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  22 - 31 March 2004  
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  31 March 2004

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  30 March 2004

  • Sex makes you smarter
    German scientists have found that hormones such as adrenalin and hydrocortisone, released during sex, also help to stimulate the matter of the brain.

  • Britney: chubby-bottomed pop tart?
    The singer's latest performance features simulated sex and appears to strip naked. [More]

  • Naked women protests circus animals
    A naked women, with a nude body painting patterned like a tiger, appeared in a cage with a banner reading: ""Wild Animals Don’t Belong Behind Bars".

  • Johnny Depp: 300 naked extras wanted
    A new film, The Libertine, starring Johnny Depp and John Malkovich, is looking for 300 people to appear in crowed scenes, fully and partially naked. [More]

  • The “Vagina Seminar"
    A seminar, The “Vagina Seminar: Re-imaging Women’s Bodies” will provide sex education for women, organised by the Women’s Alliance.

  29 March 2004

  • Skaters run into cold streak
    A streaker interrupted the World Skating Championships in Germany this weekend, the first in a major figure skating event. He was identified as Ron Bensimhon, aged 30, of Montreal.

  • The perils of sex on the road
    Many are seduced by a quick fling while tranvelling, but there's an entire menu of diseases out to get you.

  • Chickenless man cuts off penis
    A Cambodian man cut off his penis to appease spirits after he couldn't offer them a chicken or a duck.

  28 March 2004

  • Who wants to be a porn star?
    Edmonton-based adult film company Real Productions is looking for people with no film experience, to appear in their 'First Time' video series, where women earn from $15,000. [Web site]

  • Orgasm author dies
    Psychologist Rhoda Fisher, who wrote "The Female Orgasm" with her husband Seymour in 1973, has died in Ohio on 21 March. [More]

  • Taxi! Taxi! Help my sex life asks taxi drivers for their advice on sex.

  27 March 2004

  • Naked newsreader video released
    WKBN-TV's newsreader Catherine Bosley who resiged after nude photos of her in wet t-shirt contest were released on the Web, has failed to stop a video of the event being sold.

  • Student sex faire a success
    Penn State University's annual Sex Faire included features such as "Sexual Twister," "Orgasm Bingo," "Consensual Haircut," and a "Human Sundae".

  • Sperm cocktails fo pandas
    Berlin Zoo's giant panda Yan Yan is trying to get pregnant, with the help of a cocktail of sperm from several Chinese pandas.

  • Cigarettes for nude photos
    A firefighter traded cigarettes for nude phtotos of female inmates at the local prison may face criminal charges >> For cigs, photos or trading?

  26 March 2004

  • Australia to get hard core porn
    A loophole in Australian censorship laws means that overseas companies will be able to start broadcasting satellite porn channels.

  • Talk on sexuality criticized
    Despite not attending, and exagerating their facts, several critics have spoken out about Tristan Taormino talking on various aspects of sex to students the University of North Carolina. Taormino responds.

  • Sex toys on show at Science Museum
    The Sinful Things event displayed a 1930s vibrator that was originally designed to cure women of their sexuality.

  • Georgia outlaws genital piercings
    An amendment to a Bill on genital mutilation has made genital piercings illegal, but only for women. [More]

  25 March 2004

  • Bank apologises over porn deal
    The Bank of Scotland has apologies over its involvement over in the sale of Richard Desmond's adult magazine, and says it won't lend money to companies involved with porn. >> Stores selling top-shelf magazines?

  • Sleep around, but be honest
    Actress Amanda Donohoe has said that she doesn't mind if her man sleeps around, as long as he is honest about it.

  • John Lennon prints obscene
    Drawing by John Lennon, displayed at a gallery on January 1970, were deemed obscene by the police, but a prosecution failed on a technicality [Image] [More]

  • Trojan Website has orgasm organ
    The new Web site for Trojan condoms features "The Sexual Organ" where you can play tunes as orgasm sounds, and promises other games soon. [Web site]

  • Sting and wife swapping
    DJ Howard Stern spoke to Sting's wife in a radio interview, and found that the couple of have indulged in wife-swapping.

  24 March 2004

  • Playboy visits North Caroline University
    You'd think that the University wouldn't be too pleased letting its female students pose for the magazine, but it's free expression.

  • Artist combines nudes with art
    The art critic from Shanghai Normal University, Lin Lu has produced a series of "outrageous" photography featuring classical paintings combined with classical nudes. [Image]

  • Lawyers loose their briefs for chartity
    A group of law professors and students in Concord, stripped for a naughty calendar, of which only three were produced, and auctioned.

  • Wet t-shirt flasher arrested
    Kristi Michelle Parramoure flash her breasets during a wet T-shirt contest, as was the hotel manager, where the event was held.

  23 March 2004

  • iBill: porn's processor
    iBill is one of the largest credit card processors on the Internet with porn sales accounting for about 85% of turnover.

  • Publisher keeps sex magazine
    Richard Desmond has kept 'Forum' magazine, after selling his other adult titles incuding Asian Babes and Readers' Wives, since he doesn't consider Forum to be a porn magazine.

  • Bank investigates porn deal
    The Bank of Scotland is investigating its involvement with Richard Desmond's sale of 45 adult magazines, after criticism from the public. >> Should've stuck with guns, tobacco and alcohol.

  • Vibrators not all equal
    Some vibrators are quite sophisticated, and there are a number of myths surrounding them. Sex educator Laura Berman investigates.

  22 March 2004

  • Lib Dems criticised over porn
    Various groups have criticized the Liberal Democrat for suggestiomn that the law should be changed to allow 16-year-olds to view pornography.

  • Should G-strings be banned?
    It is argued that the undergarment makes the buttocks look like they are tacked onto the body.

  • Student virginity cashed in
    A woman who auctioned her virginity on the Internet, has gone along with the deed and earned £8,400.

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