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  Daily Weekly Monthly   22 - 31 May 2002  

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22 - 31 May 2002

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  31 May 2002

  • Sexy book is a must read
    "The Sexual Life of Catherine M." is a blockbuster, selling more than 300,000 copies in France. A translation is now set to hit America.

  • New York sex museum set to open
    The museum of sex (also called MoSex), will open on 23rd September, and plans to take a scholarly look at "sex in the city".

  • Sex shop chain profits increase
    The only sex shop chain listed no the German stock exchange, Beate Uhse, said that profits for the first quarter of the year had increased 21%, and had had higher sales outside Germany.

  • Americans ignorant about sex
    Despite a media full of sex, Americans don't seem to understand human sexual behaviour. And sex research is not always supported.

  • From pornographer to press baron
    Richard Desmond owned a string of soft-core top-shelf magazines, but now owns one of the countries national newspapers.

  • Columnists catty of pussy
    Not everyone likes the word "pussy", though it does seem to be very popular with many people. Nerve magazine's Em & Lo explains.

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  30 May 2002

  29 May 2002
  • UK censor cuts more films
    The British Board of Film Classification has cut more films this year, partly due to the increase in submission of the number of sex films.

  • Naked man foils robbers
    Two robbers who broke into the house of an 80-year-old, didn't bargain with Joseph Eastham who was enjoying a bath. On being threatened for money, he jumped out of the bath and fought them off naked.

  28 May 2002
  • Nudists have nowhere to hide arms
    Nudists who use a local beach close to the forthcoming NATO conference, have asked that their beach be left open; as they pointed out, nudists have no place to hide weapons.

  • Fewer people complained about Baise-Moi
    Before the film was banned in Australia, only a couple of people who saw the film had complained about it to the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

  27 May 2002
  • Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock...
    ..are they together for love and sex, or just in Cannes to promote their new film?

  • The Sex Book: a new guide for 2002
    With over 300 pages, sections on pleasure zone, how to make the best of a twosome or even going solo, and good health advice, the book has been described as The Joy of Sex for the twenty-first century.

  • Drug lasts longer than Viagra
    36 hours after taking Cialis, patients are still able to have erections. The drug could be out in the USA in a year.

  26 May 2002
  • World Cup Soccer sex is OK
    Ecuadorian soccer coach Hernan Dario Gomez says that it's okay for his players to have sex before a game because it's very gratifying. Unfortunately none of the team's wives or girlfriends are with them.

  • Women talk about sex more than men
    A recent study at Penn State University showed that women talked more about sexual behaviour, dating, contraception, and related matter than men.

  • Gay researcher dies
    Dr. Alan P. Bell who pioneered the Kinsey Institute study on gay sexuality has died aged 70. He wasn't gay himself. His studies showed that gay people were well-adjusted individuals.

  25 May 2002
  • We'd rather die than strip
    Potential anthrax attacks are best treated by stripping and hosing down. But possible victims would rather die than strip in front of co-workers.

  • Big Brother bonk could cost millions
    Book makers have reduced the odds, from 20-to-1 down to 2-to-1, that two of the contestants in the UK's series 3 Big Brother will have sex.

  • New sex toy for pigs
    A company has developed a vibrator for sows to ensure that they enjoy having sex while being artificially inseminated.

  • The ins and outs of sex
    Nerve magazine's Em and Low take another look at sex advice, including how your diet can make your partner taste different, to a good source of lube.

  24 May 2002
  • Playboy show "Girl Next Door" semi-finalists
    Runners-up of the behind-the-scenes programme "Girl Next Door: The Search For a Playboy Centerfold", now have their nude pictorials avaialable on the Playboy Web site.

  • Nude model form union
    The new Philadelphia Models Guild who pose nude for art students, wants a descent place to change, somewhere to hang-up street to clothes, and a little more appreciation.

  • Court confiscates streaker's trousers
    A man who streaked in front of the Queen's Rolls Royce with the words "Rude Britannia" written on his buttocks, has had his velcro trousers forfeited by a local court.

  • Caesar’s Roman Orgy cruise a hit
    For the last two years, Caesar’s Roman Orgy — 'New England’s Naughty, Sexy, R-Rated Party Cruise', has been setting sail. No sex is supposed to take place. [Sourced from Daze Reader]

  23 May 2002
  • Semi-naked advert returns
    An advertisement of a partially naked man, had been allowed back to subway stations after hundreds of women complained about its removal. [Photo] [more]

  • Sex store want job ad ban lifted
    The high street chain Ann Summers has asked the government to lift a ban on its adverts in job centres, which does not allow adverts for the sex industry. >> But it's okay to sell alcohol that kills million.

  • Average UK man has sex twice a week
    ... and each session lasts just over 3 minutes. He also has an average seven inch erection, according to new surveys.

  • Erotic TV encourages teen sex
    New research shows that teens who watch TV programmes with sexual content seem to have more sex than those who don't. But the research doesn't show which is the cause of the other.

  22 May 2002
  • Penthouse settles topless photo case
    Penthouse magazine who published photos which it claimed was Anna Kournikova, but turned out to be Judith Soltesz-Benetton, has settle with the former model out of court, but still has to face the tennis player in court. [more]

  • UK sexually transmitted disease epidemic warning
    Britain could be on the verge of an STD epidemic because there isn't enough money to fight them.

  • Disabled sex exhibit supported
    A film called Kimaru-San has been given the go-ahead by local council. It features an artist performing sex on a disabled man.

  • Streaker banned from the World Cup
    Britain's most prolific streaker, Mark Roberts, must hand in his passport so that he can't travel to the World Cup. He recently streaked on front of a TV audience of one billion.

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