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8 - 14 June 2003

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Today's headlines

  14 June 2003

  • Banned obscene book online
    My Secret Life by Walter was banned for about a 100 years since being successfully published in the 1960s in the US. Deemed 'pornographic', it is now available on the Web for free.

  • Minister wants masturbation joke removed
    The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, Yngve Slettholm, wants an advert "Masturbate with Horny Are" removed from a broadcaster's Web page that is aimed at kids. >> Don't Norwegian kids masturbate? Or do Norwegian ministers get embarrassed easily?

  • sex.com returned to owner
    The US Surpreme Court rejected an appeal from the Stephen Cohen, who obtained the domain name fraudulently from its rightful owner Gary Kremen.

  • Pornograflics: a lesbian film
    Josey Vogels investigates the production of a lesbian film, from the new production company Dirty Pillows.

  • 40% Americans do the ironing naked
    A new survey from Niagara Spray Starch claims that nearly twice the number of the "under 44s" do the ironing naked that the "over 44s".

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  13 June 2003

  • Mark Roberts: serial streaker
    Christopher Clarey take a look at Britain's famous streaker, who says that streaking is like getting in the bath.

  • Should you consider a threesome
    Tristan Taormino investigates how and why you might want to consider a third person in bed, and why you wouldn't.

  • Sex tops the book lists
    Madonna's aluminium covered 1992 book Sex, is the most sought after book in the arts and music lists.

  • Sex in drinks ad ban?
    Britain's advertising regulator may stop the use of sex in adverts after one showed a women having an orgasm, and another showing a women pouring lager over herself.

  • A history of the c-word
    The word 'cunt' goes back to the middle ages. Matthew Hunt's dissertation provides an etymology. [Source from Daze Reader

  12 June 2003

  • Fish turned on by porn
    Scientists at the University of Fribourg have discovered that sticklebacks ejaculate more sperm if shown film of other flirting fish.

  • Stripper's rights violated
    Sharon C. Boyd appealed her arrest in a strip club where dancers were wearing panties and G-strings. The Virginia Court of Appeals found that she was singled out for "selective enforcement" of an unconstitutionally vague law.

  • Sex influenced the "naked ape"
    Humans lost their body hair to prevent parasites, with small patches remaining to enhance sexual pheromone signals.

  • Artist makes penis & vagina plate
    Chilean artist Paula Anguita features plates decorated with the human anatomy.

  • Japan opens porn film study school
    Veteran porn star Shinji Kubo has opened AV Cultures School which given student a chance to learn what goes on in adult movies. [Web site (Japanese)]

  11 June 2003

  • Oral sex in play
    A Canadian playwrite has caught the eye of the police since his Public Sex, Art and Democracy promises oral sex. Police say they won't do anything unless there is a complaint.

  • Survivor in Playboy
    The $1-million winner of the reality TV program Survivor will appear nude in the August issue of Playboy.

  • Mandy Moore almost naked
    Singer turned actor Mandy Moore has picked a butt double to substitute her bottom in a nude scene in her forthcoming movie.

  • Korean sex museum arrives
    The Asia Eros Museum has been open a month now, highlighted by a giant stone phallic symbol. [Source from Daze Reader

  • sex.com appeal refused
    The man who fraudulent acquired the domain name has had his appeal refused.

  • Norwegians have sex
    A recent survey shows that just over a third of Norewegians have sex 2-3 times a week.

  10 June 2003

  • Japan and pelvic floor exercises
    Japanese women are using a variety of exercises to tighten their vaginal muscles.

  • Site exposed reality TV porn
    The Smoking Gun Web site aims to find the more embarrassing moments of reality TV contestants, such as those that have appeared in porn films.

  • Nude Calendar saves garden estate
    The 12 members of the garden's management group that includes men and women from ages 39 to 78, have produce a nude calendar and $116,000.

  • Streaker goes to court
    British serial streaker Mark Roberts will appear in court today after streaking onto the Philippe Chatrier centre court during the men's singles final of the French Open.

  • "Penis" comes to Philadelphia
    The "Puppetry of the Penis" originated in Australia and done Europe and canada. Now the "genital origami" plays to audiences at the Wilma Theater.

  9 June 2003

  8 June 2003

  • TV sex decline exagerated
    Noel Holston investigates whether there really has been a decline in sex on TV, which the Parents Television Council defines as "nudity, sexual innuendo, suggestive comments or jokes, and allusions to specific sexual acts".

  • Obscene Barbie pulled
    Wal Mart has removed a pregnant, married version of Barbie, claiming it is obscene. One mother is aghast that she has spent many months of her life in an "obscene" state.

  • Sex shops coming to the suburbs
    ...except that they are not called "sex shop" (because they don't sell sex), and more are becoming women-friendly.

  • 'Secretary' a kinky film
    Steven Shainberg's new film set out to be provocative, and investigates the fetish of S&M.;

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