic merit with ethical deformity can we start having interesting conversations about what constitutes "artistic" pornography

  8 June 2013

  • Gargoyle cock sculpture controversy
    A man in Arizona may be forced to take down the 9-ft, hatchet-wielding gargoyle statue standing in his front yard because his neighbors have complained about the gargoyle's magnificent thighs, buttocks, and penis

  • French publish global atlas on sexuality
    French geographers have publiashed a global atlas on sexuality which maps out the evolution of sexual habits and acts around the world

  • Sex toy review tips
    Kissinbluekaren says that when she first started writing sex toy reviews, she had no idea what I was doing, but learned so much from reading other blogs

  • Young people and porn research
    I am inclined to be skeptical when a permissive attitude to sex is seen as a negative outcome

  • Provocative books reviewed
    The Daily Loaf reviews its top 10 most provocative books this month, from Sex Drive: In Pursuit of Female Desire, to, The Kaleidoscope of Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities

  7 June 2013

  • How birds lost their penises
    Some ducks have helical penises that are longer than their entire bodies, but only around 3% of birds have a penis. Eagles, flamingos and penguins don't have one [more]

  • Casual sex vs. intimate sex
    Is there a difference between casual sex and intimate sex? Is one better than the other

  • The Top 10 Nude in a Pool
    Mr Skin lists its top 10 actresses to go nude in a swimming pool on film

  • Sex in a hospital bed
    After my husband's traumatic brain injury, we were forced to find an intimacy we'd never known

  • More porn stars made up
    Award-winning make-up artist Melissa Murphy, 35, has released another series of images revealing what porn stars look like under their daily mask of foundation, eye make-up and lipstick.

  6 June 2013

  • My fair labia
    When will women stop judging their lady parts? There's a lot of pressure to have a good vagina, where every part of a woman's body is taxonomized, judged, and sentenced

  • 150 Shades of Play receives major award
    Since its release last year, Em & Lo's 150 Shades of Play: A Beginners' Guide to Kink, will be recognized with an IPPY Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards

  • Brazil drops 'happy prostitute' Aids campaign
    The Brazilian Health Ministry has dropped an online campaign entitled "I'm happy being a prostitute".

  • Dudes don't like my crotchless panties
    There's something about wearing underpants with the important bits cut out, while having sex, that really turns me on.

  • The hook up culture bogeyman
    Bob Laird links binge drinking and casual sex to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, confusion, low self-esteem, unhappiness, vomiting, ethical retardation, low grades and emotional inadequacy. He is more than out of touch

  5 June 2013

  4 June 2013

  • Street Epics: Moira Johnston
    Moira Johnston is an activist who is well known for raising awareness among New Yorkers about the right for women to be topless in public. She explains why [video]

  • The virginity paradox
    The term "virgin" is thrown around with a lot of confusion and legalism. What, technically speaking, constitutes a virgin? Does it matter?

  • The lipstick effect
    While the economy dipped, L'Oreal experienced sales growth, demonstrating the famous 'lipstick effect', a women's desire to attract mates with resources.

  • How to be sexual without being a creep
    Andy Hinds' article takes it as a given that male lust is inherently disrespectful to women

  • No jail time for Sweden's sex buyers
    Despite Sweden's 15-year-old law that bans buying sex, rather than selling it, the statute has not resulted in any convicted sex buyers spending time behind bars

  3 June 2013

  • Did oral sex give Michael Douglas cancer?
    The actor says that his throat cancer was caused by HPV transmitted from cunnilingus

  • BDSM fans healthier than vanilla sex public
    A new study has discovered that practitioners of kinky sex tend to be less neurotic, anxious, and paranoid, and more extroverted, conscientious, and open to new experiences than members of the "vanilla" general public. [more]

  • Is success killing the porn industry?
    It's harder to make profits in porn in the digital world, the 21st-century medium of porn distribution. According to one estimate, there are nearly 25 million porn sites worldwide and they make up 12 percent of all websites

  • Japan's top porn star for women
    Adult video (AV) producer Silk Labo contracted 34-year-old Ittetsu Suzuki to be the industry's first actor who performs solely in films written to arouse women

  • Visiting the Kinsey Institute library
    Magnus Hirschfeld was one of Germany's most significant sexologists in the at the beginning of the 20th century, famous as a leader of the contemporary homosexual rights movement

  2 June 2013

  1 June 2013

  • 65% of Brits don't wash sex toys
    Nearly two-third of adults in Britain have admitted to not always washing their sex toys after use.

  • Sex is doctor's life's work
    Dr. Irwin Goldstein isn't squeamish about describing operations on private parts, recalling that he performed his first penile implant on a patient in 1976

  • The argument for 'duty sex'
    In today's politically correct climate, suggesting you have 'duty sex', have sex purely because your partner fancies it, is guaranteed to offend.

  • Female POV porn
    US channel Comedy Central features a new show by Amy Schumer where she tackles sex and relationships, and what female POV porn would look like

  • Conservative Feminism and the right to offend
    This week, the fight to censor British media and art, even more than is done already, took a bizarre new turn, as pro-censorship "feminist" groups Object and UK Feminista launched an attack against Lads' Mags