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  14 August 2002

  • University students loose virginity
    A survey in Indonesian found that over 97% of female students had lost their "physical virginity" through intercourse of masturbation.

  • A pain in the V----
    Massachusetts gynecologist Elizabeth Stewart's new book: "The V Book: A Doctor's Guide to Complete Vulvovaginal Health" covers the function of the vagina, and its misfunction. [More]

  • My first time on a nude beach
    Nerve.com's Grant Stoddard visits a nude beach for the first time, and reports his findings. [Photos]

[Pictures of naked people]
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  13 August 2002

  • TV station steals charity's willy
    UK TV station Channel 4 and one of its programme's Eurotrash, is accused of using a penis shaped award that was devised by the charity in an event that raises money for a disabled organisation.

  • Some Catholics pro choice
    Although nearly no Catholic colleges offer condoms to students, off campus, students make the final decision. Catholics For a Free Choice also support abortion rights, and access to contraception.

  • Should my 16 year old daughter have sex?
    Mariella Frostrup investigates not whether she should, but whether you should know, and if you don't, why you should.

  • Porn publisher earned 7m ($10m)
    David Sullivan, the publisher of the Sport newspaper, paid himself 7m. However, he gave away his porn magazines last year to the Gold brothers... for nothing.

  12 August 2002
  • The sex trade in Canada
    Dan Gardner investigate the trade in and around Edmonton, from street prostitution to escort.

  • Adult chain may challenger government
    The Ann Summers chain of stores, that sell erotic fashion and adult toys, may take the government to court, because job centres will not advertise for staff for them. They are barred from advertising for jobs in the "sex or personal services industry". [More] >> No doubt jobs in the drinks/tobacco industry, that kills tens of thousands each year is quite acceptable.

  • Nude gardener's conviction quashed
    A man convicted of gardening in the nude in 2000, had his conviction thrown out. A subsequent charge of harassment against the gardener has also been voided. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  11 August 2002
  • Actor discovers role is naked
    An understudy was on his way to the Edinburgh Fringe to play the leading man in Head Games, found out only a couple of days before the show that he to be on stage naked.

  • Compensation for naked Dietrich pictures
    Two magazines that printed a photo that claimed to the late Marlene Dietrich, were sued by her daugher for infringed of her mother's rights.

  10 August 2002
  • Sex makes women sprinters faster
    The German track coach said that women sprinters go faster after sex, and they have the evidence to proove it. But it's not the same for men whose testosterone fall after sex, unlike the women whose levels rise.

  • The slice of lemon contraceptive
    A slice of lemon inserted into the vagina is a traditional Thai contraceptive, but Thai politicians are investigating the claim.

  9 August 2002
  • Burnel Penhaul "Transformer" dies young
    Known to some as the Alternative Miss World from 1991-5, to others as the outrageously dressed Transformer at the Sexual Freedom Parades, Burnel Penhaul died on Monday.

  • Catherine Millet talks about book
    Her book, The Sexual Life of Catherine M, is an explicit autobiography that has been read around the world. [More]

  • Porn expo sells out
    The hotel hosting this weekend's Internext Expo has sold out of rooms. [Event details]

  • 8% of golfers have had sex on course
    A new survey shows that although one in 12 golfers have had sex on the course, this figure rises to 18% for those with a low handicap. >> Isn't this proof that sex affects your game?

  • A third of people call a vagina a vagina
    Josey Vogels has run several polls, such the prefered name for the vagina, but also on people's most outrageous sexual fantasy (a fifth would like someone to watch), and the best way to get wet

  8 August 2002
  • Canadian couple arrested having sex in car
    The police in Ontario discovered the "occupants of the vehicle were engaged in activities other than that normally expected of persons driving an automobile."

  • Club announced next naked event
    The Club, Hotdog is staging its next event at Leicester University's Student Union on October 5, and party-goes are encouraged to come naked, or wearing leather, lingerie or bikinis.

  • Teens grab chlamydia testing kits
    About 1500 free kits offered by the Healthy Respect project, have been snapped up by Scottish kids, who are often too embarrassed to visit clinics.

  • Teacher adds kissing lessons to classes
    A teacher at a school in Uganda has added kissing and sex skills to the curriculum

  • James Bond in hot sex scene
    The next Bond film Die Another Day may include a hot sex scene, filmed for the 20th movie. The usual PG would mean it would have to be cut.

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