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8 - 14 April 2002

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  14 April 2002

  • Australian censors okay Basie Moi
    The Australian censors have allowed the controversial film Baise Moi an 18+ rating and uncut. In the UK 8 seconds of the film were cut.

  • Nude scene censored in play
    Cumberland County College's production of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" has had one of its two nude scenes covered up. Ticket sales had tripled.

  • Flu-like syndrome after orgasm
    A Dutch doctor says that some middle-age men are complaining of flu-like symptom for up to a week after having an orgasm, including extreme tiredness, sore thoat and eye irritation. It's not known whether it is a new syndrome. nor what is the cause. [more]

  • Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is 76
    The Playboy story is fairly well-known, and Hefner, who claims to have slept with over 100 women, is still consider cool. The magazine was banned from Ireland until 1996.

  • Wanted: Prostitutes for brother
    A Dutch job centre is advertising for prostitutes to work in a local brothel in Kerkrade. The owner says that he has been unable to find the girls through his usual channels.

  • Human Nature: the new film with pubic hair
    Patricia Arquette plays a nature writer with lots of body hair, and wears a pubic hair wig. Interview by Michael Martin for Nerve.

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  13 April 2002

  • French student nudity row continues
    After the teenage students posed naked for the cover of their student magazine, Ravaillac, lawsuits have been threatened. [Photo] >> Sounds like the students are taking the more mature attitude towards nudity.

  • The Naked Mile could end
    The famous University of Michigan end of term streak by students could end this year, as police have cracked down on the previous two, citing public nudity laws.

  • Ex Mayor does Playboy photoshoot
    After being "thrown out of office", Koleen Brooks, an ex-stripper, has now posed nude for Playboy, the photos will appear on their Web site.

  • Nude life models must cover up
    Glasgow City Council Education officials have told models posing naked for teens on behalf of the Royal Academy of Arts, that they must wear leotards. The Council doesn't want to offend the teens' parents. >> Er, but the parents aren't drawing the nudes. [More]

  • David Beckham nude in advert
    The England captain posed naked, except for a pair of Police sunglasses. But the manufacturers says its sent out the posters by mistake. But the poster is already appearing on a fleet of buses.

  12 April 2002
  • Student in Playboy for not being nude
    University of Alberta, medical student, Kelly Shinkaruk will be in July's Playboy. She recent posted nude photos of herself when running to become a students' union vice-president. But on talking to the media, she broke the election rules and was disqualified, Hence the article, rather than photo spread in Playboy.

  • Nude Maddona painting unveiled
    Artist Peter Howson thinks that Madonna's partner, Guy Richie might not approve of his paintings of his wife nude. [Photo] [More & Photo]

  • Genital Origami should be banned
    Tauranga District Council in New Zealand was criticised for not banning performances of Puppetry of the Penis on council property. The mayor was unapologetic, pointing out the critics did not have to attend.

  • Hotel home to swingers convention
    The Lifestyles Organization has rented an entire 17-story hotel on Miami Beach for their annual conventional. Hotel staff have been given the option to take time off; there were no takers.

  • 18th century mens' sex club in Scotland
    The Beggar's Benison was a sex club for men, and The Wig Club (found in 1775) included a box containing the pubic hair of one of the king's mistresses. [more]

  11 April 2002
  • Sexual prowess beer advert banned
    An advert for a pint of beer in a "ribbed glass", implied that the beer enhance sexual performance, according to Alcohol Concern and Advertising Standards Authority

  • Sex books for women more popular
    Women are no longer shy in purchasing books that improve their sex lives. Three popular ones include Her Way, and Getting The Sex You Want, and Satisfaction: The Art Of Female Orgasm.

  • Man arrested for placing sex adverts
    The 64-year-old Japanese man was arrested for advertising "stimulating massages" and other sexual services.

  • Women's magazine lie about sex
    Articles on sex in womens' magazine are sometimes made up, or even bend the truth somewhat. >> They sound like men to me.

  • May's Masturbate-A-Thon is for a good cause
    There are four categories in which people can register, including Plug In, Turn On, Lube Up or Get Off. The person who raises the most cash in each category wins $100.

  10 April 2002
  • Explicit movie released uncut
    The Mexican film Y Tu Mamá También (And Your Mother, Too), is explicit, but apparently innocent at the same time. Even the American censored preferred the film uncut.

  • Nigerian pornography is extensive but illegal
    The material seems to be read by teenagers, pupils in schools, and young people alike, and titles include Better Lover and Nipples. The police want to clamp down, as they would do with makossa/mapoka nude dancing.

  • Some progress against female circumcisiom
    The procedure is supposed to elavate a woman to hightened levels of motherhood. The number is put at 130 million. But it is harder to convince women to give up the practice, than men.

  9 April 2002
  • Web site tests for sex addition
    Singapore is not known for its tolerance of pornography, so it's no surprise that the Ministry of Health site asks questions such "Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?", and "Do you regularly purchase romance novels" [Test site]

  • Honor Blackman to lead Vagina Monologues
    A new run at London's New Ambassadors Theatre from April 22 will feature the ex-Bond girl and Avenger. [Official site]

  • Pub bans condom beer mats
    A landlord has banned beer mats which promote the use of condom because he feels they go over the top, and could make his customers feel too sexy. [Beer mat photo]

  • Web site and clit stimulators
    Readers want to know how to start their own exhibitionist Web site, and where they can find a remote control clit stimultor. Jossey Vogels answers.

  • Child sexuality book receives criticism
    Judith Levine's new book Harmful to Minors is out next month. But it causes a dilemma: on the one hand, worries about child molesting, and on the other, an acknowledgement that children can be sexual being.

  8 April 2002

  • Penthouse Magazine not doing well
    There is "substantial doubt" that the magazine can continue, according to the company's annual report filed last week. Publisher Bob Guccione has put his $40m house on the market.

  • Chinese sex toy maker wants home sales
    Wenzhou Loves Health Products is in the world top 10 of manufacturers of erotica. 70% of their market is the USA and Europe, but selling to the Chinese market is not easy. They also spend $400,000 on research each year.

  • French students naked on magazine cover
    The 28-page student magazine, Ravaillac, features the three boys and two girls naked on the cover. The headmaster of the Henri IV lycee has banned the magazine.

  • Transsexuals accepted more in China
    The first operation in China was performed in 1986, and official figures claim there are now 400,000 transsexuals. In 1996, four transsexuals were married.

  • UK adult TV groups seeks answers
    The TV Group who are launching a new UK adult TV channel this year, want your help to make the channel as good as possible, and invite you to complete their survey.

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