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1 - 7 March 2002

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  7 March 2002

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  6 March 2002

  5 March 2002
  • Tony Blair wears nude on his sleeve
    The Prime Minister wore a Paul Smith shirt on his tour to Australia which apparently has a picture of a nude, but it can only be seen on turning up the cuffs. [photo] [more]

  • Selma Blair nudity covered up in film
    Todd Solondz's film "Storytelling" has a big red box censoring Selma Blair in an interracial sex scene, just to get a R-rating. She wonder's what is wrong with her bare butt.

  • The Striptease workout reaches New York
    As pole dancing and striptease becomes chic, celebrities are eyeing up the professionals and installing their own poles. Apparently Daryl Hannah, Zoe Ball and Pamela Anderson all have one.

  • Aberdeen could create Red Light zone
    Following on from Amsterdam, Aberdeen could be Scotland's first city to tolerate brothels and prostitution. The leader of Aberdeen City Council, Councillor Len Ironside, would even like the trade decriminalised.

  • Woman aims for world sex record
    Claiming to have has sex with 1400 men already, the 21-year-old, Ramanda Bjanca from Bosnia-Herzegovina want to have sex with more men than anyone else. The Guinness Book of Records says that it wouldn't be interested in listing the record. >> Sounds like an entry for The Illustrated Book of Sexual Records

  4 March 2002
  • Mobile phone operators seek sex
    Everyone knows that sex sells, including the likes of VirginXtras, the adult division of Virgin's mobile phone group. And more importantly, it drives new technology.

  • How celebrities spice up their sex lives
    Whether it's sexy lingerie, candle-lit dinners, or just turning up naked, models and actresses suggest how you can make sure your partner is interested.

  • Celebrities talk sex education
    A new campaign called "Love Them Enough To Talk About Sex" features celebrities explaining some basic facts of life, such as where kids come from, and what condoms are for.

  • Joan Bakewell may be charged with gay poem
    In a BBC programme, Taboo, Bakewell recited part of "The Love That Dares to Speak its Name", an erotic poem portraying Jesus as a sexually active gay man. The programme was reported by the National Viewers and Listeners Association (now called Mediawatch). >> I wonder if Jesus would have reacted in the same way?

  • Uganda has no homosexuals
    The president of Uganda himself claimed that HIV is spread via heterosexual sex since the country has no homosexuals. >> Now imagine the president with his head buried in the sand, feet firmly on the ground...

  • Government spermicide for spunky smuggler
    A prisoner who had his sperm smuggled out of prison, can not be used by his wife, and must be destroyed, according to a local court.

  3 March 2002
  • Prostitutes vote on joining the GMB union
    Members of the International Union of Sex Workers, which includes prostitutes and telephone sex operators, will vote on whether to join Britain's General Union, the GMB. Only sex workers in the Netherlands currently has union support.

  • Porn star's husband suspect of her murder
    Lolo Ferrari who was renowned for her 54G breasts was thought to have died of a drugs overdose two years ago. But at her family's persistent requests, new tests have shown that she was smothered. Her husband is under formal investigation. [more]

  • Ron Jeremy talks about his new documentary
    The world's most famous male porn star has appeared in over 1600 porn films, directed 250, and had sex with about 4000 women. Ron Jeremy comments.

  • The corset: garment of liberation
    It is considered to be erotic because of the affect it has on the female form. Two new books "Bound to Please: A History of the Victorian Corset" by Leigh Summers, and "The Corset: A Cultural History" by Valerie Steele, explain.

  • Exhibition's live sex show cancelled
    Brisbane's Sexpo was to feature a live sex show featuring silhouetted figures having sex. Queensland's Liquor Licensing Division said their licence did not cover the performance. [more]

  • UC Berkeley sexuality class to resume
    Banned a few weeks ago because some of the students attended a strip club featuring one of the instructors having sex, investigations found that the questionable events were not related to the course.

  2 March 2002
  • One in five men view porn at work
    Over three-quarters of companies have policies against viewing online porn, but it doesn't also stop nearly one in twenty women sneaking a look

  • George Michael's new video includes nudity
    Top of the Pop will broadcast only two minutes of the new video, which is said to push the boundaries. Although shown at 7:30pm, an unedited version will be shown on Saturday night.

  • Women learn about sex myths
    Women do not always have simultaneous orgasms with their partners, and nor should they be available for sex with their partners regardless of their wishes.

  1 March 2002
  • .COMs ask Porn sites for advice
    Danni Ashe is the queen of Internet porn sites, and expects to earn about $7-million this year. Not all are as successful, Playboy is reported to have lost $50-million in over 2 years on its site.

  • Naked News continues to entertain
    Founded in 1999, the Webcast now features both male and female nudecasters, and has recently signed its first experienced journalist from a New Jersey TV station. [Web site]

  • "Gaykarta": Worlds first Gay Encyclopedia
    Working with 12 sociologists, psychologists and other scientists, Author Hendrik Pretorius has come up with a CD-ROM consisting of 35,000 articles on everything gay, such as a gay world history, and famous gays.

  • Women, masturbation and stuffed animals
    Guys do it all the time, even boast about. But women still seem to get the wrong message about masturbation... unless you have a furry toy and an empty plastic water bottle.

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