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  1 - 7 October 2004  
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  7 October 2004

  • Students protest naked rights
    Students at Bennington College, MA, are protesting their right to go naked on campus, maintaining that the college has traditionally been a clothing-optional campus.

  • Reality porn show interest
    South Africa is interested in buying episodes of the reality porn TV show, where five female porn stars test out five wannabe males.

  • US military tough on porn
    General Order No. 1 prohibits all military personnel from owning porn, which is unfortunately since some one store in Springfield has started a collection.

  • Playboy Bunnies relaunch
    After 16 years of retirement, Playboy Enterprises is bringing back the Bunnie to relaunch the company's nightclubs.

  • Cher plans naked spread
    Pop star Cher is planning to shoot a nude photo spread for In Touch Magazine.

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  6 October 2004

  • Student sex education lacking
    Yale University's Sex Weeks includes information on contraception, but doesn't mention abstinence because that doesn't involve sex!

  • University to get own sex magazine
    Boston University, which hit the headlines after student launched H-Bomb, is now to get its own sex magazine called Boink. [More]

  • Winnipeg woman does Playboy
    A Winnipeg woman, Jocelyn Caballero, explains what it is like to do a photoshoot for the magazine.

  • Japan gets vibrating condom
    The vibrating condom, or Vicom, consists of opaque plastic with a battery built inside. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  • Teens have sex early
    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has set up a task force on teenage sex where increasing numbers of under 15s are loosing their virginity early.

  • US censors puppet sex
    South Park makers are trying to re-work a scene in their new film Team America: World Police, where puppets simulating oral sex have given the film an NC-17 rating.

  5 October 2004
  • Virgin creates soft porn spoof advert
    Virgin Atlantic Airways has produced a soft-porn spoof advertising its services, that appears on adult TV channels. It contains innuendo, but no nudity.

  • Does porn influence our love
    17-year-old Michelle Gibson argues that pornography affect us both physically and psychologically, that could change our view of the person we love.

  • Web increases sex drive
    German psychologists at the German Society for Research on Sexuality say that pornography on the Web has caused the sex drive of some people to shoot out of control.

  • Naked locals in changing cities
    Photographer Kevin Reynolds is taking nude photos of locals in Leeds for a new guide, Naked City, due out soon. [Web site]

  • Streaking essential for students
    Streaking seems to be a traditional college event, some claiming that students have an innate urge to run naked in public.

  4 October 2004
  • Erotic murals renovated
    Pompeii's erotic murals are to be closed, for a year for a £1/4-million improvement plan, which may also see the discovery of some more works. [More]

  • The Asian sex shop girl
    She's 23 years old, and works in an adult store selling all kinds of paraphernalia.

  • Gay and lesbian film festival starts
    The 15th annual Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival starts on Thursday 7th Oct. Steve Persall casts an eye over the proceedings.

  • When sex was sexy
    The First Amendment protects free speech, including sex, but is it too smutty?

  • Lingerie football team formed
    Over 300 girls have taken part in trials for four new teams that will battle it out for the end-of-season Lingerie Bowl.

  3 October 2004
  • Kinsey: researcher or pervert
    It was Alfred Kinsey who discovered that most men masturbate. But many consider his research to be junk science. A new biopic is expected to be controversial. [More]

  • Topless staff go unnoticed
    Innova, a Berlin home-appliance store that hired a topless hostesses to greet customers, found that no-one really noticed.

  • Sex, guys and fruit flies
    It seems that humans share some characteristics with fruit flies, which makes studying their sex lives potentially useful for men.

  • No sex for soldiers
    The U.S. Department of Defense wants to make it illegal for troops have sex with prostitutes because it makes for bad public relations.

  2 October 2004
  • Female pubic hair shows character
    They say that a man's facial hair says something about him, and the way a women grooms her pubic hair is no different.

  • Be naked, be happy!
    Long Beach Fitness Professional Emile Jarreau says that going naked, and excercize can help depression and anxiety.

  • Williams copies Madonna's sex book
    Singer Robbie Williams plans his own Madonna-style sex book complete with nude photos.

  • Vote and have sex
    A slightly tongue-in-cheek campaign encourages people to have sex with people who plan to vote in the US elections. [Web site]

  • Naked man receives compassion
    A naked man attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, with no possessions or worldly goods, found that the other festival-goers were generous enough to give him food and clothing.

  1 October 2004
  • New computer sex toy
    The Sinulator connects to your PC and to your favourite sex toy, so that other people can control it over the internet. Welcome to teledildonics. [Web site]

  • Stripper tweak illegal
    The Supreme Court of Tokyo has ruled that a software tweak to the game Westside, that lets players strip characters naked, infringes the producers copyright.

  • Sex and gender are different
    Gender is to do with sex of animals, but the word is not interchangable with the word sex.

  • Women have 4 G-spots
    According to Desmond Morris in his new book The Naked Woman, women also have a U-spot, C-spot and A-spot, also in the upper part of the vagina. [More]

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