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1 - 7 May 2002

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  7 May 2002

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  6 May 2002

  • Nude art exhibition in Connecticut
    "The Body Revealed: Two Hundred Years of the American Nude," is an exhibition on display at the New Britain Museum of American Art, and features a range of PG to R-rated images. [Images] [Museum]

  • Sex on TV lacks context
    From fisting to swinging couples, young adults can pick up all kinds of references to sexual activity, but is it in context? Yvonne Roberts investigates.

  5 May 2002   4 May 2002
  • Baise-Moi: real sex on screen
    Released in the UK, Giles Whittell reviews the new release, and finds that it lacks eroticism. [More]

  • Mago: 825 nude amateur actors
    The new Korean film Mago, features over 800 nude actors, including a hundred young women from Seoul colleges. The film compares the mythical version of Genisis with the modern distructive way of life.

  • Britney is not a virgin
    Britney Spear's ex boy friend, Justine Timberlake, reportedly told a passenger on a plane that she lost her virginity "a while ago", and that "he should know". [more]

  • We would show Big Brother sex
    Channel 4's new series of Big Brother starts soon, and although it is though unlike to happen, the programme makers said they would show it.

  3 May 2002
  • Japanese sex industry is booming
    The $15-billion industry has increase 5% over the last five years, thanks to porn films, prostitution, massage parlours and love hotels. And porn star Nana Mizuno claims to have earned $230,000 from the 100 films she was in last year.

  • Naked nerds sites is just that
    Cloei Carson is the webmistress and brains behind the site about naked nerds: girls with brains, glasses, and an air of geekiness. [Web site]

  • "Youth, Pornography, and the Internet"
    This government commissioned report looks at how to protect youngsters from pornography. [More] [The Report]

  • Bank evicts nudists
    Beau Brummell and his wife Cecelia appeared naked on the cover of Natal Witness magazine, apparently resulting in the bank that owns their flat sending them an eviction notice.

  • Judge: you must pose nude
    Superior Court Judge has asked a female defendant to posed naked in order that the photos be used as evidence against her.

  • Ballet features 10 mins nude solo
    Dancer Nagista Shirai does a 10 minute naked solo in the ballet The Rite of Spring which is "very central to the piece". [Photos]

  • Northern gals more likely to have sex
    According to a new survey, British girls from the North are twice as likely to have sex with a stranger than girls from the South.

  2 May 2002
  • National Masturbation Month is here
    With a fun-raising weekend, and Hall of Fame, there's something for everyone.

  • Gay TV channel set to launch
    USA and Canadian TV channels are looking at setting-up premium gay TV channels. The Canadian channel has a number of programmes lined up, including a gay sports comedy, a sex advice show, and Dyke TV.

  • Going Down: the new book on oral sex
    David Bowman interviews the authors of the book, who are editors of the gay lifestyle publication, Instinct magazine.

  • About the first time: masturbating
    Emily Nagoski says that on a date, she likes to ask people about the first time they masturbated; and they often tell her in intimate detail.

  • Sex consulting firm opens
    An adult film star and erotic writer has started Eros Consulting, a company that aims to help Hollywood portray the sex industry more realistically.

  1 May 2002
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Spring Fever Sex Show
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Euoprean Body Painting Festival
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Annual Lifestyles Convention
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•  30 Aug - 2 Sept 2002:
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•  Nov 2002:
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•  2 - 9 Nov 2002:
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•  21 - 24 Nov 2002:
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•  Sometime in 2002:
Kinky Pie
, New adult TV channel, UK

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