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  22 - 31 Dec 2003  

"Sex = (a) male or female (b) intimate contact (c) gender determination"

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22 - 31 Dec 2003

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  31 December 2003

  • UK brothels could be legalised
    Britain's Home Secretary David Blunkett is considering licensing brothels as a mean to 'cleaning up the sex trade'. [More] [More]

  • Nude net woman ticketed by police
    A women whose nude pictures appeared on the Web, was ticketed by police in Lincoln, Nebraska, because the photos were taken in a downtown bar and around the town where public nudity is prohibited. [More]

  • Naked celebrities booked
    Craig Hosoda is the author of 'The Bare Facts', and which provides details of where and when movie stars have appeared naked in films.

  • Has there been a sexual revolution?
    Patricia Bailey investigates whether attitudes to sex have changed since the 50s

  • Stop faking orgasms!
    It is estimated that up to half of American women fake orgasm, and now sex therapist Dr. Aline Zoldbrod want them to make a New Year's resolution to stop.

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  30 December 2003

  29 December 2003

  • Do porn sites warp adolescents
    Most of the literature concentrates on the affect that porn has on adults. But an Australian report looks at teens encounter with online porn.

  • Historic buildings to allow 'pink' weddings
    The National Trust who looks after Britain's heritage, will allow same-sex marriages at five historic buildings under its care.

  • Danes are the top sperm donors
    Thanks to Cryos International, the world's biggest sperm bank, Danish men help get about a 1000 women pregnant each year. And only ten percent of volunteers pass the company's sperm quality test.

  • Japanese girls learn sex tips
    Once embarrassed Japanese women are learning all they can from sex manuals, and even picking up tips from medical manuals.

  • More sex for prisoners
    A Norwegian prison plans to make it easier for prisoners' wife and girlfriend to make conjugal visits.

  28 December 2003

  • Erotic show plans Edinburgh comeback
    The organisers of August's Festival Erotique say that the show was so much of a success, that they hope to make it an annual event.

  • Naked man arrested down chimney
    Firefighters had to use sledgehammers to rescue a man stuck in a chimney in a bookstore, whereupon he was arrested for attempted burglary.

  • Mile High couple exposed in flight
    A couple attempting a quickie in the toilet of a holiday jet were discovered when the cabin crew opened the door 15 minutes after they failed to appear.

  26-27 December 2003

  • Not published

  25 December 2003

  • Sex workers threaten tax strike
    Prostitutes and brothel workers in Cologne are considering going on strike, if the city goes ahead with a sex tax.

  • Posh might strip for Beckham
    Victoria Beckhams wonders what you buy the guy who has everything, and is thinking donning a bow tie... just a bow tie... [More]

  • Actresses are baring it
    More mature actresses are appearing nude in films, such as Diane Keaton who has a full frontal in 'Something's Gotta Give' and Helen Mirren who has a partial nude scenes in Calendar Girls'.

  24 December 2003

  • Penthouse to make a come back
    The publisher of Penthouse magazine has filed plans with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for its emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

  • Uganda bans pornography
    The Ugandan parliament in Kampala has passed a resolution banning pornography in public places.

  • Holiday sex stories...
    The Village Voice's Dan Savage recalls some of his readers best sexy holiday stories.

  • Become a porn star give men the chance to become an adult film actor, with the chance of being paid $250 each to have sex with 25 women on camera.

  23 December 2003

  • 7-eleven does porn again
    After 17 years, the 5,300 stores in the convenience chain is selling adult magazines again.

  • Nudist get naked cruise
    Geisha Tours have organised a one-week cruise in June, with oportunity to spend the week nude with other naturists. Half the tickets have already been sold.

  • Porn stars' xmas parties's Grant Stoddard attends a porn star's Xmas party, to see whether they would have sex after a year of having sex.

  • Spice girl admits spicy phone sex
    Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham says that she has phone sex with her husband David Beckham... and that her latest single is about erotic phone calls.

  22 December 2003

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