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  22-30 September 2004  
"Nudity, sex and pornography are not the same"

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  30 September 2004

  • TV show teaches sex
    Unzipped is part talk show, part documentary and part news, covering many aspects of sex education and includes topics such as swinging to transsexualism.

  • Sims 2 nude patch available
    Reality game Sims 2 has characters who are blurred when nudity appears. A patch is available to restore the images to their former naked glory.

  • Boob job holds TiVi record
    Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction holds the record for the most replayed moment on the digital recording device.

  • Play tackles sex addiction
    The Richmond Triangle Players' production of 'The First Step' follows the life of a gay sex addiction.

  • Yoko's pictures offend some
    Yoko Ono's photos of breasts, nipples and shaved pubic hair, haven't met the approval of everyone in Liverpool.

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  29 September 2004

  • Porn star talks to students
    One of the most prolific porn star, Ron Jeremey will speak to students at Middle Tennessee State University about porn, along with Susan G. Cole, author of Power Surge: Sex, Violence and Pornography.

  • France gets gay TV
    PinkTV, featuring a transgender sportscaster, and gay, lesbian and bisexual porn, has launched on French televistion. [Web site]

  • New Paris Hilton porn tape appears
    Britain's News of the World was alledgedly given an 11-hour tape of the heiress performing in the back of a car and elsewhere.

  • Dogma influences gay porn
    Lars von Trier's production company has Zentropa, has produced a gay porn film in the Dogma style called Hot Men Cool Boyz.

  • I've slept with a 1000 prostitutes
    Sebastian Horsley recounts his 25-years of experience of having sex with all kinds of prostitutes the world over. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  28 September 2004
  • Dildo danger alert!
    The state of Texas considers dildos obscene, and make it illegal to own six or more. But owning six guns is fine.

  • Playboy seeks burger bunnies
    Playboy is auditioning for girls from McDonalds.

  • Naked protestors dismissed
    Eight people protesting naked about the lack of funding for AIDS research, will probably have their cases dismissed.

  • Over-50's nudity is too realistic
    While most people don't mind seeing a youger person naked, many are put off if the subject is over 50, probably because we are seeing how we will appear in our twilight years.

  • 50% over-60's are sexually active
    It is estimated that over half of Americans over 60 have an active sex life, with 40% wanting more.

  27 September 2004
  • Art versus porn blurs
    Cinema is going through a sexual revolution exploring sexuality and flouting taboos.

  • Bush protestors naked
    The 13th annual "Nude and Breast Freedom Parade", featured eight naked protestors from the X-plicit players, protesting with the slogan "Get Your Bush Out to Get Bush Out".

  • Famous nude scratched
    Jules Lefebvre's nude painting of Chloe, was slightly damaged when its protetive glass was broken.

  • Read The Inner Circle naked
    Alfred Kinsey's core group of sex researchers were known as the Inner Circle, and T.C. Boyle's book of the same name tells the story. [More]

  • Thai teens sex before marriage
    Over half of teens surveyed at a Bankok school say that pre-marital sex is no longer the taboo it used to be.

  • Custom condoms available
    Condomania in Los Angeles is offerning condoms is custom sizes, from super slim to extra roomy. A 'Fit Kit' helps you take measurements.

  25 September 2004
  • Josel Vogels talks about it
    My Messy Bedroomn columnist talks to Rita Zekas about being a sex writer.

  • Most favour R18 on TV
    Britain's Ofcom has started publishing feedback regarding the UK Broadcasting code, with 72% favouring the broadcast of R18 material (of those who expressed an opinion) [More]

  • Students do nude calendar
    Bamberg University in German has said that it will refuse any donation made from the sale of a nude student calendar because it believe that people find the idea distasteful.

  • Bread boosts sperm count
    A new bread containing traces of selenium has been produced by scientists to help men boost their sperm count.

  • Sex pills may not work
    Herbal supplements that claim to increase penis size or libido, do not always do as they suggest. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  24 September 2004
  • Students punished for stripper pole
    Students at Jacksonville University have been reprimanded for running a pole dancing competition, though none of the women contestent disrobed.

  • John Waters talks Shame
    The film maker's latest film, Shame, has received an NC-17 rating, for "pervasive sexual content", even though it shows hardly anything.

  • Church: sex education is pornography
    The Scottish Catholic Church has assessed the educational material seen by school children, and deemed it unsuitable because it includes images of the sex organs, and graphic descriptions of masturbation.

  • Erotic book published
    Roy Stuart's latest publication, The Fourth Body has been published in the USA and includes a glossy book and DVD.

  • Reality porn show to USA?
    Private Stars has completed shooting in the UK, where five wanabe porn stars compete to appear in a porn film. Now the format is heading to the USA.

  23 September 2004
  • My fetish is pants
    Sasha advises a man who likes wearing lingerie, on how to find a partner that shares his fetish.

  • Museum features erotic texts
    The Erotic Museum in Hollywood is holding a "Dangerous Words" during Banned Book Week, that includes a number of readings from sex book.

  • Naked yogo not illegal
    San Francisco city prosecutors say that performing yogo naked, even in the city, is not illegal, since public nudity is not illegal.

  • Sex columnists push boundaries
    Student sex columnists given advice on all aspects of sex, though parents and teachers are worried that they are too explicit.

  • Winterbottom on top of sex
    Michael Winterbottom says that he wanted to approach sex scenes in his new film, Nine Songs, in a more mattter-of-fact way. The film is still waiting classification in Britain. [More]

  22 September 2004
  • Ontario censors go?
    It's thought likely that the Ontario censor board may disappear, paving the way for a number of sexy films that may have drawn their attention.

  • Sexploitation king dies
    Filmmaker Russ King has died at the age of 82. His films included Erotica, Wild Gals of the Naked West and Heavenly Bodies. [More] [More]

  • Big porn as art
    Terry Richardon's art show has caused quite a stir, even with some of the art gallery's employees, who didn't approve of ten-foot high blow-ups of blow jobs.

  • Vivid goes online
    The Vivid movie library is now available online through the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN), who already have 30,000 adult titles available.

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