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  8 - 14 June 2005  

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    Today's headlines

      14 Jun 2005

    • Dating difficult for Ron Jeremy
      Porn star Ron Jeremy has told Maxim magazine that it is difficult dating because fans would often tell dates about his porn career.

    • Demi Moore to go nude again
      The actress plans to do a nude cover shoot for Vanity Fair, 15 years after famously appearing pregnant and nude on the magazine cover.

    • Sex education book gets criticized
      A new sex manual aimed at 13-16 year olds has been criticized by some groups for being inappropriate for children, as it includes information on anal and oral sex, and homesexuality.

    • South Africa: we need sex survey
      A conference in Durban has been told that the best way to formulate a strategy to fight Aids is to carry out a nationwide survey.

    • French men want to become pregnant
      A recent survey published in the current issue of Children's Magazine says that 40% of men woul like to experience pregnancy, and their partners would be quite happy.

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      13 Jun 2005

      12 Jun 2005
    • Naked cyclists protest
      Cyclists in up to 54 cities, took off their clothes and rode naked, to protest against car culture. including London, Amsterdam and Madrid.

    • Housemate write thesis on porn
      UK Big Brother housemate, Sam, wrote her university thesis on pornography, and has a tremendous reputation in bed.

    • Naked Rambler readies for walk
      Stephen Gough, who is better known as the man who walked the length of Britain naked, is doing it again starting next Thursday.

    • Pheromones tantalize your VNO
      Pheromones are sexual odourless smells that are detected by your vomeronasal organ located in your nose. Stevie Burns investigates.

    • Japanese spouses explain lack of sex
      Married couples in Japan explain why they don't have as much sex as they used to.

      11 Jun 2005
    • The Burlesque revival
      Dr. Farrago�s Synergistic Theatre provides an opportunity for would-be Burlesque performers to recreate the erotic art of the 1920s and 30s.

    • More nude statues offend Americans
      A group of retirees have taken offense at some nude statue on display near their retirement home, and covered up the males genitals with a towel.

    • Nude ballet draws criticism
      The Russian National Ballet plans a performance of Romeo and Juliet, together with nude scenes, in Australia next month. Not everyone is happy.

    • Naked Boy Singing on stage
      It's a gay love story, based on The Full Monty, but with the gay love story between two of the characters taking central stage.

    • Porn leads technology
      Adult Web sites generated some $2-billion in revenues last year, so it's no surprise that the industry helps drive technology.

      10 Jun 2005
    • Porn helps Taiwan DVD production
      The Taiwanese are prohibited from producing pre-recorded pornographics DVDs, though that might change in order to help exports.

    • Utah porn law challenged
      The Utah chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and other companies are challenging the Utah law that requires Internet Service Providers to give customers porn-filting software.

    • Housemate go topless
      British Big Brother contestants Makosi and Sam stripped down to their underwear before parading topless around the garden. [Photos]

    • Naked bike ride Saturday
      Up to 200 people are expected to cycle nude from Hyde Park corner, with many others around the work, protesting against car culture.

    • Naked cleaning popular
      Since highlighting the case of woman who likes to do the housework nude, others have come forward including TV presenter Catherine McQueen. [Web site]

      9 Jun 2005
    • Germans ban nude cycling
      A German court has stopped 12 naturists from a planned nude cycle ride along the Rhine, on the grounds that it was inconvenent, and contravened unwritten rules of public decency.

    • Female orgasms weed out men
      Researchers from St Thomas's Hospital in London who have found that the female orgasm has a genetic aspect, suggest that it might be a mechanism to weed out men who aren't any good in bed. [More]

    • World cup sex huts to be set-up
      Berlin hopes to install sex huts in time for the World Cup in 2006, to help keep prostitutes and their clients off the streets.

    • How I stripped for science asks Jen Miler to become a stripper in the name of science. So Jen becomes Wiggles, and describes her adventure.

    • Do women fancy other women? investigates whether most women secretly fantasize about being with another women, or whether it is just a male fantasy?

      8 Jun 2005
    • Genes affect the female orgasm
      Researchers from London have found that a woman's genes, and not just psychological reasons, may determine how easily she is able to reach orgasm.

    • Porn icon does sex guide
      Performance artist and sex expert, Annie Sprinkle, has produced a new book, Dr. Sprinkle's Spectacular Sex: Make Over Your Love Life with One of the World's Great Sex Experts.

    • Spock goes voluptuous
      Actor Leonard Nimoy who played Spock in Star Trek, has produced a photo book of nude voluptuous women, details of which are on his Web site

    • Improve your sperm with porn
      Evolutionary biologist Professor Leigh Simmons of the University of Western Australia has found that men who look at pornographic images of both men and women, improve the mobility of their sperm, but not if the porn contains single-sex imagery.

    • Actor wants Batman's sexuality explored
      Christian Bale who players the Caped Crusader in the latest Batman film, would like producers to explore Batman's sexuality in the next film.

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