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  22 - 29 February 2004  
"Nudity, sex and pornography are not the same"

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  29 February 2004

  • Naked tourist arrest
    A carnival-goer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was arrested after being encouraged by friends to stand naked, arms outstretched, beneath the city's landmark statue, Christ the Saviour. >> Crucifixion images are fine, nudity is obscene.

  • Puruvian erotic ceramics popular
    The Moche ceramics, or pottery, explores sexual values in pre-Columbian Peru. [More]

  • Sex industry is sweet
    According to a report from the Queensland's Prostitution Licensing Authority, the sex industry in Australia is of equivalent economic significance to Australia's sugar industry.

  • Learn languages the naked way
    Jesse Au King-wai, and animator and programme maker, has suggeseted that learning languages would be more fun if they were taught nude. He says that he "wants to make nudity educational".

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  28 February 2004

  • Hong Kong gets naked news
    The country's first nude Fire/Ice News news bulletin broadcasts tonight, and every weekend evening. 18-year-old Chan Long will be the first to strip as she presents the show. [More]

  • Porn star Ron Jeremy answers
    The sex icon talks to about his life, his traits, and what he might be doing if he wasn't a porn star.

  • Students redefine sex
    A study of 164 university students published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, has found that many consider oral, manual, and online sex as "sexual activity", but not sex.

  • Sex dolls: gag or gift?'s Grant Stoddard has "sexual relations with 'the world's finest love doll'". Is it all it's cracked up to be?

  • Anatomy awards announced
    Mr Skin has posted the results of the 5th Annual Anatomy Awards, 'In the Cut' wins breast picture for nudity, and Christina Ricci gets in Prozac Nation, gets Best Debut Nude Scene. More

  27 February 2004

  • Rio Carnival art director sacked
    A samba school has fired Joaosinho Trinta, the man whose Kama Sutra float was censored as being too saucy, even for the Rio Carnival.

  • Is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue sport?
    The Daily News' Rick Alvord, takes a look at whether a magazine full of scantily clad women has anything to do with sport.

  • Bare bottoms to be decriminalized
    Akron City Council in Cleveland, Ohio, are looking to remove the words "bare buttock" from the list of body parts deemed to constitute nudity under Akron's zoning laws.

  • Dream Cream promises multiple orgasms
    Dream Cream is a non-prescription cream containing the amino acid L-Arginine that claims to improve sexual pleasure and even increase the number of orgasms for women. [More]

  • Even good girls hand out blow jobs
    Josey Vogels recounts that she gave her first blow job at aged 14, and that there is surprise that some kids are starting even younger.

  26 February 2004

  • Sex shop to appeal license application
    The GigglesWorld adult store in New York State will appeal its refusal for a license which required it to be located at least 500 feet from any school, religious, municipal or historical building.

  • TV celebrity runs for office, nude
    Hungarian TV hostess, Anettka Feher, announced in the nude that she is running for a seat in the European Parliament as candidate of the upstart Union Party.

  • Porn laws create porn mafia
    Queensland criminologist Professor Paul Wilson says that the State's porn laws are creating a demand for illegal

  • 12-year-old suspended for swim suit issue
    12-year-old Justin Reyes has been suspended for three days for bringing a copy of the swim suit issue of Sports Illustrated to school. >> That's right kid, stick to PS2 where murder is just a game.

  25 February 2004

  • 'Vagina' ads too explicit?
    Studens at Tufts University have come up with some creative advertising for the Vagina Monologues, but not everyone is happy with the results.

  • US moral outrage over breasts and condoms
    America's outrage over Janet Jackson extends to many areas of sexual life including the pill and the use of condoms.

  • Pornographer released from prison
    A man convicted of selling obscene videos has been released after a 6 month jail sentence. The videos feature the same kind of material sold on pay-per-view at local hotels.

  • Sex education committee can't agree
    The Senate Education Committee which debates how schools teach sex education to schools, can not agree how much protection condoms provide against disease.

  24 February 2004

  • Permissiveness keep women in line
    In the 1950s, it was 'chastity' that kept women check. And "Masturbation was the most important sexual outlet for single females".

  • Students hold sex aids parties
    We've come along way since Tupperware parties, and now students are organising parties to sell vibrators and other sexual paraphernalia.

  • Carnival celebrates sex
    The sex in the Rio Carnival does offend many, but the Catholic Church is appalled at one float supporting the use of condoms.

  • Hong Kong airport in porn row
    A Japanese porn film made use of the airport without the necessary permission, and the airport is upset at the 'lascivious acts' that took place.

  23 February 2004

  • Penthouse magazine under new ownership
    Financier Marc Bell from Boca Raton has become the new publisher of Penthouse magazine, and plans to move away from hardcore towards the centre. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  • Women test sex pills
    Over 40% of women are thought to have some form of sexual dysfunction, and some are testing new drugs to improve their libido.

  • Patents history offers sex insight
    The history of American patents shows a preoccupation with sex that includes anti-masturbation devices, devices to help erection problems, and the invention of the bra.

  • What is the interest in breasts?
    Josey Vogels takes a look at one of women's best assets, and why men are so fascinated by them.

  22 February 2004

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