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  Daily Weekly Monthly   8 - 14 March 2003  

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8 - 14 March 2003

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  14 March 2002

  • Rapper Treach stars in porn film
    Treach from the rap group Naughty By Nature, stars in a new DVD "Treach’s Naturally Naughty Porno Movie", going one better than Snoop Dogg in "Doggystyle" who made the headlines without even taking his clothes off.

  • Adam and Eve naked and pregnant
    St Mungo's RC Church in Glasgow has commissioned a stained glass window featuring the couple moments before realising their nakedness.

  • Everything about sex... in the 1850s
    Becklard's Physiology, published in 1845 was one of the first books available on sex. Written by a French physiologist Eugene Becklard, and translated by Philip M. Howard, it is quite rare.

  • Sploshing: the viscous material fetish
    Grant Stoddard investigates the sexual enjoyment from throwing gooey stuff around, from paint to chocolate sauce.

  • Women cheat more than men
    According to a new survey in Cosmopolitan survey, women cheat more than men, but "only" an extra 4% of them.

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  13 March 2002

  • 2002 sees Irish sex signals
    From a new comedy series taking placing in a swinger's house, to an actual swingers' club that's opening in Bray, Irish attitudes are changing.

  • Singer sues use of Lollipop Lips
    The song was used in an oral sex scene of a pornographic movie, and now singer Connie Francis is suing, alleging the company has tarnished her wholesome image.

  • Hollywood will show explicit sex
    John Walters, director of Serial Mom and Hairspray, predicts that Hollywood will be showing explicit sex within 10 years. Foreign films Intimacy and Fat Girl already have, so it is only a matter of time before Hollywood does.

  12 March 2002
  • Andie MacDowell: partially nude
    In her new film "Crush", she has a partial nude scene. Her previous husband had not wanted her to do anything racy. Now she says "I feel sexier, more in control and more vivacious than I ever have".

  • Theatre nudity puts bums on seats
    On news that Kathleen Turner was going to appear nude in The Graduate, the box office took £98,000 on one day. But male nudity doesn't have the same impact.

  • Married sex or dating sex?
    Nerve's Lisa Carver asks which is better, sex in marriage, or sex while just dating? Several people give their opinion

  • The Mammoth Book of Erotica published
    But is it erotic? Apparently there are no pictures of penises, and although there are semi-nude women, none are even naughty, says reviewer Dave Patrick for Spectator.

  11 March 2002
  • Disease site criticized for sex positive link
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site has a link to the Coalition for Positive Sexuality Web site, which gives advice about sex, pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Physicians and some Republicans have complained

  • French film poster banned on Underground
    A poster for the French film Baise-Moi, meaning "Fuck Me" has been banned by London Undergrounds because it might offend French visitors. [more]

  • Virgin talks to Playboy
    Virgin Mobile in the UK is talking to Playboy about supplying softcore adult material. Hutchison 3G has already appointed a "head of adult services". [more]

  10 March 2002
  • Cosmopolitan to run suggestive adverts
    One billboard features a fake fur purse opened to show a pink lining with the caption "SHOPPING (and sex)". Another features a lipstick shot to look like a vibrator. [photo]

  • Finnish gay marriages recognised
    Friday 8th March is the first day that same sex marriages are officially recognised in Finland, and dozens of gay and lesbian couples have taken advantage of the opportunity around the country.

  • Gay marriages accepted by early Christianity
    The Canadian Senate was told that same-sex marriages went back hundreds of years, such as an example in 1578 performed by the Church of St. John of the Latin Gate.

  • Swingers charged with running sex business
    Two undercover cops paid $40 to attend a swingers' party at a Los Angeles house, and then arrested the owner for running a sex business without a licence.

  • France unveils first female condom machine
    Marking International Women's Day, the new pink condom machine was launched in a Paris metro station. Some women protestors have complained that they cost three times the cost of male condoms.

  9 March 2002
  • Film Board taken to court
    The distributor the film Fat Girl has taken the Ontario Film Review Board to court for banning the film under the provincial Theatres Act since the film depicts nudity of someone who appears under age.

  • 26-year-old has uterus transplant
    The procedure is described in International Journal of Gynaecology & Obstetrics. The donor organ came from a 46-year-old.

  • Sex is becoming mundane
    ...according to the Journal of Mundane Behavior who have a special issue on "Mundane Sex", from Frivolity, to Home Made porn

  • 27-year-old turned down to play virgin
    Bethany Halliday lost her sex discrimination case after being dismissed for playing a virgin in the Pirates of Penzance. She was heavily pregnant at the time.

  8 March 2002
  • Explicit Bond films covered up
    Diamonds Are Forever is relatively mild as 007 films go, such as including a little bit of cleavage. But it's too much for ABC who recently added a bra to a Bond girl's back, and change another's underwear from tan to black [more]

  • Sacked photographers appear naked
    Dismissed from the Corbis Sygma agency, owned by billionaire Bill Gates, 17 photographers appeared naked in a French magazine, with only camera props to cover their modesty.

  • Playboy confirms visit to Colorado University
    The magazine will arrive in town at an undisclosed location between April 9 to 10, where upwards of 100 students are expected to audition for the magazine appearing in August.

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