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1 - 7 February 2002

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  7 February 2002

  • Naked female joggers not guilty of indecency
    The law in Maine says that you are guilty of indecent conduct if you knowingly expose your genitals. As one of the defendants pointed out, women's genitals are internal, so no-one could see them. Dismissed! >> Grow up America, naked bodies are not obscene!

  • Blow jobs can help a women become pregnant
    According to the research, exposure to her partner's semen can help a woman's immune system accept the sperm. Women who do not practice fellatio are twice as likely have pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure)

  • "Injaculation": orgasm without the mess
    Grant Stoddard investigate whether pressure on the perineum to prevent expulsion of semen achieves better orgasms. Apparently Taoists, shamans, and tantric practitioner do it all the time.

  • Playboy loses case against ex Playboy Bunny
    Playboy accused ex-Playmate Terri Welles for improper use of their trademark on her books and on her Web site. Now a court has found in favour of Welles, including her use of "playboy" and "playmate" in "meta" tags, as "fair use".

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  6 February 2002

  • Porn stars can't broadcast to the troops
    Athletes, rock and movie stars have broadcast their messages to US troops overseas, but The Armed Forces Radio and Television Services has refused to broadcast similar messages from porn actresses, and they are not allowed to comment on the situation.

  • Private Media cancels $30m share issue
    The porn company had plan to list on the German Neuer Markt, but said that it hadn't attracted sufficient interest.

  • Now Brits want to cover-up naked statues
    Sculptor Rodger Burnett spent months creating two naked women to be displayed at Calderdale Royal Hospital, Halifax. Officials felt they might cause distress to the patients. [photo] >> I thought that a couple of nudes would perk up most patients.

  • Politician poses for Playboy
    Be she says she won't posed naked until she reaches 60... when she is no longer a politician. The Thai legislator, Yu Yueh-hsia, is in the Chinese language version of the magazine.

  • Rare exhibition of erotic images in London
    Guy Bourdin didn't give interviews or publish books, and is little known or his erotic nude women. The exhibition at the Shine Gallery in London only shows 16 images; until 6 Feb. Bourdin died in 1991. [photos]

  • Caribbean "Fantasy Island" now 4 years old
    For a touch under $4000, excutives and couples spend three nights in the company of women of their choice, plus golf, fishing, yachting, and swimming. [Web site]

  5 February 2002
  • Italians regulate prostitution
    In an attempt to get prostitutes off the streets, Italy's Prime Minsister Silvio Berlusconi has suggested regularised brothels. It is thought that 40% of youngsters loose their virginity to prostitutes. [more]

  • 5 limp penises feature in show
    It seems that everyone agrees that a proud erect penis beats a limp on. But 35 years ago, photographs of penises were considered obscene.

  • Many volunteers for sex show
    Sexpo organiser David Ross says that he has had lots of volunteers to have sex at his show. They would perform behind closed doors and appear in silhouette. The Australian Family Association says that it undermines family values.

  • "Circumcision a hit with the girls"
    A doctor told a man that circumcision would make his penis look better which would improve his success with women. The Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria is investigating the case.

  • More women are entering the sex industry
    From new sex shops to erotic magazines, to life models, more women are entering the industry. But there are still those who consider pornography dehumanising. >> I can't help thinking that this is like taking "employment" and seeing it only as "servitude".

  4 February 2002
  • Critic walks out of film
    A reviewer lasted 15-minutes watching the French film, Baise Moi, who did not appreciate the sexual realism. >> Congratulations to the reviewer who did not ask for the film to be banned, but merely walked out.

  • Spearmint Rhino plans British expansion
    John Gray, founder of the Worlds biggest chain of table dancing clubs is planning on opening 100 new clubs in the next 5 years. They gets 20 applications per day from dancers.

  • Sex show seeks exhibitionists
    The organisers of the Brisbane Sexpo are seeking couples to have sex in public, though voyeurs will be able to see them only in silhouette. The idea comes from Amsterdam.

  • Singapore offers sex seminars
    The government of Singapore has begun subsidised sex counseling to help married couples improve their sex lives. The first lesson was called "The Joy of Sex: Maximising Sexual Fulfillment"

  • New Yorkers less promiscuous since 11 Sept
    According to the new survey in New York magazine, nearly half of singles are more interested in a serious relationship. About a third said they were having less casual sex, though 10% said they were having more.

  3 February 2002
  • Pubic exposure ban for over 12s
    A 1992 bylaw makes in an offense for people over 12 to expose their pubic area to others. The police are going undercover in order to arrested nudist on a local beach >> Have the police run out of real crime investigations?

  • Storm Front video features strippers
    The band, Storm Front, have received a $19,000 grant to help them tour the state, and presumably promote their sexy new video, Sleaze.

  • Film censored more in the USA than Canada
    Monster's Ball will have two minutes of thrusting removed, which is required to achieve an NC-17 rating. Canadians will see the film in full. >> Of course 17-year-old Americans can enlist in the Army and mutilate people... but the can't see simulated thrusting!

  2 February 2002
  • Porn star Jenna Jameson now a doll
    The 26-year-old is now a naked plastic toy doll, complete with breasts and bottom and tattoos. Produced by Plastic Fantasy Inc, the doll is completely to scale.

  • Rubenesque women feature in New York Shows
    Photographer Irving Penn's 1949 images of luscious women are being displayed in New York. A series of 53 photos shows different nude women whose sizes progressively increases. >> Certainly sounds sexier than some of the catwalk matchsticks we see

  • Sex education offered to Thai Parents
    Kids are turning to pornographic videos and magazines because their parents do not know enough about sex. So the Public Health Ministry is offering one day courses in Bangkok.

  • Protestors against Olympic condoms
    12,000 condoms were donated to the Winter Olympics being held in Salt Lake City. But Christian activists have criticised their availability.

  • Lesbian bathers charges dropped
    Two women who organised a carnival-like all-night lesbian bathe-in, had their charges related to offences under the Liquor Licence Act dismissed due to lack of evidence. Male police claim they were only looking for alcohol violations.

  • Complimentary crotches anyone?
    Has anyone ever complimented your penis or vagina? Josey Vogels find that not everyone considers it done.

  • Poland Hosts World Gang-bang championships
    Apparently three women are competing in the first competition of its kind in Warsaw on 7th February, and includes a Brazilian, a Brit and a Polish magazine editor. Each has to have sex with a different man for at least 30 seconds.

  1 February 2002
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