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  Daily Weekly Monthly   1 - 7 January 2002

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1 - 7 January 2002

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  7 January 2002

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  6 January 2002

  • Paul Raymond: 5th richest in Britain
    Known as the Prince of Porn and the Duke of Soho, he owns about 200 acres of land in London worth over 2-billion. He is responsible for training a dolphin to strip Miss Nude International, and owns a series of soft porn magazines.

  • "Sex herbs" can spice up your sex life
    Avena Sativa is a wild green oat that helps increase the blood supply to the genitals. And Yohimbine is made from the bark of an African tree, and is supposedly used by porn stars to prolong their erections.

  5 January 2002
  • Actress goes naked protesting fur
    Dominique Swain, known for her appearance in the 1998 film, Lolita, features in an "I'd Rather Go Naked" poster, on behalf of an animal rights group against the wearing of fur. The campaign has also included Kim Basinger and Pamela Anderson. [More plus photo]

  • Oh-Oh! Histoire d'O in the news again
    The real author of the book was only revealed a few years before her death. Dominique Aury died in 1998, and wrote the book under the pseudonym Pauline Reage. The 1974 French film was released uncut in the UK for the first time in 2000. A new film is in preparation.

  • Budgies find bright feathers sexy
    A new report published in the journal Science, shows that budgerigars find bright fluorescent feathers sexier than duller plumage. >> One wonders whether Day-Glo coloured punk-style hairstyles did it for them?

  • BufferGel is the new spermicides
    Applied to the vagina before intercourse, it reinforces its natural acidity which semen neutralises. And unlike detergent based spermicides, does not irritate after prolonged use.

  • Poor talk causes UK teen pregnancies
    As British sex education highlights the riskiness and danger of sex, boys adopt an irresponsible attitude. This could explain why the UK has ten times the rate of Dutch girls. >> Will the Brits always be prudish about sex? Nudge nudge wink wink.

  • Firefighters retrieve penis from freezer
    A man in Florida put his severed member into his fridge freezer, though it is not known how it became detached. The firefighters had to pour on warm water to free the penis from the ice.

  • So what about penis pumps and exercise?
    Em & Lo at nerve.com take a look at penis things. Do the pumps really make your penis larger? And will their exercises give your stronger erections? One of them looks good.

  4 January 2002

  • Actress doesn't want any more nude scenes
    Shannon Elizabeth who played Nadia in American Pie, now has a no-nudity clause written into her contracts. She's says it's to help her get a more serious role. >> Does this mean that Hollywood can't take nudity seriously?

  • Hollywood targets swingers' clubs
    The city's adult-entertainment regulations are to be expanded to cover "sexual encounter establishments". Currently it covers pretty much everything else, from strip clubs to video stores. >> Watch out, you'll soon need a licence to kiss in public.

  • Lingerie comes to Tehran
    A western-style boutique selling lingerie has opened in Tehran, a sign of the changing times. And unmarried couples can sometimes be seen walking hand and hand. >> It was veils and kilts, but now we only don't know what Scotsmen wear under their kilts.

  • Pre-teens claim serious relationships
    A BBC TV series shows kids as young as 11 talking frankly about sexual relationships. The data comes from the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. >> So do your children receive adequate sex education?

  • Young US teens also sexually involved
    Many of the girls haven't had intercourse; but they consider oral sex a form of abstinence that keeps them and their boyfriends happy. Middle School Confessions airs soon. >> Blow jobs were never mentioned during my of sex education class.

  3 January 2002

  • Nudist get shy in front of the cameras
    Hundreds of people were expected at a nudist photo shoot in Australia, but when the television cameras were invited, the nudists stayed away, thinks the organisers. >> In the end, only 30 people had the balls.

  • Blow jobs: a world championship event?
    Ever since a Romanian woman called Claudia apparently won the first Oral Sex World Championships, Joy James has considered how she might approach the event >> Is she pulling our leg?

  • Web site registrations down: but sex still top
    As the number of domain name registrations decreases, the number one search term is still "sex", at least in UK, Germany, France and Italy. There are very few other search terms in common in these countries.

  • Europe's Euro makes sex cheaper in Berlin
    Brothels in Berlin are charging customers a 50% exchange rate against the Mark, effectively discounting sex by 2.2%. Straight sex now costs 60 euros for half an hour saving customers about a dollar.

  2 January 2002
  • New software stops workers looking at porn
    Icognito, looks at up to 800 different aspects making up a Web page before deciding whether to block the page from view. The software costs $20 per employee. >> I wonder how much it will cost employers who have sexually frustrated workers? [Icognito Web site]

  • Now you can win a porn star for six hours
    British born porn star, Nici Sterling, is the prize in a new sweepstake. You only get six hours with her, and your travel and hotel expenses are paid. >> By my calculations, that's one kiss, and 5 hours 59 minutes to recover.

  1 January 2002
  • Frisky frescoes depict Roman shenanigans
    The 2000-year-old wall paintings show the only known representation of Roman cunnilingus. Academics are convinced that the images are supposed to be funny >> ...we couldn't have serious researchers looking at genuine smut, could we?

  • Britney Spears handcuffed in saucy games
    ...suggests the Sun newspaper, reporting that fans want to know the status of her virginity, and that her boyfriend had recently bought her some handcuffs. >> Sounds like Britney is over a barrel.

  • Politician's sex video given away free
    Scoop magazine has their cover video pulled on government orders. The police find ten secret pin-hole cameras at her home, and a spiritual growth instructor arrested. >> I bet many viewers experienced their own "spiritual growth".

  • The Kamasutra misses the G-spot
    Apparently the renouned Indian manual was translated incorrectly. It should've read that "when a man is inside a woman and touches her and when her eyes roll around, he should touch her more in that place". >> My wife tells me "that place" is the local jewellers.

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