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  1 - 7 November 2004  

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  7 November 2004

  • Legalized brothels not always ideal
    Since Victoria, Australia legalized brothels in 1984 in order to regulate, contain and give prostitutes rights, unlicenced brothels outnumber legal ones by 4-to-1.

  • Gay parties for nice guys only?
    You could be forgiven for thinking that Montreal's Black and Blue ball was a giant gay orgy, but it's also one of Montreal's most successful annual events.

  • Burlesque makes a comeback
    The hint of a tasselled nipple is enough to draw the customers to a number of clubs in New York, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, that features the Burlesque-style of performance.

  • Sex Inspectors improve your technique
    A new reality TV show on Britain's Channel 4, watches couples have sex, and then criticised their performance for the better.

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  6 November 2004

  • Nude rugby players suspended
    Members of the University of New Brunswick rugby team traditionally celebrate by running naked after a game. But some team members have now been suspended after photos appeared in a student magazine.

  • Kylie launches lingerie
    Singer Kylie Minogue has unveiled her summer lingerie collection that includes items such as Peek-a-Boo Suspenders.

  • First lesbian wins sheriff post
    Lupe Valdez is the first lesbian, as well as the first woman and Hispanic to be voted sheriff of Dallas County, Texas.

  5 November 2004
  • Stripper audience a commodity
    Former stripper and go-go dancer Jill Morley investigates the business, claiming it is sexual empowering to women.

  • Nude Fergie photos covered up
    It seems that the Duchess of York will not appear nude in fund-raising calendar, and is covered by a black sheet of material

  • No underwear dare
    Annie advises a mother whose 14-year-old son has started "going commando" -- not wearing any underwear.

  • Author likes a good smacking
    Clean Sheets interviews Ashley Lister, author of many books on Corporal Punishment, and asks what's the allure of spanking, caning and humiliation.

  • What comes up...
    Josey Vogels investigates what happens to the semen after it is ejaculated into a woman. Cue effluvium seminis

  4 November 2004
  • Larry has swimming sperm
    The new Leisure Suite Larry game has both swimming sperm and a talking penis. And Larry has a little more hair.

  • Can men and women equalise the orgasm gap
    Do women orgasm less frequently than men during intercourse, and if so, how can the catch up?

  • Lesbians and the L Word
    Lesbian TV series The L Word has a gay audience that tries to identify with the characters and situations.

  • British women to get love pill
    Femi-X is a herbal-based aphrodisiacs containing horny goat weed, gingko biloba, smilex, damiana and matt&eacture;. A French study found that women who took it had a more satisfiying sex life.

  • Kinsey research illuminating but flawed?
    Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that 10% of men had had homsexual experiences, and over 60% of women masturbated. But his volunteers included significant numbers of prisoners and college-educated women.

  3 November 2004
  • Free sex to readers
    A Swiss men's magazine is offering its readers free sex at an "erotic studio".

  • "Sex site" help elections hoped to get an additional 100,000 people to registister to vote at the US elections.

  • UK TV considers rating system
    The British Board of Film Classification, broadcasters and other industry bodies, will consult on a new ratings labelling system for TV programmes.

  • Mother criticizes school sex book
    A Texan mother was surprised by the book her 11-year-old daughter brought home from the school library, "What My Mother Doesn't Know" because of its graphic sex.

  • Writer conducts Japanese sex survey
    Writer Wataru Irokawa has been surveying women's sexual attitudes in various regions since 1996, an discovered, for example, in which region, women moan the loudest.

  2 November 2004
  • Porn king may go into exile
    Hustler founder Larry Flynt says that he might go into exile of George Bush wins the US presidential elections.

  • Nude model ambition
    Melissa Cacialli says that she has always dreamt of being a nude life model, and has now realised her dream.

  • Photographers nudes on display
    Photographer Bill Brandt has a collection of his nudes on display at the Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York. [More]

  • Sexuality central to human society
    A new report found that 96% of men and 86% of women think about sex several times a month. Stephen Moles investigates, and sees whether he can desexualize his life for one month.

  • Fetish photographer sues Attorney General
    New York-based fetish photographer Barbara Nitke has brought a lawsuit against U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, challenging the Communications Decency Act.

  1 November 2004

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