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  8 - 14 May 2005  

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      14 May 2005

    • Nude scenes essential
      Director Atom Egoyan's film Where the Truth Lies says that nudity is an essential part of the movie, featuring Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth and Rachel Blanchard in an orgy scene.

    • Clitoris: tip of the iceberg?
      Urologist Dr Helen O'Connell and gynaecologist Professor John DeLancey, have taken magnetic resonance images of clitorises in several women, and discovered that the clitoris has a complex mass of erectile tissue, and much larger than the tip. [More]

    • Sex-ed film promotes toothpaste
      Four students at Mission High School in Texas has made their own sex education film promoting the use of condoms which students code-name 'toothpaste'.

    • An interview with Jack Fritscher
      Alexander Renault interviews the gay pornographer and author, and finds out what makes him tick. [More]

    • Teachers hit it off with kids' mums
      A number of Japanese schoolteachers are hooking up with their pupil's mothers for some after-school activities.

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      13 May 2005

    • Bollywood gets saucy
      Indian film-makers are discovering that films with a sexual theme do not work as well as a mainstream film with sexy scenes.

    • Porno farm hand should go nude
      In th reality TV programme, The Farm, Ron Jeremy has suggested his fellow celebrity porn star Cicciolina should walk around nude for a chance to win the show.

    • Topless sunbathing fine
      It's OK for women to go topless on Topsail Beach, North Carolina as it is not illegal, though the police ask the women to move to the other end of the beach.

    • Nudist holidays go up-market
      Once known for their sparse amenities, nudist resorts are beginning to offer better facilities to their guests.

    • No free speech for genitals
      The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that a talking penis does not have free speech rights on a cable TV channel, upholding the conviction on charges of indecent exposure, the show's producer and host.

      12 May 2005
    • Sexuality smells different
      Researchers have found that gay men and women have different odour preferences to heterosexual people, with gay men preferring the odour of gay men, which in turn was least liked by straight men and lesbians.

    • Actress upset by Playboy spread
      Rosanna Arquette says she was embarrassed to discover a photospread of herself in Playboy, which she had originally shot for a travel magazine. [More nude]

    • Size does matter
      According to various surveys, over 95% of men say they are dissatisfied with the size of their penis, and two-thirds of women are not satisfied with the size of their partner's penis.

    • Virginity, what loosing it means
      Students from Luther College, Iowa, talk about loosing their virginity, but also what we mean by sex.

    • Deli workers give sex advice asks deli workers for advice on sex, from oral sex tricks, to how to retain your sex appeal on the job.

      11 May 2005
    • Town celebrates Orgasm Day
      The mayor of The Brazilian town of Espertantina officially celebrated 9 May as Orgasm Day, to help married couples improve relationships.

    • India makes more erotic films
      Director-producer Mahesh Bhatt plans to make more erotic films, including Blue Film, about cyber-pornography.

    • Naked navy officers reprimanded
      A group of British navy officers from HMS Liverpool who went skinny-dipping in the Caribbean, were subsequently confined to quarters for inappropriate behaviour. [Photo] [More]

    • Nude public art ban shelved
      North Adams County Council has dismissed a proposal by Councilor Robert R. Moulton Jr. to ban the public display of nude art.

    • Woman finds secret to orgasms
      A British woman who has never had an orgasm, has taken part in trials of the Orgasmatron, a spinal implant, which helped to reach a climax.

      10 May 2005
    • Women talk about porn
      Three women presented arguments against government plans to regulate pornography, but also acknowledged that porn was not family entertainment.

    • No more teen Lib Dem porn
      The Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy says that he believes that his party lost seats at the recent election, because his party was soft on drugs and porn.

    • Streakers offer stress release
      The Springstreakers are a student club that includes 8 men and a woman, whose only requirements to join is a willingness to streak naked in public.

    • Group nudity creates camaraderie
      David Weinfeld explains why it is a rush to run naked with a group of friends and strangers, as he prepares for the forthcoming Primal Scream on 19 May.

    • Erotic blogs in Japan
      Erotic blogs, or erogs, are not new, but growing in popularity in Japan, and inspired erog search engines such at Erog Search.

      9 May 2005
    • Deep Throat sells out
      Over 500 students filled the University of Maryland's Hoff Theatre to watch Linda Lovelace in the seminal film of the 70s.

    • Students and veggie porn
      Sex education in some schools is reduced to educator demonstrating how to out a condom on a cucumber. But even this is too much for some parents.

    • Ron Jeremy, porn star and farmer
      The legendary porn star who jests that if ever they make a film of his life, Danny De Vito will play his dick, is to take part in the new UK TV series of The Farm.

    • Dutch sex shop fear new Europe
      Sex shop owners in liberal Holland are worried that there will be stricter laws if the Dutch join up to the new European constitution.

    • Sex videos, why the fuss?
      Boy Abunda contemplates why celebrities make such a big deal about sex videos, and why they exist in the first place.

      8 May 2005
    • A roundup of porn in the USA
      Richard Corliss takes a nostalgic look at pornography, and ponders on the size of the industry, whether porn is harmful, and the future of porn.

    • 2000 strip for public art
      Around 2000 people have stripped naked for a Spencer Tunick shoot in Bruge, Belgium. [More]

    • Students come to orgasm talk
      Over 200 Harvard students attended talk on the female orgasm by Matie E. Fricker, and answering questions on the taste of female ejaculate, and on the best brands of condoms.

    • From masturbation to porn
      Josey Vogels discusses the forthcoming event on masturbation, and gives advice to a guy who is trying to wean himself off porn.

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