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  8 - 14 November 2004  

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  13 November 2004

  • Kinsey makes its mark
    The film about the famous sexologist concludes that we are better off with his knowledge, than in ignorance.

  • Counsil reconsiders sex shop
    A 20-year-old bylaw prevents sex shops selling porn along the high street; Slough Borough Council will decide whether the law is outdated.

  • Sex for sale
    A sign outside a Victorian brothel is causing consternation: "SEX: Chocolates and flowers not required".

  • Zits: the natural contraceptive
    Scientists think that zits evolved as a way for discouraging teens from having sex.

  • Britain's high-street sex revolution
    More shops in the UK are stocking sex toys, though some people are a little unhappy.

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  12 November 2004

  • Kinsey film blamed for sexual revolution
    Protestors plan to denounce the biopic, blaming the film for the sexual revolution, promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Farmers poses nude in bed
    British farmer Steve Carruthers is posing naked in a unique hand-carved bed at an exhibition of designer furniture.

  • Actor goes nude
    Colin Farrell's full-frontal nude scene in the forthcoming film Alexander, despite a previous nude scene in another film being cut because it was too distracting.

  • Erotica goes stark naked
    London exhibition Erotica has a licence to show full nudity. The show opens next week.

  • Japanese nudists explain
    Full frontal nudity in Japan is not very common, but naturists Aoi and Yu Natsuumi explain how they started.

  11 November 2004

  • Censorship, or better sex films?
    Zimbabwe has one of the toughest censorship regimes in the world, but is this the best way to aproach porn, or should films be more postive?

  • Sex exhibition remembers
    Not everyone is happy that the Australian Sexpo is opening on Remembrance Day, but says that it will waive the entrance fee to anyone in uniform or wearing medals.

  • School book causes controversy
    Some parents want a book, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", banned from a school because of its graphic depiction of sex. [More]

  • Porn film judge resigns
    A Rumania judge, Simona Lungu, has resigned after being accused of taking part in a Danish porn film.

  • Kids get hang-ups from porn
    Norwegian kids attending the Clinic for Sexual Information, often have anxieties because they can not reach the same degree of performance as people appearing in porn films.

  10 November 2004

  • Norwegian sex couple in court
    Tommy Ellingsen 28, and Leona Johansson, 21 are in court after have sex on stage at a the Quart music festival, on 6 July. The couple were raising awareness of environmental issues. [Photos] [Web site]

  • BU students to launch sex magazine
    Since Harvard University students launched H-Bomb magazine, students at Boston University are planning their own magazine, Boink, made by and for BU students.

  • Sex advice program reservations
    The Guardian's reporter, Zoe Williams, has reservations about Channel 4's forthcoming programme, Sex Inspectors. But she'll still watch the show.

  • Nude photos OK for a good cause
    Posing naked for a good cause, such as raising money for breast cancer research, is morally OK, according to Team Wild Women Outfitters.

  • Lady Chatterly a sell-out
    It was over 40 years ago today that Lady Chatterley's Lover hit the bookshelves, and all 200,00 copies sold out in a single day.

  9 November 2004

  • Sperm's sticky solution
    Semen is helping combat promescuity by becoming "stickier" and thereby blocking competitor's sperm.

  • Are child porn laws effective
    Britain's new sex laws included additional protection of children. But are they effective? [More]

  • Orgasmatron a step closer
    A pain-relief spinal cord stimulator device that was found to have a "side effect" that helped women to have an orgasm, is being developed to help women with orgasmic dysfunction.

  8 November 2004

  • Japanese women seek sex volunteers
    Japanese sexologist Kim Myong Gan offers women in sex marriages, counseling in making love, and the option to have sex with a mature volunteer.

  • Nine Songs heads for New Zealands
    The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards is worried that Michael Winterbottom's film will open the door to hardcore pornography in the cinema.

  • Sexual advertising not as effective
    A report from HeadlightVision Ltd in the UK shows that a saturation of sexual imagery in advertising is not as effective for young consumers as it has been in the past.

  • Naked scanner x-rays before take off
    Heathrow airport has deployed a body scanner that shows passengers almost naked, by bouncing X-rays off their skin.

  • Patch increases women's libido
    Intrinsa is a testosterone patch for women that studies show increases women's libido four times, and provides more pleasurable orgasms.

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