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  22 - 31 January 2004  

"Sex = (a) male or female (b) intimate contact (c) gender determination"

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22 - 31 January 2004

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  31 January 2004

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  30 January 2004

  • Regulating porn on mobile phones
    UK mobile phone company are trying to come up with way to let adults access porn, but to prevent kids... before the government steps in with its own solution.

  • More sex in soccer series
    The new UK series of Footballers' Wives is promising more sex scenes. The new star, Ben Price, says he was filming a sex scene a week.

  • Porn magazine sues credit cards
    'Perfect 10' is suing credit card companies for allowing their cards to be used to purchase access to Web sites that featuring stolen images of theirs.

  • How to host an orgy's Em and Lo, give advice on how to host a sex party.

  • Bestiality Bad for Animals
    A Swedish vet reckons that over 200 pets a year are injured in Sweden each year by people trying to have sex with them.

  29 January 2004

  • Porn spam must be labelled
    The Federal Trade Commission will require unsolicited pornography to be laballed "SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT-CONTENT" so that surfer can filter them out.

  • Porn star winner drops out of prize
    The winner of JoePornStar who won the chance to have sex with 25 women on camera and earn $250 a time, has quit after not consistently rising to the occassion. The runner-up will now have a chance. [Web site]

  • Sex ed: safe or abstinence
    Sex education focuses on two approaches (a) safe sex: about contraception (b) abstinence: about delaying sexual activity. Now there's a third approach, "comprehensive sexuality education" or "abstinence plus". [More]

  • Faking it a good idea?
    Faking an orgasm can be a double-edged sword, a good idea at the time so as not to hurt feelings, but perhaps not in the long term.

  28 January 2004

  • Mother arrested for promoting sex toy
    A mother of three Joanne Webb, has been arrested and charged with promoting a device "designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs", a misdemeanor under Texas obscenity law.

  • 'Porn Musical' complaints cleared
    UK's communications regulator Ofcom has cleared Channel 4 after it received complaints over 'Pornography: the Musical'

  • Sex education just factual
    Both parents and educators have a tough time teaching sex education, and states vary on what they teach, or don't.

  • Sex guru has had around 2,000 partners
    Leading tantric sex guru Jack Bailey thinks nothing of talking about masturbation. He also needs 20 policemen to protect him from jealous husbands.

  • Porn star in reality TV show
    Star of over 1700 sex films, Ron Jeremy is appearing in 'The Surreal Life' a fly-on-the-wall show. [Web site]

  27 January 2004

  • Dolly Buster to stand as Euro MP
    The porn star whose real name is Katerina Bochnickova and whose party was originally called the Independent Erotic Initiative, will stand for election in June.

  • Traders object to sex shop
    Councillors in Hartlepool will consider objection to a sex shop licence, such as highlighting the problems of addiction, and house prices. [More]

  • Theatre warning: exposed male buttocks
    Scottish Ballet have warned patron that their next production of MiddleSex Gorge "features exposed male buttocks".

  • Naked Rambler plans to go in
    Flush with success after his naked walk along the length of Britain, Stephen Gough plans to continue his campaign against society's attitude towards the human body.

  • 27 hours of simulated sex in play
    A play in Chile consists of four actors performing 27 hours of simulated sex.

  26 January 2004

  • English lit. students taught porn
    Some students from the University of Wolverhampton were surprised to find that pornographer was part of their course.

  • Minister to visit sex shop
    The New Zealand Environment Minister Marian Hobbs will visit Wellington-based manufacturer and designer sex gear retailer, D-Vice.

  • Teen girls' sex preference a phase?
    Although about 5% of youngsters are thought to be gay, there's a lot more going on than the figures suggest.

  • The Mike Jones story
    Adult Web site owner and photographer was arrested, perhaps on the instigation of a local who took objection to his business. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  25 January 2004

  • John Bobbitt: a survivor
    The man who had his penis cut off by his ex-wife, and re-attached by surgeons, has had it enlarged for a TV show.

  • Japan tries for uncensored films
    The law in Japan requires the genitals below the waist to be pixelated out. But a company called JapanX is trying to change that. [Web site]

  • Insects offer edible sex gifts
    The female tropical cockroach feeds on male anal secretions after sex, whereas Male striped ground crickets let females chew off their tibial spur.

  24 January 2004

  • Gays not OK, prostitutes OK
    Cardinal Gustaaf Joos believe that only 5-10% of gays are genuine, and that having sex with a prostitute is better than raping a girl.

  • Athletes can't change sex
    The UK's new Gender Recognition Bill, that will allow transsexuals to change their gender on their birth certificates, will not apply to sports men and women.

  • Women's forum talks about sexuality
    The Women and Sexuality Salon at Seattle University, discusses everything from g-spots to experimenting.

  • Helmut Newton dies in car crash
    Erotic photographer, Helmut Newton, who recently donated his photos to the city of Berlin, was killed when he lost control of his car, pulling out of a car park.

  23 January 2004

  • Naked rambler finishes walk
    Stephen Gough, the man walking the length of Britain naked, and receiving two jail sentences in the process, has finally reached John O'Groats, 7 months and 900 miles later. [Photo] [More]

  • Nude photo cancels art exhibition
    An art exhibition in Gainesville, Florida has cancelled an exhibition of the work of artist Darrien LaMarc Goodman, because he included a new photo of himself that he considers an integral part of the show.

  • Gay Russian magazine out
    KVIR is Russia's only magazine for gay men, which is sold in clubs and saunas

  • Sex improves the economy
    A report from the Asian sexology federation claims that a good sex life make a better contribution to the economy.

  • UK Sexual Offences Act contradictory?
    When the new Bill comes into law in May 2004, an 18-year-old may have a one-night stand with a 17-year-old, but cannot take explicit photos of them. [The Bill]

  22 January 2004

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