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  22 - 30 June 2005  

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      30 Jun 2005

    • Good porn for women is hard to find
      Rebecca Brown seeks out her first dose of porn, finds that it can politically empower women, but that the Internet is a scary place.

    • Sex is god's joke discovers that sex lends itself well to jokes, because it is full of opposites and contradictions.

    • Men's brains not in their pants?
      German researchers have discovered the part of the brain where the penis is mapped, squashing the myth that men's brains are in their penises.

    • The top ten sexy getaways
      Sexy festivals are popular the world over, from Berlin's Love Parade, to Barcelona's International Erotic Film Festival.

    • My penis seems too small
      Most men underestimate the size of their penis, according to a new study by Rany Shamloul, MD at University of Saskatchewan. His report will appear in the journal Urology.
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      29 Jun 2005

    • Canada approves same-sex marriage
      The Canadian Parliament has passed a Bill 158 votes to 133, to become the third country to allow gay marriages, following the lead of Belgium and the Netherlands.

    • Dr Ruth endorses vibrator
      Sex educator Dr Ruth Westheimer has put her support behind the Eroscillator, a patented vibrator with at least three modes of operation. [Web site]

    • New housemates thrill the boys
      New Big Brother contestent, Orlaith, has the boys worked up after taking a topless shower. Even gay housemate Derek appreciated her looks.

    • Is it easier for women to get sex? believes that women have it easy when it comes down to finding a partner for sex.

    • Japanese soap girls explain the lingo
      Japanese prostitutes who work in soapland brothels, have their own slang, such as a "smoke" for a man's penis, which you have to masturbate for so long you'd think it would catch fire, to "affectionate" and "technical" type girls.

      7 Jul 2005

    • Man charged with showing his breasts
      A 23-year-old Cincinnati man has been charged with exposing his breasts in public. It should prove and intesting trial as it is not illegal for a man to expose his chest, nor technically, for a woman to show her breasts in public.

    • Tommy Lee turns down porn shoot
      Apparently porn star Ron Jeremy was so impressed with Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's home made video performance, that he was invited to the set of a porn film, and suggested that he might like to take part.

    • Britney to keep clothes on
      Britney Spears has denied that she plans to recreate the nude pregnant cover photo made famous by Demi Moore in 1991.

    • New codes target adult workers
      Adult workers in Knoxville are being targeted by new codes of conduct, but they feel they will necessary help.

    • Nude protestor forget permit
      Campaigners protesting against the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, forget to get their permit to March completely nude, for the second time.

      28 Jun 2005
    • Singer may go naked
      Singer Marques Houston who has an album called Naked, has been offered $2-million to pose naked for Playgirl.

    • From sixth sense to sex sense
      Telepathy is the power to read, or sense someone else's mind. Mabel Iam explores erotic telepathy, the power to communicate your desires.

    • Hitler invented the sex doll
      In 1941, Hitler supposedly asked a Danish doctor, Olen Hannussen, to develop the world's first inflatable sex doll, or "gynoid" presumably complete with blue eyes and blonde hair everywhere. [More]

    • Los Angeles sex fair draws 40,000
      Erotica LA featured a wide range of exhibits, including seminars in striptease, computer-generated art, and Phallix Glass.

    • Massage therapists give sex advice asks masseurs for their advice on sex, from how to use massage for seduction, to the most erotic non-genital pressure point?

      27 Jun 2005
    • Coalition sex sites get reprieve
      Web sites registered with the Free Speech Coalition have won a reprieve from new US government sex laws requiring porn sites to keep model ID records.

    • New housemate gets sex grilling
      After being in the Secret Garden for just a few days, Kinga is asking fellow newbie Eugene, about his manhood, and his masturbation.

    • Sex burns off 200 calories
      The Sun hightlights the obvious, that a good sex session is good for you health and help you loose weight

    • Princess Di's fling with JFK Jr
      A new book, Diana: the Last Word, is claiming that Princess Diana and ohn F Kennedy Jnr, had a fling in a New York hotel.

    • How to make your semen taste better
      They say that you are what you eat, and for those that don't spit, but swallow, getting your man to eat acidic fruits can make your semen taste fruitier.

      26 Jun 2005
    • Vaginal cosmetic surgery more popular
      More women are having their vaginas tightened, or their labia sculptured. Surgeons say that women from teenage girls to grandmothers are having the procedures.

    • Sex toy production boom in China
      China is one of the largest suppliers of sex toys in the world, making 70% of them. Chinas attitudes towards sex have certainly changed over the years.

    • I want stronger S&M;
      The London Times gives advice to man who would like his girlfriend to provide more intense sado-masochistic experiences.

    • Vibrating condoms for Indians
      Condoms are not very popular in Indian, but the government hopes that a new condom that vibrates may catch on.

    • He's as queer as a clockwork orange wonders whether the anti-gay view of homosexuality being unnatural, is a genuine criticism or a prejudice.

      25 Jun 2005   24 Jun 2005
    • US Internet porn laws take effect
      Today sees the introduction of federal law 18 USC 2257, which requires adult web site to keep better ID records of their models who appear in sexually explicit images on their Web sites. >> Let's hope that illegal pornographers keep good records too. [More]

    • Big Brother nudity barely noticed
      It seems that the recent controversy in Australia over nudity in their edition of Big Brother, actually generated no official complaints.

    • Naturist lifestyle is liberating
      Max Hartshorne visits De Anza Springs in Jacumba, California, and discovers the attraction of a clothing optional resort.

    • Is it gay art, or gay erotica?
      An exhibition called New Erotix at Art @ Large in New York features works by various gay artists. But just because it can be explicity, doesn't mean that it is quality erotic art

    • The Wanker Effect and masturbation
      Few want to admit to masturbating because they don't want to be labelled a wanker.

      23 Jun 2005
    • Feminist wants 'porna', not porn
      An anti-porn feminist who believes that much porn is sexual violence against women, wants to create women-friendly porn, which takes in account the desires of women, and call it porna.

    • Animal lovers to protest naked
      Two animal lovers from Oldham in the north of Britain, are to protest naked in Pamplona against the running of the bulls. [Web site]

    • Have sex, get great sperm
      Infertility research now seems to show that men who have regular sex have better quality sperm, and will increase the chances of conception.

    • Housemates demonstrate sex position
      Big Brother contestents in the UK have been showing each other their favourite sex positions

    • Australia's tree hermaphrodites
      Some trees in the north of Australia have developed both male and female flowers on the same tree, a characteristic known as monoecy.

      22 Jun 2005
    • Australian Big Brother continues to arouse MPs
      Australian TV shows an uncut version of Big Brother on Monday evenings after 9.40pm. But the site of full-frontal nudity and other naked antics have come to the attention of some of the country's MPs. [More]

    • Not a good word about Porn?
      The word porn is ambiguous, meaning different things to different people. So how can we have a discussion about something we can't all agree upon?

    • Sex still top of the searching engines
      Sexually related searches are still the most popular searches, with searches for sex, porn, paris hilton, and milf on the top ten.

    • Mummy, I see naked people!
      Kids will see nude respresentations of people at most art galleries, because artists like to draw the human form. How do you explain it to children?

    • Jack Nicholson wanted a dildo
      The film star apparently persuaded directory Martin Scorsese, to include a dildo and cocaine in his latest film, The Departed.

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