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  1 - 7 August 2005  

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      7 Aug 2005

    • Boxer admits taking part in porn
      Super-middleweight boxer, Britain's Robin Reid has admitted that he took part in a porn shoot last year, and has no regrets.

    • Marilyn Monroe faked orgasms
      Alledged transcripts of the actress's talks with her psychiatrist, suggest that she faked orgasms and had a fling with Joan Crawford. [More]

    • Cats inspire orgasm study
      Neuroscientist Dr. Gert Holstege say that his study of real and fake orgasms was inspired by cats that adopt a specific posture when in heat.

    • Studying other people's sexual behaviour is odd
      Jean Roberta notes that while celebacy is sometimes thought to be rather strange, that being concerned about other people's sex lives is arguably stranger.

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      6 Aug 2005

    • Mike Tyson goes naked
      Photographs of naked former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, have made their way to the Web, and now Tyson is suggesting that he might do a porn movie with Jenna Jameson.

    • Court appeals sex toy sale ban
      Although owning a sex toy is not illegal, selling one in Alabama is. Now a federal judge is to try for the third time to overturn the ban.

    • Tommy Lee had a foursome
      Mötley Crüe member Tommy Lee says that he once had group sex with a porn star, her husband and a free, but the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson says he was uncomfortable with it all.

    • French magazine goes ooh la la
      Libéération magazine has featured a series of articles on sex, complete with illustrations of explicit cartoons and close-up genitals.

    • Bisexuals hard to find
      Research seems to show that while some men call themselves bisexuals, test on their genitals seems to show that they preferred pictures of one sex or the other.

    • Tittybangbang worries the BBC
      The controller of BBC 3 says that he is a little nervous of a forthcoming all-female comedy sketch programme called Tittybangbang, that includes lesbian lion-tamers.

      5 Aug 2005
    • Sex talk shows apporaches birthday
      The Midnight Sex Talk radio and podcast show, was created because there was no other sex talk show like it. Next month it celebrates its first anniversary.

    • Five Lesbian Brothers play
      The unlikely sounding actors wrote and perform a play about 4 lovers who spend time at a lesbian resort.

    • Aphrodisiacs are varied but ineffective?
      The are dozens of items that have been suggested are aphrodisiacs, from the potentially dangerous Spanish Fly, to raw bull's testicles.

    • Japanese censors allow genital on film
      For the first time in movie-going history, the Japanese will be allowed to see male and female genitals on screen, when the film Kinsey is shown, and considered to be an important part of the film.

    • Court discusses 2257 code
      Judge Walker D. Miller has been listening to arguments from The Free Speech Coalition, regarding the governments new code of conduct for adult Web sites.

      4 Aug 2005   3 Aug 2005
    • Nude ballet shocks some
      Not everyone was happy with Monday night's performance of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet, when lead dancers Maxim Romanov and Ekaterina Shalyapina took off all their costumes.

    • Penis play has no nudity
      Rafael Milo-Amar's one-man stage show, The Holy Phallus, is claimed to be the male version of the Vagina Monologues.

    • Internet controls sperms
      Scientists in the USA have set-up an experiment whereby colleagues in Australia are able to use the Internet to lasers to control sperm in a petri-dish in the USA

    • Reality TV porn show due soon
      WebDreams is a programme that will track the lives of people in the online porn trade.

    • Japanese police ban British sex manual
      Despite selling out four times, a Japanese version of The Lovers Guide, has been banned by police because it includes graphic depictions of the genitals.

      2 Aug 2005
    • Mature auction site launches
      After being banned from selling a saucy clock on, Susanne Choppin co-founded to allow people to sell adult items.

    • Actress: no more nude scenes
      British actress Emily Mortimer says that she won't do any more nude scenes, apparently after appearing nude in Lovely and Amazing, a film about a women who is insecure with her looks. [More Emily Mortimer Nude]

    • Steamy stories aim at teens
      Some parents are just pleased that their teenage kids are reading, even though the books contain racy scenes.

    • Man patents clitoris
      Britain's Family Planning Association is celebrating Sexual Health Week, by sending out saucy postcards to doctors. One features a man saying to another: "Hey Bob, a chap in Romford has discovered the clitoris", the other replying, "You don't say, has he patented it?".

    • Lesbianism more acceptable
      It seems that TV shows may be responsible for the increased in acceptance, by men and women, for lesbian relationships.

      1 Aug 2005
    • Bankers wife shocks Russians
      The wife of a successful Russian banker has caused a stir by appearing nude in Penthouse and Playboy. Olga Rodionova, 31, says sees "nudity as art". [More]

    • Naked musicians get show cancelled
      Two South Korean rock musicians took off all their clothes while performing live on TV, causing the show to be cancelled.

    • Sex secrets for MultiOrgasmic Woman
      A new book, The MultiOrgasmic Woman: Sexual Secrets Every Woman Should Know, explains how women can improve their libido and develop a sex plan.

    • Old Russian sex book discovered
      An old 18th century book has been discovered by a collector who says that the stories made him blush, and apparently suggests how you could make your own porridge-filled dildo.

    • Go naked this summer!
      Josey Vogels takes a look at nudism, and the apparent increase in nudity in recent times.

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