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  Daily Weekly Monthly   8 - 14 December 2003  

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Sex News Headlines

8 - 14 December 2003

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Today's headlines

  14 December 2003

  • Dame Judi upset at nude scene
    Apparently Dame Judi appeared nude in a 1978 film 'Langrishe, Go Down', and is upset that it could be re-released.

  • Are nudist teens sexual?
    Jacquelyn Mitchard argues that teens at the Youth Leadership Camp run by the American Association for Nude Recreations, is not 'a sexual thing'.

  • Schools ban jelly "sex" bracelets
    Plastic "jelly" bracelets have been banned from schools after discovering their colours represent various sexual favours. [More]

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  13 December 2003

  12 December 2003

  • How to make an adult web site
    An online school teaches people how to earn money by designing and running a porn site. [Website]

  • Sixx shop to open in Herts
    A sex shop has opened later than expected in North Herts, because of delays in getting its licence. Open six days a week, the shop is called Sixx.

  • Full Monty censored
    A performance of the The Full Monty in upstate New York, where the audience will be expecting to see the cast strip off, will be disappointed as local laws prohibit nudity.

  • Having sex, or, making love
    Josey Vogels ponders whether sex and love is just a semantic difference, and whether the wife should object to her partner looking at porn.

  • Woman protests nude
    Model Charlotte Gee is following the fur protestors, and campaigning for the rights of women to show the female form. [Website]

  11 December 2003

  • Paypal forces JenniCam closure
    The Web's first 24-hour "reality" video cam, run by Jennifer Ringley for the last 7 years is closing because Paypal is shutting down her account. The payment company will not tolerate frontal nudity. [More]

  • Mayor nude photos stolen
    Private nude photos of Mayor Sharon Smith from British Columbia were taken from her home computer and put into public circulation.

  • Nude actors wanted
    Auditions are taking place for a "saucy and sensual" musical called Buff & Brassy, in which nudity is required.

  • Photographer produces spunky photos
    The series is called "Cum shots", and consist of photos of the photographer's friends and acquaintances whose faces are covered in semen. [More]

  10 December 2003

  • Porn shops slip into small towns
    The Michigan Family Forum suggests that small town adult shops are 'not in sync with the values of their community' >> And tobacco and liquor stores don't?

  • Art mistaken for porn
    A courier company mistook art by Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki for porn, and tried to destroy it. [Images] >> A bit like mistaking nicotine as killer drug?

  • Celebrity nude pictures fake
    Ed Lake's Website sets out to expose fake nude photos of celebrities. [Website]

  • Nude rugby game planned
    An estate agent is trying to organise a women's nude rugby match in Cape Town, with a proportion of the money going to charity.

  • Honey a cheaper alternative to Viagra?
    Bulgarian beekeepers are suggesting that their thistle-infused honey will help you improve your sex life.

  9 December 2003

  • Sex in the cinema
    The codes of ethics governing what appears on the movies, has change over the years.

  • Macy worried about nude scene
    Actor William H. Macy had a chat to his co-star Maria Bello before their nude scene in the film "The Cooler".

  • AVN nominees announced
    The shortlist for the Adult Video News Awards have been posted at AVN, with Paul Thomas's film 'Heart of Darkness' earnin 14 nominations. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  • Japanese sex party service busted
    A Tokyo based organisation calling itself Liberty Swap, organised weekend orgies until the police shut it down.

  8 December 2003

  • Frisky goings on at nursing home
    86-year-old William DePippa and his partner started with a six month courtship before moving in together.

  • Inside 'Deep Throat'
    Brian Grazer's Jewish Grandmother went to see Deep Thoat because 'everyone was talking about it'. Now he's produced a documentary about the seminal film.

  • Sex sculpture runner-up in Turner Prize
    A bronze sculpture depicting two blow-up dolls performing oral sex did not win first prize, which went to transvestite potter, Grayson Perry.

  • Ryanair gets a boob job
    The Ryanair angel and icon, is getting a breast enlargement, presumably in the hope that it will attract more customers. [Image]

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