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  Daily Weekly Monthly   22 - 30 November 2002  

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22 - 30 November 2002

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  30 November 2002

  • What Scotsmen wear under their kilts
    A new survey from the makers of The Famous Grouse whisky has found that 70% of Scotsmen follow tradition, and wear nothing under their kilt.

  • Norwegians tax female strippers more
    Norway's gender equality watchdog is investigating claims that women strippers are taxed more than men, because they are classed as entertainers, whereas the men are considered "artists".

  • Giant condom banned
    Parents complained to police about a 7-foot tall condom being displayed in a shopping centre as part of Worlds Aids Day.

  • Hookers more at peace than strippers
    A documentary film maker found that the prostitutes working at the Cathouse brothel in Nevada, were "more at peace than the dancers".

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  29 November 2002

  28 November 2002

  27 November 2002

  26 November 2002

  • Panda porn tries to turn on pandas
    Pandas loose interest in sex once they are in captivity. Scientists are using what has been called panda porn to encourage them to mate.

  • What sex is your brain?
    A BBC Web site lets you discover whether your brain thinks like a man or a woman... or both.

  • UK Erotica festival a success
    60,000 people were predicted to visit this year's festival with 220 stalls selling everything from sex goods to chocolate massages. [More]

  • Brits have more sex than the Americans
    The Durex Global Sex survey discovered that Brits have sex on average 149 times a year, compared to the Americans (138 times), but loosing out to the French (167 times per year).

  • Porn still profitable
    Despite the downfall of the US economy in many areas, the porn business still thrives.

  25 November 2002

  24 November 2002

  • Leonard Nimoy's book of nudes
    The man who played Spock in Star Trek has brought out a book Shekhina which the author says explores "the feminine aspect of God", and features nudes wearing ritual prayer items.

  • Try a sex toy for Christmas
    No longer confined to seedy sex shop, even main stream stores are selling erotic gifts this year. [Photos]

  23 November 2002

  22 November 2002

  • University to review porn film
    Officials at Indiana University said that they will look at the porn film made with students to decide whether to take legal action.

  • Reality TV show visits brothel
    An HBO documentarty visits a Nevade brothel and shows clients haggling with prostitutes. Clients include a mother with her 22 year old son, and a married couple.

  • Rob Nelson gets naked on TV
    Talk show host wonders what it is like be a nudist by putting himself to the test.

  • Porn king complains to police
    A self-style king of porn in Belgium has complained to police that an exhibition, Porno Around the World, includes exhibits that he cannot sell by law. [Web site]

  • Japanese toy maker designs vibrators
    Takashi Eto begun making kids toys, but moved over to making sex toys. In 1985 he made the country's first waterproof vibrator, the Suichuhana.

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