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  8 - 14 Decmeber 2004  

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  14 December 2004

  • Actresses claim sex with Williams
    A Norwegian porn star and reality TV contestent tell of the time they went back to Robbie William's hotel suite for sex.

  • Sex and São Tomé's .st domain
    African country São Tomé says that it has no control over the use of its top-level domain, .st, which is used by many porn sites.

  • Spice Girls' hotel streak
    Emma Bunton reveals that one even, the Spice Girls dared each other to run down a hotel corridor with only a washcloth covering their modesty.

  • .xxx domain least unlikely
    A number of new top level domains are under consideration, but .xxx for pornographic sites is thought to be least like to succeed.

  • Tom Wolfe wins bad sex prize
    Awards by Literary Review magazine, this years Bad Sex in Fiction Award goes to Tom Wolfe for his book I am Charlotte Simmons, which includes a passage with the phrase "otorhinolaryngological caverns".

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  13 December 2004

  • JK achieve record run
    An Australian has run the 210km from Langwarrin to Meredith, in the nude, as part of the Meredith Music Festival.

  • Naughty but nice
    An advert for lingerie is being considered as being to risque. The advert reads: Naughty but Nice.

  • PM: I'll sleep with your wives
    The Romanian Prime Minister, Adrian Nastase, has offered to sleep with journalists' wives, to disprove allegations in a local newspaper that he is not gay.

  12 December 2004
  • Ex porn actress film awarded
    German film, Head-On, has won the Best Film at the 17th European Film Award, even though the lead actress has a past in hard core porn films.

  • No sex please, we're American
    The USA seem to take a Victorian attitude to the FCUK and Virgin brands. [More]

  • Kinsey divides
    The left and right wings of the population have a different take on Alfred Kinsey, but should he just be brushed under the political carpet?

  • Women respond to sex survey
    Glamour magazine has discovered that nearly 60% of women have watched a sex film with their partner, and over 90% of them say that they will do it again.

  11 December 2004
  • Airport catches Playmate with sex toys
    Playmate Victoria Silvestedt was stopped at customs with a suitcase full of sex toys.

  • Signed nude Marilyn Monroe photo sold
    An auction of a signed nude photography of legend Marilyn Monroe by Tom Kelley has sold on eBay for $$42,500.

  • Slovakian soccer team nude
    FC Nitra, a second division football team from Slovakia have posed nude for the seasonal money-raising calendar. [Photos]

  • Sex toys grow up
    The London Times takes a look at the season's sex toys, from Joseph Mortimer Granville's 1883 patent to the Hitachi Magic Wand.

  • Sex cures colds?
    Manfred Schedlovski, a Swiss researcher from Zurich, has found that sex not only maintains the immune system, but could be a good treatment for the common cold.

  10 December 2004   9 December 2004
  • Laptops affect fertility
    Scientists have found that the heat generated from the average laptop computer can produce scrotal hyperthermia, or toasted testicles.

  • Porn responsible for broadband
    Pornography is well-known as a cause of technological innovation, and now a quarter of British men admit to buying broadband in order to get faster access to porn.

  • Vermont students protest nudity
    Students at Vermont's Bennington College have protested for the right to go naked on campus after a recent crackdown by the dean of students.

  • Canada post refuses newsletter
    The Canadian postal service has refused to deliver the newletter of The Art of Loving store, because it includes sex tips and the words penis and vagina.

  • Israel recognises gay marriages
    Israel's attorney general, Menachem Mazuz, will not contest the decision of a Nazareth district court in recognizing a same-sex couple in a recent inheritance ruling.

  8 December 2004
  • Photographer does porn stars
    Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, known of his photographs of presidents and film stars, has produced a book XXX: Thirty Porn Star Portraits, featuring one clothed and one nude shot of the peformers.

  • Digitally created nude shots
    Wilson Louis' supernatural thriller Ho Sakta Hai includes a digitally created sequence of actress Mohin playing the witch Parvati, nude.

  • Kinsey still debated
    Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, whose bipoic is out in the US now, has stirred much debate about his methods and results.

  • Mother of masturbation talks
    Betty Dodson has apparently done it all, and brought self-pleasure into the open. She talks about it, and non-monogamy.

  • Naturism: what's the attraction?
    Why would millions people around the world want to go nude, and what makes a couple open a nudist resort?

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