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22 - 31 March 2002

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  31 March 2002

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  30 March 2002

  • Naked man walks over Sydney Bridge
    A man walked to the top of one of the Sydney Harbour Bridge arches, stripped naked, and walked down the other side before being arrested by police. Traffic was stopped.

  • No sex for democracy supporters
    Gregory Senvuma, Assistant Resident District Commissioner, has told women they should stop having sex with their husbands if they support the multiparty system.

  • 12 mini-penises discovered in museum
    The stunt was set-up by little-known artist Rudy Meganck. He had dress-up some of them, puts hats on some, all with the hope of getting his name know. Police removed the exhibit. The penises will now go on show in the condom museum in the French town of Condom

  • Teens appear naked in student magazine
    Five teens from the well-known Henri-IV lycee have posed naked on the cover of their student magazine in an issue featuring sex. Removable pieces of sticky tape cover the more risque areas of their anatomy.

  29 March 2002
  • Edinburgh businesses invest is sex
    Two firms are putting money into the upmarket sex industry. One plans to open a massage parlour, and Spearmint Rhino plans a "sex multiplex".

  • Toronto nude beach popular for tourism
    After a successful pilot project, a local committee recommends that the City of Toronto makes the clothing optional beach a permanent feature. A city councillor originally opposed to the beach now says that it will be good for tourism.

  • Egyptians give permission for Sex School
    The first script for the film "Sex Script" was rejected in 1971, but now after 30 years, the official censor thinks that Egypt is ready. The only change from the original script is the film's title, now called "The Ostrich and the Peacock"

  • Big breast aren't best
    According to a new survey, over half of men prefer medium sized breasts, and four-fifths would have them if they were a woman. The results are part of Gossards National Cleavage Day on March 30.

  28 March 2002
  • Sleep sex disorder identified
    Scientists have coined the term "sleep sex" to describe the situation where people try to make love to their sleeping partners, and awaking in the morning without remembering; it is similar to sleep walking.

  • Man can be nude in his back garden
    A man convicted of indecent exposure for being naked in his own back yard, has had the ruling overturned by three Superior Court judges, who said that he was not drawing attention to himself, and nor was he in public. State prosecutors now say he could be charged with disorderly conduct. [more]

  • Ali G posted banned as pornographic
    The poster received over a 100 complaints in a week, and shows Ali G with his hand on a woman's naked bottom. Since the poster could be seen by children, the advertising watchdog asked for the poster to be removed.

  • 21-year-old voted sexiest fat guy
    Kieran Jordan, a gas-pipe fitter from North Shields has been voted Britain's sexiest fat man by readers of Chat magazine. He was nominated by his girlfriend, and wins £1000 (about $1500)

  27 March 2002
  • UK adult TV channel to launch
    The TV Group is planning the channel for Sky Digital. Plans are at a fairly early stage, to the extent that they want potential viewers to help them plan the station.

  • European mobile phones offer porn
    A new mobile Internet service from i-mode launches on April 4 in the Netherlands, and plans to offer porn on handsets with large colour displays.

  • "Murderer" had sex doll collection
    On the tip-off from a neightbour who had seen the man carry a dead body on his shoulder, police raid the home to discover that the man only had a collection of sex dolls, and "body" turned out to be a silicon model

  • E.T The Extraterrestrial, and the porn movie
    Although it bombed the first time around, a 1985 porn film is expected to do better with the re-release of the Spielberg film. Ron Jeremy directed E.3: The Extra Testicle, and it should be out on DVD later this year.

  26 March 2002
  • NYPD star goes naked
    Charlotte Ross is protesting naked for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as part of their Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign. The advert says "I'd rather show my buns than wear fur" [photo]

  • Heathcliff gets a sex change
    Emily Brontė's classic book Wuthering Heights is to get a new twist in a forthcoming BBC drama when the main character Heathcliff is cast as a working class woman called Carol Bolton.

  • Playboy wants the women of Enron
    Having lost their shirts to the global multinational company, Playboy would like some of the former employees to do the same for Playboy.

  • Korean photoshoot charges dropped
    The two women arrested for taking part in a nude photo shoot outside historic Fort San Pedro, have been released. It is suggested that there was not enough evidence, although others suggested that it was to prevent a diplomatic protest. [Story now pulled from site]

  25 March 2002
  • Librarians fight against porn filtering
    Claiming it not only goes again free speech, they say that porn filtering software is imperfect, and can block sites providing important health, sexuality and social issues.

  • Greek Big Brother ban overturned
    The Greek television watchdog voted 8-to-1 to allow the programme to continue broadcasting, despite the National Council for Radio and Television wanting otherwise. [Big Brother Greece]

  • Koreans arrested over nude photoshoot
    Police say they arrest nine people after complaints concerning the nude photoshoot in a local park, meant for use in a calendar. It is claimed that the women wore flesh-colour tights. Photographs are being processed to see what develops. [Story now pulled from site]

  • Men exaggerate in sex survey
    The Alan Guttmacher Institute promotes mens' health, and have released what they say is the first comprehensive survey on the subject. For example, men apparently overstate their sexual activity, while women understate theirs. [88-page Report]

  • Girls' visits to gynecologists
    According to Dr. Ursula Steadman, an obstetrician-gynecologist with the University of Connecticut Health Center, girls should start visits around puberty, but that is does not necessitate a pelvic examination.

  24 March 2002
  • Miss Thailand was not really nude
    Photographs of Miss Thailand were digitally altered to make her appear nude. But contest organisers have said that they will not work with her again.

  • Sexual extremes not for everyone
    Whether its having sex with the most number of people, or having the smallest penis or biggest clitoris, sexual superlatives are not for everyone.

  • Half of men have been caught masturbating
    According to the new public poll, they are most often caught by parents, friends and partners. All the men who took the survey admitted to having masturbated.

  • 9 out of 10 women masturbate frequently
    According to a similar public poll, they do so between once a day, and a couple of times a week. And nearly half have masturbated at work, and 70% in company.

  • Good Vibrations launch 25th Anniversary Survey
    To coincide with their new book, The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex, due out in November, the company is requesting men and women's though on all aspects of sex.

  23 March 2002
  • Greek Big Brother suspended
    Greek TV regulators have banned Big Brother after showing scenes that include nudity and suggestions of sex.

  • 75% Irish loose virginity before aged 20
    ...and half do not use protection. And 40% say they have had a one-night stand with a stranger. The 'Generation Sex', programme was broadcast last night.

  • Topless barber owner prosecuted
    Allegedly, the topless haircutters offered undercover policemen sexual favours, who had been sent in after residents complained. The barbershop is in Hot Springs, Arkansas

  • Condom wrapper contest
    Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania are holding its 4th Annual Stiff Competition: Seminal Moments in American History, in which artists have to design a condom wrapper of an historic American event.

  22 March 2002
  • Malaysia tightens censorship laws
    The Film Censorship Act 2002 comes into force on April 1st, and convicted pornographers can expect fines of up to about $15000, or 5 years in prison.

  • Tree condoms encourage Aborigines
    The local health service in Fitzroy Crossing in north Australian, started hanging condoms on the tree of a local gathering point, which has successfully encouraged the local Aborigines to make good use of them. Cases of STDs have declined.

  • Sex in the City bans Britney appearance
    Sarah Jessica Parker has reported banned an appearance by the pop star, allegedly because it would make her look like an old maid.

  • Breastfeeding advert rating downgraded
    The Australian breastfeeding advert rating PG (see yesterday, below), has had its rating reduced to a G-rating so that it can be broadcast at any time of the day. >> Common sense prevails!

  • Disabled offered prostitution subsidy
    A Belgian councillor who is disabled himself, wants disabled people to receive money to help them to be able to visit prostitutes and fullfull their sex lives. He suggests £380 (about $500) per month.

  • Man plans sex with 20 women in a day
    It will be a world record if the man reaches orgasm with all 20 women. The current record is 14 women, and is held by porn star Rocco Siffredi.

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